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  1. May I recommend Temperance to you? Maybe you're already a fan.
  2. That's the stuff. Today I woke up and listened to half of Elvis "for lp fans only" while showering, then I moved on to Rolling Stones "Aftermath" while having breakfast, then Motorhead "Rock N Roll" on the way to work. Some 12 hours later, Chicago "Chicago V" on the way back from work and finally my own shitty songs. A pseudo power metal tune entitled "Master of Your Soul", a prog/space rock instrumental and my own trashy glam anthem "I just dig somebody else". I suck, but I like me.
  3. Fuck yeah! And I want to stress that I love MALICE! It's so close to Priest, I cannot but adore them! I have this theory. Once upon a time in the 80's there were three bands in Portland, Oregon. One band chose the Def Leppard route, another the Judas Priest route and the third one the Saxon route. Those three bands drove all the way down to California and swapped members in the process. I am talking about Black n Blue, Malice and Wild Dogs. Those were the days.
  4. Today I received "Total Metal - The Neat Anthology" by Atomkraft. More like pedestrian metal. Neat is something that Neat (the label) never managed to be. Yet (or shall I say consequently?), I'm loving this slab of NWOBHM.
  5. I think I am a living fossil. A living fossil should be a species that has remained unchanged through the ages! Nonetheless, considering that I do not know shit about biology or whatever this science field is, it is very likely that I've used the wrong concept... But I ain't no paleofucker, because I don't study the heavy metal of old, I live it. The original Lp has 12 tracks! The extra 2 are reissue bonuses, including the DB one you mentioned! BTW, I love WASP and those are two amazing records! The first 4 are their best, for me. Blackie was awesome then. Still is, but lip syncs A LOT these days. Talk about abusing backing tracks... he can compete with Coverdale when it comes to such malpractice!
  6. Save for the occasional "old but gold", I have never heard 99% of the stuff posted here ahah I'm a living fossil... Today I listened to Steamhammer and Tommy Bolin!
  7. This is a super tough topic. At some point I will contribute, but I'll focus on the 70's, the 80's and the early 90's. My knowledge of music after 1995 is embarrassingly limited, if not nonexistent.
  8. Exactly! Incredible lyrics and delivery. So confronting, so in yer face! With your hands on your head, or on the trigger of your gun. As a matter of fact, reading that magazine got me so hooked on the London Calling album, that it made wanna reach out to my complete collection of Mott The Hoople. Their first 3 albums and the fourth happen to be produced by the same Guy Stevens who produced London Calling. And apparently those records were among the reasons that made Mick Jones pick him up. "Mad Shadows" is brutal. The album opener tramples all over your ears!
  9. And No TV puts Any TV to shame.
  10. Correct, sometimes "the" matters! Anyways, I've had their albums for a coupla years, but last week I really delved into them thanks to a Commemorative French Magazine that I bought at Charles De Gaulles airport on my way back from LA a month ago. "The Guns Of Brixton" particularly resonates with me!
  11. Nu metal = utter shit Though I did enjoy ROLLIN by Limp Bizkit when I was 13.
  12. Clash - London Calling Mott The Hoople - Mad Shadows Tommy Bolin - Teaser
  13. A few weeks ago I bought the third Sadus CD, "A vision of misery" on Discogs (the metal mind ltd digipak). Yesterday I bought the first two at last (on discogs as well)! F****n A, dude! Can't wait to get my hands on those metal mind digipaks 💚 I also ordered Love and Electric by the Cult! They will play in Milàn end of June. I might go.
  14. Oh yeah I love Bon Scott, Midnight and T Rex!
  15. I can only list bands from "way back". And I now realize that I can only list German bands. 1. Helloween (up to Keepers) 2. Running Wild (from Port Royal up to The Rivalry included... before that it was heavy/speed metal and after that it's been a sad joke) 3. Blind Guardian 4. Gamma Ray 5. Scanner (first two records) 6. Rage 7. Grave Digger (from "The Reaper" onwards, prior to the 90's reunion they did not use enough double bass drum) 8. Mania 9. Iron Savior 10. Primal Fear Although I have that ridiculous box set with all the Iced Earth albums until Horror Show included, I do hate them with a vengeance. Stormrider is sort of good if not great, but whenever I give a try to the other albums I get bored to death. The cover album Tribute to the Gods is also good, but those are covers... Here's a list of US 80's power(ish) metal bands I like: 1. Malice 2. Crimson Glory 3. Metal Church 4. Lizzy Borden 5. Armored Saint 6. Vicious Rumors 7. Fifth Angel 8. Leatherwolf 9. Helstar 10. Wild Dogs I'm keeping both Manowar, Omen and Virgin Steel out of this chart because I'd rather lump them in the Epic Metal camp. It's also fair to say that most of these bands used to border on straight heavy metal (Malice) or flirt with thrash metal (Metal Church, Vicious Rumors)... but hey, in the days of "Kill em All" even Metallica were labeled "power metal" or "the Us answer to "Fast as a Shark"!