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  1. Re: Cannibal Corpse Yeah man, you know
  2. THIS IS A FUCKING CRAZY ALBUM. I bought it about a month ago and a week later I had already bought a fucking T-shirt! Visceral Disgorge are a brutal-slam death band from Baltimore, so fans of heavy fucking music, this album is fucking sweet! Every single song on the album has something to offer and bludgeon your head into slop; be it a riff, groove or just general rhythm, 10/10 album. It's their first album too, so please do check em out! They need all the support they can get dudes! Check out the songs; Force Fed Shredded Genitalia Spastic Anal Lacerations Maggot Infested Fuck-Hole Skull-Fucking Neonatal Necrosis KEEP IT FUCKING METAL!
  3. Re: Cannibal Corpse Cannibal Corpse are fucking kings! I just did an essay on them for my course and back in high school I sang Death Walking Terror. The look of fucking horror on all these parents faces was fucking classic! Anyways, fucking love Corpse', my favourite fucking band too, love em!
  4. Re: Looking for a Metal (Death,Symphonic,Brutal,Core Ect.) B Which country in dude?
  5. Re: CLOTHES am i like the only guy here who wears a devourment and cliteater top then...?
  6. Re: Guitarist looking for any kind of metal band in Chester! true true
  7. Re: Looking to start/join deathmetal band oh you motherfuckers have got it easy i live in the fucking chav capital of my county, the whole of where i live is teaming with the gormless scum bags
  8. Re: Looking For Harsh Vocallist And Bassist In The Aberdeen its a shame we live so far apart :\ we spoke earlier in life about my guitar work and looking for band, but i can also do gutral vocals and im working on my pig squeals too. I just cant play guitar at the same time
  9. Re: most preferable tuning My grind band use drop C my 7 string is drop A (for covers of chaple', nile, carnifex etc...) and on my Ibanez drop G for my own death metal stuff \m/
  10. Re: CLOTHES Torn up jeans/combats Metal t-shirts (my cannibal corpse, aaoa and whitechapel shirts are my favourites) A Nile wristband on my left wrist and on my right; several smaller wristbands consisting of spikes and festival passes (mainly sonisphere) A cone spiked belt Many chains hanging down from the waist And my wonderful pair of New Rock boots Also sometimes my leather jacket or sunglasses, depends on the weather
  11. Re: Party music...? i didn't have SYL at the time :\ but i did of course have sphere's of madness! such a brutal fucking song. Anyhoo, the party was pretty fucking mega i got possibly the most wasted i've ever been \m/ Dear all who suggested music; Thank you
  12. Re: What gear do you have ? just to jump into the conversation... Yeah, you dont need shit loads of pedals to be honest, no one does, and people who have loads are either to rich or spoilt brats... You only realistically need a Wah and a boost/delay pedal. (unless you play with shit loads of distortion, in which i case i find a noise gate or suppressor is rather handy at keeping things neat)
  13. Re: Party music...? I got like the whole of the cleansing on there, i've got recreant, and sonnet of the wretched, funeral thirst and from bloodbath; blasting the virgin born. As well as some corpse, nile and devourment. All this = pussy dustruction!! \m/
  14. .Wormed.


    Re: Chat im in agreement with both sides here. It would be a good way for us metalers to unite, though if there isnt enough members at the moment, then i suppose it can wait til later if there are other matters pressing at this current time
  15. Re: Good death metal guitars? i own a 7 string BC Rich, and i have to agree, way over hyped... But yes, 7 strings are good if you like low end stuff, but if you want to get into higher, technical stuff, you need rather large hands to get round the width of the neck, so its really your preference Good makes for death metal i would have to say are definitely Ibanez, ESP or DBZ. Dbz darksides are good, though their a little towards the expensive end of the spectrum, same with Ibanez really. Personally, i would go with an ESP steph' carpenter sig'. Simply because their simple, fairly cheap and sound fucking insane. (Also, they look pretty bad-ass)