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  1. Another Round 2020. The philosophical reasons to drink alcohol. Oxygen 2021. The best kind of condensed minimalist science fiction. Couple of movies that seemed worth the time.
  2. Nina Hagen-Nun Sex Monk Rock First time. About time.
  3. Goat Ripper - Vicious Structure of the Crucified Yeah it is brutal death metal and slammy but it sounds blackend/satanic/goat worthy.
  4. after two 1.5kg of steak meals that amount could not be repeated. The one meal per 48 hours lasted 2 weeks, digestion did not adapt. adjustment alternate day fasting. 1 kg of steak or ground beef with ground organs, raw yogurt, raw eggs, honey or juice. Problems with smoking tobacco and steak only, my moderate evening smoking was causing way too intense wooshing head rushes and loss of co-ordination, think about tobacco induced nutrient deficiency. Also seemed to not be sleeping well. Possible link between permanent ketosis and poor sleep, getting tired and lower mental energy. Solution -
  5. Morbid Angel - Kingdoms Disdained. I don't remember ever getting around to listening to this. Been hearing it every day lately, I do like all of Morbid Angels death metal albums.
  6. My objective in life is to be indifferent to everything that is outside of my control.
  7. Laceration - Demise (2021) Death Metal Gorecunt - Suppurated Facial Avulsion Slam Royal Infanticide - Mortal Throne Slam
  8. New Zealand Horror Punk Vol.1 name your price or download free. https://demonnation.bandcamp.com/album/new-zealand-horror-punk-vol-1?fbclid=IwAR1r3b7j5IDW0tyJeCkRy1oFd-HLkep1PfDQBRq953KO5-KsZolMCS0Ifig
  9. Nuclear Revenge - Dawn of the Primitive Age Blackend speed metal MOD EDIT - let's keep it to YouTube links only please. Off-site link removed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NngZA5Gw810
  10. Diamond - Fuck Your Opinion. https://morehate.bandcamp.com/album/fuck-your-opinion
  11. I'm listening to More Hate Productions stuff here and there now but there is 230 albums in the folder and I have no idea.
  12. Diamond - Fuck Your Opinion.
  13. I've got an A capella death metal track in my digital collection but can't remember what it is and can't find it. Pretty sure it came with the More Hate Productions discography.
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