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  1. Re: Nightwish Listen to this norwegian band with an operavoice simular to Tarja!! The lyrics is in norwegian and latin
  2. Listen to this new Norwegian progmetal band. "War of low frequency" Soprano Bodil Arnesen takes new genre with a terrifying scream! Along with the "War of Low Frequency" she now publishes the song "Flykt heim". Opera meets rap, prog and metal. Latin meets "Haua" dialect (south-norwegian dialect). "Flykt heim" is an epic song where the dark forces lurking. The mix between classical Latin and the aggressive rap on the dialect, gives it all a Gothic and powerful sound. The mighty norwegian nature has influenced the content that focuses on oceans and coasts. Bodil Arnesen has toured many parts of the world and had great success with her soprano voice. It is the first time she is participating in a project like this. Now, her operavoice gives a new dimension to "War of low frequency". This is the War of Low Frequency's first digital single release. the band stands for the release itself. Link til promo of the singel on Youtube: Link to Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/artist/20B3hHm317brzYJ6asTH0D