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    Re: Megadeth Endgame was awesome, one of my favorite albums by them, but Th1rt3en was more of a let down for me. It has two or three great songs, but the rest just aren't up there. Still not a half bad one though.
  2. Re: System Of A Down Their first album was pretty much metal, most of the songs actually had screaming in them. But as they progressed, they kept getting less and less heavy. I'd really say it depends on the song for whether or not its metal. I do really like some of their music, but they're by no means one of my favorite bands.
  3. Re: New Guitar Help If I were you, I'd go with either a Jackson or an ESP. I use Jackson's personally, and they're great for heavy metal. I've tried ESPs, and I liked them too but the Jackson won out. It probably depends on personal style for which you like more. I agree with The Metal Advisor, avoid Gibsons. You're mainly just paying for a name. B.C. Richs are pretty good guitars for rhythm, but not for soloing. They are also very hard to play.
  4. Re: New thrash acts? Jeez, I haven't been on for a while and I come back to all these post. Thanks everybody But to the main point you're all arguing now, I do agree with most newer bands taking way to much from their influences. In the thrash band I used to be in, we tried to stray from that as much as possible. We wanted to sound thrash, but not exactly like how it sounded in the past. We tried to add something new from it combining it with other styles of metal while doing our own thing. Now, we may have sucked at it, but I believe new thrash bands do need to add some kind of an edge to separate themselves from classic thrash. If there are any bands that will actually try that
  5. Re: New thrash acts? I know alotta them are pretty bad (my band's probably one of them haha), but hopefully a few good bands will come out of it. So far the only one i've found and liked has been Grand Magus, and they've been around for the past decade, just unknown.
  6. Re: New thrash acts? O.k., I'll be sure to look them up, thanks!
  7. Re: Judas Priest or Motorhead? Both bands are great, but i gotta go with Priest. I don't think you can top some of their songs like Painkiller and Screaming for Vengence. Rob has a much more diverse voice then Lemmys, and the same for Priests' guitarists against Motorhead's.
  8. I know thrash is mainly the Big Four and other 80s acts like Exodus, but I can't say I've ever heard too much about other newer (as in the last 10 years) thrash acts. Can somebody point me in the right direction there?
  9. Re: what got you listening to metal? It was guitar hero for me. Then, my Dad introduced me further to bands like Metallica and Megadeth, and I've always loved it since
  10. Re: Megadeth - Endgame This has to be one of my favorite albums from Megadeth. Can't get much better then This Day We Fight and Headcrusher!
  11. Re: Death Magnetic - MetallicA - 2008 I personally loved this album. Yea, his vocals aren't nearly as strong as they once were, but atleast they're making true heavy metal again. My fav track has to be All Nightmare Long
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