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  1. Not being allowed to listen to heavy metal as a child, I would randomly buy tapes that I hated, but I was impressed by a Hank Williams compilation and never stopped listening. Then Hank 3 dropped allot of names on his songs, from where I picked up David Allen Coe and George Jones. If I had been allowed to buy AC/DC tapes I wouldn't have this problem today.
  2. I remember now, it was Teitanblood - The Baneful Choir. Glenfidich is too fucken sweet. Tastes like fucken schnaps. I don't think I can take anything that I can afford from a bottle shop. Not that I can afford Glenfidich. If I have to drink alcohol, I'm gonna get a still and buy cheap vodka and distill that, then I'll have something drinkable. Rebel Meets Rebel is an excellent mix with alcohol.
  3. Glenfiddich straight. The one drink I know won't make me feel hung over without the feeling good part first. I don't want to be drinking alcohol, but it seems like my mushroom hunting grounds are a another 5 weeks off of going off and I've been straight for a good 5 months which is just about too long. Glenfiddch vinyl night. Hank Williams Jr - (can't remember)/ Sonic Youth - Dirty/ Some spanish black metal band I can't remeber/ David Allen Coe - can't remeber - ... Then I was thinking actually the first time I heard David Allen was with Dimebag Darrell on a metal album... that is fucked
  4. Sardonicist


    I'll definitely be revisiting the new Diablo 2, been slowly playing through Diablo 3, single player as a Necromancer, makes me fall asleep.
  5. I was going to see Ministry by myself, traveled to Auckland, before the show I drank half a bottle of vodka, left the bottle in my hostel room and started walking to the venue, got to the venue and realized I had forgotten my ear plugs, walk back to the hostel, forgot about the ear plugs and drank the rest of the vodka. The next morning I had a Ministry stamp on my hand, so I know I was there.
  6. Les Chants de Nihil - Le Tyran Et L'esthète
  7. This is the one that captured my interest. Cryptic Evil - Blasphemous Towers of Lust
  8. Isengard - Vinterskugge. Everything about this album is perfection, nothing else comes close to it.
  9. Altarage - Succumb Sometimes I wonder if I am listening to Deathcore.
  10. I am desperate for discovering new alternative artists that I like. I don't like any of these that I don't already know. Only solution will be to force myself to listen to this stuff till I acquire a taste for it. Has worked for me before. I have all these mixtapes with different metal but the same few alternative artists which getting annoying. Forever Grey.
  11. Killing a goat, drinking its blood and eating it would be, fulfilling the purpose of a goat, for supreme sustenance and gaining health. Goats have nothing to do with sacrifice. To make amends to Satan one must sacrifice time and experience some boredom. Sacrifice = chanting. Giving energy to Satan is sacrifice. Like this.
  12. Pestilence - Consuming Impulse
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