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  1. Dyscarnate - All The Devils Are Here
  2. My Dying Bride - The Ghost Of Orion (album)
  3. Didn't know that! I'll look forward to that one too
  4. I think the stint Nick is doing with Bloodbath coupled with Greg's time in Vallenfyre has given them a fresh perspective and a new taste to explore the heavier side of their roots which as you say, is very welcome!
  5. Ablaze In Hatred - When The Blackened Candles Shine
  6. I've always had a love/hate relationship with blast beats. I think they're overused a lot of the time and detract from the heaviness of a good riff. So I started NoBlastBeats which aims to create a curated list of extreme metal with no, or at least minimal, blast beats. Its updated with a new song every day. There's the option to join the newsletter mailing list which is sent out every Sunday with a list of the previous weeks chosen songs and you can rate each song as you see fit. There's also a series of YouTube playlists for each genre which you can follow at my YouTube channel. Its early days yet so there's not hundreds of songs added but its growing every day
  7. Behexen - Let The Horror And Chaos Come
  8. I think he uses both quite effectively. I think the Plague Within benefited enormously with the death growls and I'm glad to hear they'll be present on the new stuff too
  9. Paradise Lost Carach Angren Rotting Christ Vore Slayer
  10. Surprised no ones mentioned Alex Webster from Cannibal Corpse, he's technically very gifted. Also of course Lemmy, Steve Harris and Cliff.