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  1. Yes! The Seventh Tour of a Seventh Tour! Unfortunately, I don't remember many things because of my age then... however, I feel proud that my parents took me in there! Hhahaha nice story! Hopefully you remain metal
  2. I grew up listening to Scorpions, Kiss and Iron Maiden from my parents. My first ever concert was back in 1988 when I was 2 years old and Iron Maiden came in Athens. However, the first metal album which I bought with my own money (after cleaning and ironing at home...) was the ''Paranoid'' of Black Sabbath at the age of 13. When I listened to the CD for first time, I was so surprised and happy! I guess this moment marked my whole life... Since then, I remain loyal to metal! Loved them so much
  3. I am from Athens, but the last years I live in Sofia, BG. Hopefully, there are many metalheads here too... Well, about the bootlegs I can agree haha. I have never heard of Battleroar to be honest, but I do love Rotting Christ ? I will check them
  4. I like Ride the Lightning and my fav song from this album is the "Fade to Black". However, Metallica was ok until the moment they performed with gaga... since then I experience love/hate feelings for them...
  5. Thanks for your suggestions!! I like your comment about the "greek" tastes Where are you from? To be honest, I don't know for the other Greeks, but indeed, I personally prefer the older heavy metal, with a perchant for the cult and obscure bands...
  6. It's called "personal taste" and even more... personal experiences
  7. Hi metalheads, I am new in this forum, but I am definitely a metal lover. Do you have any favourite European Heavy Metal or NWOBHM songs to share? I am looking to enrich my playlists and I would be happy to listen to songs that I don't know or remember. If you have rare ones even better. From my side, I share these ones: Sortilège - Amazone - France 1983 (french lyrics) Westfalen - Devil's race - Belgium 1985 Overdrive - On the run - UK 1981 Randy - Shadows are falling - Denmark 1986
  8. Too many nice songs from Judas Priest. My favourite is ''Prisoner of your Eyes''.
  9. "The only card I need is the Ace of Spades" - Lemmy
  10. Purgatory, Strange world, Wasting love
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