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  1. I like Electric Wizard (original lineup). Black Sabbath is good, but everybody likes them. I'm embarrassingly unoriginal, but I like what I like.
  2. Hell yeah! Fellow doomster from across the pond,here. Do you play with a band or just do solo stuff?
  3. Something Weird will be streaming live from Fatman Recording Studio this Saturday, March 27th, 2021. Check it out, here!
  4. Mostly I've been trying to find all the footage of Warhorse that I can. I always liked that band, but it's always interesting to see what kind of differences there are between a band's studio and live performances. It's nice if a band can perform at least as well live as on their records. Some are better about that than others, I suppose. What little footage I found of them was good, though. I've been looking up KY metal bands as well. We've got some pretty decent ones. I like Bastard Sons of a Judas Goat quite a bit. When this pandemic ends, I need to get out and see some of them.
  5. I'm a drummer from Kentucky, here to find some good tunes to listen to, and drop some links of my own. I hope you're all well in these trying times. Keep rocking!
  6. Something Weird's second EP, "Grubbish", has been released.
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