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  1. Thanks! I actually realised that I forgot to mention some bands, but its will be probably a topic for my later posts here.
  2. Hello, forum I'm happy that I have found this place. I've been listening to metal since my teen years, my tastes had changed during this time. I've started as a power-metal fan, I was really found of Blind Guardian, Helloween, Hammerfall, Sonata Arctica, Rhapsody of Fire, Nightwish - though I believe it's a sympho-metal Later, i've started listen to doom metal, my favorites are Candlemass, Solitude Aeternus, Funeral, Count Raven, Trouble, Cathedral, Paradise List, My Diyng Bride, Anathema and Shape of Despair - yeah, I know that it's quite a mixture I also enjoyed Reverend Blizzar
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