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  1. Re: heavy metal related movies? Spinal Tap or Anvil
  2. Re: Metal videogame ownage moments! Definately Minecraft
  3. kjo1


    Re: Tattoos ^Nice tattoo ideas mate I cant make my mind up whether I want one or not, I'd think of a design and then wait a year to see if I still want it or like it
  4. Re: Hello metal bods! I may buy your products if they were on amazon aswell we should get a discount though
  5. Re: Amy Winehouse 1983-2011 I went on facebook that day, everyones status was about Amy Winehouse, not one about the 91 innocent civilians that died in Norway R.I.P. Norways 94; Fuck amy winehouse, she was gonna go sonner or later
  6. Re: Hello metal bods! Nice designs mate xD
  7. Re: Rate the user above Rate you both ^^^ 1/10 for not rating each other xD
  8. Re: Your Lyrics Very detailed, with types of vocqls, guitarists and drummers, good work soldier
  9. Re: Intro, Bitchesssss I understand nothing that you ever say
  10. Re: Claim Your FREE Metal Forum T-Shirt! I just realised I need a lot more posts xD
  11. Hey metal fans, Im KJO1 \m/ I was told to make one of these posts xD
  12. Re: what got you listening to metal? Certainly did xD Gotta thank him though, he showed me the love of my life
  13. Re: what got you listening to metal? One of my friends showed me some hardcore metal band as a joke when i was about 13, my love escalated from there
  14. Re: Ban the user above you! Banned because i dont have a clue what your talking about xD
  15. Re: List of different vocal screams I use mostly fry and false chord
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