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  1. Anyone ever heard of these guys? They were big in the '90s, but only tour in the Jersey area now. Monster Magnet is the ultimate stoner/space metal band.
  2. I have all of their cds. Amazing band! Bought Revolting Room on a whim and I was hooked.
  3. Saw Dimmu Borgir at HOB in New Orleans in 2007, with ICS Vortex on bass and Hellhammer on drums. Amazing show!
  4. I like my Black Metal cold, black, pulsating and mesmerizing. Tsjuder, Watain, Aura Noir, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Taake, Satyricon, Black Altar, Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, Marduk and RAGNAROK!
  5. Rainbow Rising is one of the best heavy metal records ever.
  6. Black Sabbath - Lord of This World
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