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  1. I don't think the young generation generally gives a shit either. In some ways I would say they are far worse. They have access to a lot more debt and cheap consumer goods. You see all these young guys driving around in shiny massive $70,000+ gas guzzling utes that never get dirty or carry anything in their small trays. All their hobbies are consumption - you see them towing boats, jet skis or expensive mountain bikes etc. No compromising on consumer nirvana here. Or the young nerds at my gaming club who sink thousands into expensive toy soldiers (literally a box of 10 is nearly $100) or expensive board games which now weigh as much as 38 kg thanks to Kickstarter phenomenon. I couldn't even afford wargaming when I was in my teens and we certainly didn't buy as much as these guys even once we had disposable income. Or travel - during COVID in a couple of interviews with many 18-25 year olds they all viewed it as their entitlement to hop on polluting airliners to other parts of the world. My 18 year old niece is woke and highly intelligent, yet she is also a mindless, selfish, impulsive consumer. She hid she had COVID so she could go to parties and family events where her immuno compromised relatives were! She once talked about how governments should do something about companies that pollute. I said maybe she and her friends would reconsider their own polluting purchases eg a brand new iPhone every couple of years or having to own the latest fashionable items of clothing. She said it was "complicated" and then tried changing the topic. She never raised the environment again (her current woke talk is about how we need to pay more lip service to the indigenous). I think if we are serious about the environment, we need to massively reduce access to consumer goods. And not just higher taxation on these goods - anyone willing to spend $70,000+ on a ute or several thousand dollars on a mountainbike won't be deterred by higher prices. Needs to be banning some things outright, removing access to cheap/easy debt and higher taxation of consumers.
  2. AC/DC - High Voltage - need to knock it back a notch after Vital Remains and Meshuggah! AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Black Sabbath - Sabotage
  3. I always thought Scott Ian was the guy who tries to be everywhere and everyone's friend. He does seem to be passionate about metal and hardcore though so he's alright in my book. NP Meshuggah - Contradictions Collapse.
  4. GHUA is pretty low on my Slayer rankings. It's still better than Repentless or World Painted Blood which had 1 good song.
  5. I actually agree. I also think modern technology could allow all democracies to become more democratic by allowing polling for major or contentious legislation (aka direct democracy). They do this in Switzerland which is the only real democracy.
  6. Slayer - God Hates Us All Vital Remains - Dechristianize Well the morning's listening turned satanic/anti Christian very quickly. 😜
  7. Totally true, despite the fact there are so many massive issues now concerning everything from environment to housing to cost of living to national security and China relationship. What happens now literally determines the future of the country. The old neoliberal ways of doing things are less and less viable. I totally agree. They have come along quite a long way since their more activist days. I always try to vote early. This year I did a postal vote for first time.
  8. Slayer - Divine Intervention - I actually like Slayer's 1990s output.
  9. One for you Aussies - what the hell is it with ABC radio having to fill every news article and every report with comments from random people? I really don't care what some random person from western Sydney or Perth or some outback town thinks. It's meaningless filler. Oh and most of the time the people they talk to can't say anything intelligent. Literally they say things like "I don't like current government cause of COVID." Not exactly insightful. I also noticed that ABC reporters are very much anti-Green. I was listening to Sabra Lane who just let the Liberal and Labor guys rant on about how much the other sucks. She then ripped into Greens leader Adam Bandt who was discussing their policies - and they weren't wacko policies but rather sensible ones in line with what's happening in Europe. Her comments were hysterical eg suggesting stopping tax loopholes would result in all companies leave Australia. All said in a high pitched aggressive voice. I actually voted Greens this time.
  10. Machine Head - Of Kingdom and Crown Out 26 August 2022 on Nuclear Blast. This song is probably one of the best they've done since 1997. We can hope the album continues along a similar vein but I doubt it.
  11. Further on in my Century Media playlist binge - Parasite Inc - I Am. This is completely unoriginal and derivative. HOWEVER I really appreciate the mid-late 1990s melodic DM vibes before it got too oversaturated, overproduced and full of clean vocals.
  12. Listening to a Century Media playlist on youtube. Current track is this one which is pretty cool - blackened thrashy heavy metal:
  13. When we got COVID, so did one of my wife's friends who was in the car with my wife and daughter (who got it first but at that time wasn't showing symptoms) and exposed for about 20 minutes! According to AMA you could catch COVID within minutes of being exposed to someone. Of course exposure is relative. I was a an analysis of a number of people in a restaurant who caught COVID. Some people on "patient zero'" table didn't get it, yet others did despite being several tables away. Depends on how air is flowing, immunity, and type of exposure etc. RATs are actually highly unrealisable when it comes to Omicron. Apparently they are accurate 80% of the time. Only 1 out of 20+ brands sold in Australia is specifically tailored to Omicron. Again anecdotally, when wife and I got COVID, initial RATs were all negative. We knew we had it as daughter had a positive one. On third day we both got positive results. https://theconversation.com/how-accurate-is-your-rat-3-scenarios-show-its-about-more-than-looking-for-lines-175515 https://www.smh.com.au/national/experts-urge-caution-on-rat-accuracy-as-watchdog-probes-test-kit-complaints-20220203-p59tgj.html
  14. Whilst I agree 100% with you post, I got the flu vax last week. Whole COVID management in the end became a joke eg you were only a COVID close contact if you spent 4 hours or more with someone with COVID and then only in a household type scenario. Economic and other political imperatives win every time, especially in Australia where we are keen to keep fucking the planet up with coal because a bunch of rich coal mine owners would lose out. Or housing where median house price is over $1 million, poverty and homelessness are growing but heavens forbid the government builds some more social housing. But then something like over 50% of elected politicians own investment properties - skyrocketing house prices and demand works for them very well.
  15. Haven't heard much of their other stuff but this was rather ho-hum.
  16. Jungle Rot - A Call To Arms So Vader with smatterings of Obituary.
  17. I don't think I've had a top 5 bands for a while now. I know Iron Maiden is my number 1 and Megadeth number 2. After that it gets vague. Doesn't help many of my former favourite bands have since released so many shit or generic albums I no longer regard them as favourites. Instead I have merely favourite albums from them.
  18. Bolt Thrower - The IVth Crusade Children of Bodom - Hatebreeder Entombed - To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth Midnight - Let There Be Witchery Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness Opeth - Blackwater Park
  19. I like Kreator but like Overkill (and Destruction and Exodus and Death Angel and...) they seem to be stuck in cookie cutter mode.
  20. I agree on all accounts. Dude was a true metalhead.
  21. I agree they've done some decent stuff since Horrorscope and there's usually something decent on each one. But none are are hard hitting or memorable (Ironbound pick of litter for post Horrorscope). I even like stuff off albums ala Necroshine. Only album I find unlistenable is W.F.O. due to horrid production. I will admit I have not heard The Wings of War. Electric Age and Grinding Wheel were so derivative and sounded so much like they were on autopilot, I didn't bother. Dark Tranquility - The Mind's I
  22. Both Cosmic Putrefaction and Haunter are a bit too proggy for me, regardless of fiddles. All Out War on the other hand is very much my cup of tea. Meaty riffy crossover! Yum.
  23. Overkill - Horrorscope - their last great album IMO.
  24. 99% of the time I would agree. Skyclad is my exception. Skyclad started off as a thrash metal band with Steve Ramsay and Graham English (both ex-Satan, Pariah) and Martin Walkyier (Sabbat). First four albums up to and including Prince Of Poverty Line are varying levels of good to decent, assuming you like thrash with folky fiddles and other progressive touches. Wheels start to seriously come off in a major way after Prince of Poverty Line..
  25. Fair enough. I find the guitars have massive crunch despite the fiddles and keyboards, unlike modern folk metal bands that drown the guitars out. Though of course it would as the main song writer/guitarist is Steve Ramsay who was previously in riffy bands ala Satan and Pariah. Megadeth - Youthanasia
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