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    If you like your metal fun, catchy, and filled with stories of battles an booze, Alestorm is the band for you. Alestorm is a pirate themed folk metal band with some trash and power influences, all of their songs revolve around different parts of piracy, the band has put out 3 albums in a time span of 4 years (which i personally enjoy) and has toured extensivelly in both Europe and America. Regarding their music i should say they are a pretty melodic band, with very sing allong choruses and they use the keyboard and its effects heavily ( as the frontman is also in charge of the keys and one of the band main composers), the guitar is there to give the songs some nice background and while the songs do have solos,these are not something out of this world, the bass is pretty solid and they have an awsome drum work. A very unique aspect of this band is the vocalist, whose way of singing is 100% accurate for the band.Lyrically their songs talk about great quests, legendary sea monsters, sea battles, treason and obviously about alcohol of all kinds . While the band has been critized for not showing any growth trought out these 3 albums, I believe they are getting better with every year and I do expect to see some sort of change in the future. I have listened to all of their altough short really good discography and cannot really recommend you an album to get to know them (in my eyes, they don´t have a "bad album" yet) , but I should say their debut album "Captain Morgan´s Revenge" was a shocking realease for a lot of metal fans back in 2008 and was really praised. As I said before, I think each release shows a better Alestorm in terms of production and quality and I higlhy recommend their latest effort "Back Trough Time". Alestorm is not a band that make you wonder about political issues or the troubles of the world or anything like that, it is a band to have a good time listening to some curious songs about tavern owning wenches and time travelling pirates . So if you feel like experiencing some rather new and pleasant music from a band making a name for themselves trough the huge and wild metal sea feel free to check them out . P.D.: Please excuse any writing or grammar mistakes since english is not my native lenguage.
  2. Re: Songs That Make You Cry Oh god, i would have to say Sonata Arctica- Replica, i dont cry to this anymore but it still leaves a feeling of nostalgia, also a lot of Sonatas songs because they remind me a very good time in my life .
  3. Hello people, im being civil here and introducing myself I joined this forum to hopefully become part of a community that shares a liking to one of the biggests aspects of my life, that being music, specifically heavy metal \../. I expect to meet some pretty cool people and of course new music and share my tastes and likings. Im a big lover of all kinds of music and several stuff that hopefully i can dicuss with you guys, im of legal age, and with nothing more to say i wish you all blessings and a happy new year in advance.