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  1. Should is poison, can't is the antidote.
  2. I don't remember the last time I was drunk at 11 am, it would have been common in the past. I've found a way to avoid the impulse to drink. Ok I am an annoying preachy nutter making connections that don't exist to find any excuse to repeatedly tell everyone an opinion about diet that is off topic on a music forum and some people here is sick of it.
  3. I it seemed relevant to impulse control which is a part of the conversation on this thread. I know a way to avoid having the impulse to express diet related opinions in the future. Humans are animals, so animals have emotions.
  4. A human body that is starved of animal fat and protein will become subjugated by impulses. Beyond Meat COO Doug Ramsey arrested for allegedly biting man’s nose after Arkansas college football game. Beyond Meat Chief Operating Officer Doug Ramsey was arrested this weekend after allegedly biting a man’s nose in an Arkansas parking garage after a college football game. Ramsey, 53, was arrested for terroristic threatening and third-degree battery. He has been the operating chief of Beyond Meat since December. He previously worked for Tyson Foods. I have to assume the guy went vegan before taking a job at Beyond Meat, what kind of self respecting meat eater would work for Beyond Meat?
  5. Most people trying to control impulses are fucked, it is better to not have them.
  6. Humans are animals, there is no option to not live like an animal.
  7. My top 10 horror movies that come to mind immediately. Dagon Videodrome Deader Hellseeker Inferno Return Of The Living Dead Cannibal Holocaust Dead Alive/Braindead Truth About Demons Blood Orgy Of The She Devils
  8. I watched a couple of horrors a few weeks ago, Nekromantik (1988) and Nekromantik 2 (1991). Sick, repulsive nauseating and fascinating.
  9. If anyone does want to plan my thoughts are to catalogue the collection on Discogs and pass on the login details. Then a family member can see what each item is worth and get some cash back out of it.
  10. Clearly it requires attention and intelligence to operate cassettes correctly, too difficult for most people.
  11. Permanent damage can be done without ear plugs, I've had bad tinnitus ever since my first metal gig (Pantera, Far Beyond Driven show in Auckland). Everyone had their hands over their ears.
  12. Every thought, decision and opinion is shaped by predetermined events in reality. That is you. You are entirely shaped by predetermined events. Everything you are is predetermined. Everything you do or say influences everything around you. There it is. You don't exist.
  13. Deleted some crap that I wrote after drinking 2 bottles of wine.
  14. Some times I dropped my nuts, other times I stood my ground. I don't know what that means. I only knocked one, smaller younger, guy out cold that I remember, so many times I got knocked out. Most times my punches felt weak and useless. I never managed to choke anyone out and all my wrist twists or pressure points attempts failed 100%. Well I am a drunken yob.
  15. An infant is christened, not Baptized. Well I was born into a heathen hippy setting then christened at about 5 years old, then hoping for some kind of 'spiritual goodie' for an adult, or perhaps expecting an initiation into adulthood was baptized sometime in my mid teens. Infant or child christenings are not baptism, but baptism is nothing so it doesn't matter. The problem with baptism is that it is sold as something but in reality it is nothing, and it is no initiation into adulthood. As for the Roe vs Wade nothing, well perhaps it is something. Why would any libertarian support federal authority? If constitutional law can break down federal law this is awesome, celebrate, push for more freedom. The South Was Right. Break away from federal authority altogether. Admittedly I don't know what I am talking about. I am aware that I am an idiot. Whatever. But if the Supreme court ruled tomorrow that drug wars are unconstitutional would the left whine about that? Has a new precedent not been set?
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