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  1. Early Man-O-waR

    I wish the real thing was coming to Italy as well. It's their farewell tour
  2. What's on your mind?

    Ciao people! Was away for a while! Holidays, girlfriend, recording bs, work, gym, usual stuff! Hope all is well, or maybe HELL, down here! Oh I went to a serious concert last week: DEATH SS + MOONSPELL + SAMAEL + GOBLIN + MORTUARY DRAPE. Death SS rocked the shit out of me. I actually enjoyed Moonspell too, though I was not familiar at all with their materiale.
  3. New Purchases/Acquisitions

    I use Discogs a lot! Sometimes I get disappointed, though. Like the one time a dude listed a UK version of Great White's "Recovery Live" as the US version... I bought it and when I got it I was devastated ahah Got a partial refund, though.
  4. General Pics (Holidays, walks, outings etc.)

    A metal hearted man... Mr. Wolf Hoffman, ACCEPT lead guitarist and musical mastermind. SK: "Hi Wolf, I wanna thank you for all the incredible riffs, solos and melodies that you've created. Your music has been a part of my life for 15 years and I'm deeply grateful". WH: "Thank you, I appreciate". SK: "You're from Solingen (German city), right?" WH: "Yes indeed". SK: "Now let me tell you this. Solingen is very famous for its blades, but the sharpest thing that ever came out of Solingen is YOUR MUSIC. Sharp as steel!". WH: "Ahah thank you, but that is not true. NOTHING IS SHARPER THAN THE BLADES OF SOLINGEN". He's a great guy! Very polite and humble. He smiled all the time and took time to sign and take pics with every metalhead around. He asked me what my name was and shook my hands twice. Being the cheesy defender of the faith I have always been and always will be, I was starstruck and in awe of him. I mean, he is the man that threw Beethoven's "FUR ELISE" in the middle of the "Metal Heart" solo. THE STUFF OF LEGEND.
  5. General Pics (Holidays, walks, outings etc.)

    Today I went to the local Heavy Metal record store (called Mariposa Duomo) in the underground here in Milan and the guy on the right insisted on taking a picture with me. Too bad our respective HAIR metal days are behind us...
  6. Hair metal/ Glam metal

    I have "Subhuman Race" and for some reason I also have a limited edition promo single CD from that periodo. The songs in that record never stuck with me. It's quite abrasive, but not in the same groovy way of "Slave to the Grind". I have this recollection of a punkier record. I'll give it another spin today, maybe I overlooked it! Say hello to Baz!
  7. I recorded a Glam Metal/Garage Rock Tune with screechy vocals

    THank you! When I have the time I'm gonna save the tracks as separate files and zip them somewhere
  8. Hair metal/ Glam metal

    So cool! Thanx for sharing the memory! Skid Row created two incredibly good records. "Slave to the Grind" is very metalhead friendly. And it got to number one on Billboard!
  9. New Purchases/Acquisitions

    I have it too! Got it for 25 euros back in 2007! It's a bit on the butcher side of remasters.
  10. I recorded a Glam Metal/Garage Rock Tune with screechy vocals

    Wow thanks, I didn't think about Bobby, but it makes sense! Obviously I can't sing, I'm much thinner in reality, so I recorded the vocals twice and put the second take on top of the first eheh I'd love to be mixed by someone who knows what he's doing. I did everything with Garage Band, my Kurzweil keyboard and BOSS GT5 for the wah pedal... excuse my ignorance, but what should I send? The garageband file? I haven't recorded anything else with the shrieky vocals trick... but I do have a pseudo epic/US power metal rotten demo track "in the vein" of Iron Maiden and Omen and Virgin Steel. It's sung in a quite low register though (like Omen). It's called "Master of Your Soul". The solo is Mr Crowley worship (done wrong). There it goes... http://vocaroo.com/i/s1DIdBmtf8WZ And here's a thrash metal / hardcore track that incidentally sounds a bit like Municipal Waste. It's not good, but at least I like some of the riffs I came up with. Like from 1:35 onwards. http://vocaroo.com/i/s0fd2Vf3auf5 This one is not sung, is poorly shouted.
  11. I recorded a Glam Metal/Garage Rock Tune with screechy vocals

    B-s side An instrumental that quotes "Rocket Queen" and Testament's "Apocalyptic City". Ultra dirty solo at 0:47. http://vocaroo.com/i/s0xWnOi92Csj
  12. Metal Magazines and Metal History

    Classic Rock is still alive. Long story short. A company bought out Classic Rock and Metal Hammer from an editor a few years ago. That company paid too much for it and put too much debt onto it. A few months ago this new company went bust. Classic Rock and Metal Hammer were put "on hold"... Both magazines were put on sale. The dude from Orange Goblin (or Electric Wizard, I can't remember.. anyway a stoner/doom dude) put up some sort of last minute charity to save the mags and help out the journalists. They raised about 80 k GBP if I remember correctly. Both Classic Rock and Metal Hammer ultimately ended up being bought up by the same editor that sold them in the first place. I'm too lazy to look for the actual figures, but the morale is that these guys sold them for a lot of money, then bought it back for peanuts a few years later. In the end, save for a couple of weeks, both magazines kept going and now they're both out regularly. The were discontinued for about two weeks.
  13. Marduk vs Dark Funeral

    I'm not entitled to an opinion because I don't really know their discographies... but anyone with a release named "**** Me Jesus" gets my vote. Marduk.
  14. Appearance for a burgeoning metalhead

    Good ole Spinal Tap!
  15. http://vocaroo.com/i/s0Y80bFsL5rR Check this out... It's a bit painful because of the quality of the upload, but I think we can all have a laugh at this. I called the tune "I Just Dig Somebody Else". The rhythm guitar sound is over saturated with distortion and does get annoying real quick, but please do wait for the solo! I think it's alright. Also, watch out for my demented Cinderella/Britny Fox type of vocals. I did everything by myself except for the bass, which was recorded by a dear friend of mine who goes under the pseudonym of Fab White. Thanks Fab! @Requiem and @True Belief this is for you