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  1. 30 years ago I bought a still and made sugar alcohol spirit and flavored that with bourbon essence, no aging, but the adults did not appreciate my black out antics and my mother returned the still, giving the shop workers a telling off for selling a still to a 16 year old. Mostly I made beer, not from scratch, in NZ there are home brew beer tins, add sugar, add water add home brew beer tin, ferment, bottle wait 4 weeks. I also made fruit wine and mead. There was a Amon Amarth video on how to make mead that got me going on that, they demonstrated a method for alcoholics, bottling was optional, as soon as the mead was fermented it could be drunk straight out of the barrel, the downside being wicked hangovers. I was bottling it to make way for more mead, but never aged any of it. A few years ago I wanted some affordable butter scotch schnapps. I made my own butter scotch schapps flavor and mixed it with vodka, it was pretty good, but heated or processed sugary substances are no longer part of my life, aside from grape wine. Cheapest Pinot Noir is the supermarket specifically. I made a few batches of 'fruit' wine also. The fruit was left in how water for a few hours to flavor it then removed, then sugar and yeast added and then considered ready to consume once fermentation was complete....
  2. I was a complete loser with a home brew kit. The alcohol shops used to be closed on Sundays. Party at my flat every Sunday. I was useless with females and never got laid. But I was learning to play black metal guitar and putting a band together. One day a woman who had never been into metal at all showed up for home brew, she fell in love with Black Metal and me. We lasted 10 years. She was our bass player. She raised our daughter.
  3. I've been doing the 2 bottles of wine, its a good trick, still checking my eyes for jaundice frequently lately. Human reason is not for control. The beyond human animal is into control. If I use my reason to stay sober, that would be control and I would lose my reason. The animal seeks pleasure, the human beyond reason seeks the most elaborate escape from the conditions of existence. So I focus on not caring about anything. I don't care if my animal drinks. The problem with not caring about anything is it is very hard have anything to say, or write. Having an opinion is caring. But then there is the principle of least action. (Or is it the law of least resistance, or the principle of easiest path? water always travels to the lowest place) It is easier to listen to music I habitually listen to than music I don't like so perhaps I can listen to music I like over just putting on the radio, like listening to the radio would be hard, or even not listening to music would be more difficult than just listening to the stuff I like. So I can still do what I like doing without having an opinion. So I drink because not driving down the road to get wine would require more effort than not. Tonight I have been revisiting my favorite nature video. God video. God is nature. Nature is God. God does not have a plan for me. But their is a design for me. This video is Gods design for me.
  4. Israel Vibration have some very good stuff, If I listen to reggae it is usually Israel Vibration. I want to hear some serious reggae bass and drums with black metal guitar and vocals, there is potential in this crossover concept.
  5. There is more than pure escapism, the dark arts are expressing a fundamental truth, that Existence is evil. Quoting ― Richard Dawkins, River Out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life “The total amount of suffering per year in the natural world is beyond all decent contemplation. During the minute that it takes me to compose this sentence, thousands of animals are being eaten alive, many others are running for their lives, whimpering with fear, others are slowly being devoured from within by rasping parasites, thousands of all kinds are dying of starvation, thirst, and disease. It must be so. If there ever is a time of plenty, this very fact will automatically lead to an increase in the population until the natural state of starvation and misery is restored. In a universe of electrons and selfish genes, blind physical forces and genetic replication, some people are going to get hurt, other people are going to get lucky, and you won't find any rhyme or reason in it, nor any justice. The universe that we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but pitiless indifference.” Impaled Nazarene hit the nail on the head on Rapture with "We are Satan's generation and we don't give a fuck". The best way to live is to avoid caring about anything, especially on everything that my caring makes no difference. Moral positions are delusions, lies, deceptions, for example it is impossible to grow plants without animal blood and dung or fossil (animal) fertilizers and crop protection measures (extreme mass murder), vegans kill animals.
  6. I left Kaitaia for Thames 18 months ago to look after my grandparents who have dementia, they want to go on long drives every day, I take them twice a week, very bored with beautiful scenery and driving. I like boredom though, boredom is better than stress or expectations that can only result is disappointment.
  7. Dissociative identity. Sometimes music is not immersive enough compared to a good tv show or specific video games that I have played repeatedly for years, listen to nothing for weeks. Sometimes country, Tom Waits, Cypress Hill/Eminem and a few Alternative bands, no metal at all. I don't understand that person that could listen to new metal releases, I currently have zero interest in checking out any new metal at all, just let me listen to all my favorite metal bands from years ago, plus the very few more recent ones from that other identity that was checking out new releases last year. I was deliberately becoming isolated but one friend followed me around, he hated Tom Waits, Country and Hip Hop, that was seriously all I could listen to for a long time, my last friend moved away. Back in the days of music shops I would be 100% convinced I would never listen to a bunch of records and cds ever again, wondering how the hell did I ever listen to that shit, trade them in for different music then later on that other personality would take over and the regret and loss was intense.
  8. There is a metal band associated with Blizzard, I can't remember, I've played Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 2 and 3 and there was some metal there somewhere. Also some Command And Conquer games that I play all the time have kinda metal music... for video games. I just found out that the movie Ghosts Of Mars features Anthrax, I always assumed that John Carptenter was a mean metal guitarist. Ghosts Of Mars is a fucken awesome movie.
  9. Impossible to ever know. The senses create things sensed with the body, none of the information interpreted as reality exists, none of the laws that apply to all living things exist, without living things to define the conditions of existence. Species have a representation of a world that facilitates some process that seems to perpetuate the species, perception of actual reality is not required for the perpetuation of species. One dying generation creating the next dying generation. Anything identifiable is not what the subject is.
  10. Most animals are not at peace with each other. So why should humans be at peace with each other? Well because humans do better through co-operation. But God is nature and nature is god. If god created everything, 99.9% of natural plant/animal species do not co-operate. Humans being at peace with one another is Anti-God and this is clearly stated in the biblical story of The Tower Of Babel. God wants man to be divided. he wants humans to not understand each other which is the same as wanting humans to kill and eat each other. There is logic here, humans co-operating leads to technology which apparently causes climate change which will destroy all life on the planet, so God is right, humans should not be at peace with one another.
  11. In my experience music meditation is good for a little while but there is a come down and loss of interest in music. I think there is a cost to meditation with the expectation of gain, or if getting naturally high on music with meditative state that is straight up gain, so there will be an account. Meditation is to be approached with no idea of gain or improvement. Just my experience, most of people claim meditation gains, like weight lifting or job promotion/pay rise, I don't believe them. Fuck mindfulness. What the fuck is mindfulness? Mind invents religion because it cannot conceive that it will stop, when that muscle beneath the ribcage stops. Mind is the beast (body), mind is the ego. Mindlessness is the way. Also decrease consciousness for inner peace. People with expanded consciousness cry about how fucked up the world is then starve themselves to death with vegan diet.
  12. I am not wall paper, I am not the ceiling or the carpet. I am not the pavement, the road, the cars, the sky, the clouds or the moon. I am not my body or my emotions, I am not every cell screaming I need alcohol. Desires are objects, my body is an object, it is experienced and all sensory inputs are the body's presentation of the world, there is no difference between external objects or internal objects, none of these things are me because the subject that experiences objects cannot be experienced or it would be an object. Non existence keeps me sober most of the time, but I never promised to stay permanently sober. Ultimately I have been mostly sober for no reason, mostly I have been enjoying alcohol cravings. Randomly giving the beast a drink.
  13. Some young Christian adults converted my parents to letting me listen to Christian metal at some point in my youth, I never grew out of this band, figured they should be mentioned on this thread. This band is first wave black metal... Vengeance Rising - Fatal Delay Vengeance Rising - Fill This Place With Blood Vengeance Rising - Herod's Violent Death Vengeance Rising - The Whipping Post Vengeance Rising - Before The Time
  14. Should a black metal song be all of those things at once? For me Spell Of Destruction by Burzum is the most insane Black Metal song, the musically minimal and cold with that vocal delivery, this song will never be outdone.
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