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  1. Caedere


    Re: Alestorm Funny as hell, can't take them seriously tho. A little bit like Manowar for me. Not to be taken too serious but still "okay" and quite hilarious.
  2. Re: Christian Black Metal
  3. Re: Ban the user above you! Banned for being a pirate!
  4. Re: Opera meets progmetal and rap!!! As Cartman would say; "Seriously, guys, dafuq?"
  5. Re: 101 Rules of Black Metal No matter how many times I read these, I still find them funny. Oh dear.
  6. Caedere


    Re: SEPULTURA Chaos A.D. is my favorite.
  7. Re: Favourite place to listen to metal Wherever I go as long as my music player isn't dead!
  8. Re: Metallica retiring. It's a pity that it is a joke. :/ http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/general_music_news/james_hetfield_its_come_to_that_time_we_cant_be_metallica_anymore.html
  9. Re: Septicflesh They're good, I really like "Communion".
  10. Re: How would you like to die? I'd like to get my hands tied behind my back and then hang myself so that my head would fall off, in that way it'd look like I would have ripped my own head off.
  11. Re: Ban the user above you! Banned because of listening to Calcutta by Dr.Bombay.
  12. Re: What Are You Listening To? The album "Absence of War" by Impaled Nazarene.
  13. Caedere

    Dimmu Borgir!

    Re: Dimmu Borgir! (Pardon me for being childish, I just wanted to post here so that Apoc would notice that I'm active here again) I used to like In Sorte Diaboli and their cover of Bathory's "Satan My Master" is allright, but the new stuff.. Oh dear, Abrahadabra? What's next, hokus pokus? I remember hearing the first sample with the female vocals and everything. It was just awful. Made me think of an old nintendo-game.
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