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  1. Yes, very much! Proclamation is another favorite of mine. Blasphemophager, as well. Love the more raw modern war metal. NP: Conqueror- "War.Cult.Supremacy" I think this is my 4th or 5th time listening this morning. Woke up roughly 2 hours ago. Not sure that math would hold in court, but the point is this shit is my all-time favorite. As if everyone here couldn't have already guessed Edit: my apologies for getting back to you late, navybsn. Cheers
  2. Blasphemy- "Fallen Angel of Doom" It has come to my attention that this is now my favorite Blasphemy output. Blood upon the Altar is but a hair behind. That hair is the development of black wind's vocals, as well as caller of the storm's songwriting.
  3. NP: Satanic Evil- "Curse of the Pentagram"
  4. Yes, dynamics are hardly there, but it still rips for what it is. You can find it on hammerstorm.org
  5. Der Stürmer- "Europa Erwache!" Used to think this was very basic, thoughtless black metal. Well, some of it is, but there is a great energy to this demo which Der Stürmer would replicate and perfect in future releases.
  6. Wodulf- " ...From the Corpsegates" I am delighted to hear this in full once again. Scored it yesterday in a trade.
  7. Revenge- "Triumph.Genocide.Antichrist" This is my favorite revenge full-length, followed closely behind by "Victory.Intolerance.Mastery". It probably goes without saying that the Pete Helmkamp-era albums get the most attention from me.
  8. Incantation- "Onward to Golgotha" I talk a big one about "Mortal Massacre" being the best death metal release ever, but I'll be damned if this isn't close to it. 'Onward... ' had some wild songs for the time (or for the time of the demos they came from, in some cases). Not only that, but this first Incantation full-length became the blueprint for so many blasphemous death metal bands to come.
  9. Dead Infection- "Surgical Disembowelment"
  10. Gorguts- "Pleiades' Dust" Gorguts- "Colored Sands" I'd say the more logical order would actually be 'Colored Sands' first, but I am coming to appreciate hearing it second. What fun to imagine if 'Pleiades' Dust' came first, followed by the somewhat similar sounding, more drawn-out full-length. The two have a very similar relationship to the earlier 'Obscura' and 'From Wisdom to Hate'. I suppose those will be up next on my playlist. The evolution of Gorguts is one of the most fascinating in death metal.
  11. Truppensturm- "Truppensturm" ... another great war metal EP
  12. Unholy Archangel- "Blessed by Aris" What a war metal EP. 4 tracks in reverence of primitive war and the ancient Greek psyche.
  13. Never gets old!! Always cult NP: Revenge- "Victory.Intolerance.Mastery"
  14. Drudkh- "Eternal Turn of the Wheel" May gosh himself forgive me for forgetting I own this CD.
  15. Thanks a ton!! I'll check these out NP: Grand Belial's Key- "Judeobeast Assassination"
  16. I Shalt Become- "In the Falling Snow" One of those albums that takes you on a journey I must ask where you heard about Narcomancer. Just checked them out, awesome stuff. Thanks for posting
  17. Satanic Warmaster- "Strength and Honour" This is now my favorite of theirs. Lol just remembered I changed my profile pic to this cover art recently.
  18. Lord of Evil- "Soldiers of Satan" Killer compilation
  19. Impetigo- "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" Took me a long time to love this record as much as I do now. I think any grind fanatic would agree on its lovability.
  20. Prophecy of Doom- "The Peel Sessions"
  21. How do you like the new Këkht Aräkh? I really enjoyed it, myself. NP: Revenge- "Triumph.Genocide.Antichrist"
  22. Hail the Icelandic Cult! NP: Satanic Warmaster- "Strength and Honour"
  23. Hinterkaifeck- "Iniquitous Foul" Haven't been listening to much new stuff at all, but this Australian bm act has caught my attention. Quite raw maniacal, bordering war metal at times.
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