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  1. Greetings all! Recording for the new album has officially begun! The way my schedule is panning out, i'm hoping for a Fall 2015 release. I have just released a new single though. Check it out on CD Baby and Bandcamp! It's called "You Must Procreate!" and contains 3 bonus tracks. It will be on iTunes and all other digital retailers very soon! https://orcumentary.bandcamp.com/album/you-must-procreate-ep Orcumentary | You Must Procreate! - EP | CD Baby Music Store
  2. ORCumentary released a new single on Friday! Check out "You Must Procreate!" here: https://orcumentary.bandcamp.com/album/you-must-procreate-ep It should've been on all digital retailers, like iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, and more by now, but it's taking forever. It's also on CD Baby though.
  3. I saw Jupiter Ascending last weekend. I give it a 5.5/10. The plot twists, visuals, and imaginative world definitely make it worth seeing, but the choppy storytelling and forgettable characters will have you saying "once is enough".
  4. I got While Heaven Wept's latest album a few days ago and I really really don't like it at all. Obviously a lot of work went into it, but it's not their style at all. It sounds more like a prog rock album than an epic doom album. Super disappointing.
  5. At The Gates - The Skin of A Fire I can't believe this is a bonus track; it may be my favorite off At War With Reality. It's very different from the rest of the album, but it breaks up the pace really well and it's a kick ass song on its own. Kind of eerie/haunting.
  6. CDs (haven’t received any of them in the mail yet though) Omnium Gatherum – Beyond One-Way Mirror – Capture (autographed pre-order directly from the band) While Heaven Wept – Suspended at Aphelion Tickets: At The Gates/Vallenfyre Shirts: Amorphis – The Beginning of Times
  7. Soilwork just announced a live blu ray/dvd/cd, so that’s at the top of my list, along with a new album from them. Also looking forward to new music from Fear Factory, Seventh Wonder, Kamelot, Disarmonia Mundi (hopefully), and Omnium Gatherum.
  8. I saw the latest Hobbit movie last weekend. I was expecting the worst since I really didn't like the first two, but The Battle of the Five Armies really surprised me. It's the first in the trilogy that doesn't feel overstuffed. The acting (especially by Bilbo and Thorin) was mostly great, and the battle sequences were legitimately epic on the scale of LOTR. No goofy video gamey fight sequences or ill-fated attempts at humor like the first two movies. The love triangle was still super awkward, contrived, and just flat-out bad. A few plot points seemed almost purposely unresolved to drum up interest for the extended edition (which i'm actually interested in seeing). The one on one fights were a little too long as well. Overall i'd give it a solid 7/10.
  9. Decapitated - Carnival Is Forever Decapitated - Blood Mantra That is all.
  10. I've been getting into Decapitated lately. Over the past week I bought Carnival is Forever and Blood Mantra, both of which are good albums.
  11. I just discovered this hilarious british show called Toast of London. It's starring Matt Berry. If you like shows like Snuff Box and The IT Crowd, you can't miss this.
  12. It's important to know that you will probably hurt yourself if you are trying to imitate someone else rather than discovering your own style. It takes a lot of practice to learn what style works best for you. Try to draw your energy for screaming from your diaphragm rather than your throat. For the first few years I was screaming, I did high screams all from my throat, and when I started doing shows, I could barely talk after performing. Over the next 3-4 years I discovered that low growls were my strength, so I adjusted my style and now not only is my voice stronger but my throat isn't being shredded whenever I perform. I also highly recommend checking out the Melissa Cross "Zen of Screaming" dvds. I've seen both of them, but what I got most out of them is the vocal warmups that come on a CD with the first one. I do that before every show and that definitely helps me get the best performance out of my throat.
  13. Just got Scamp's latest album "The Deadcalm". I just finished listening to it all the way through. It's pretty good. Right now i'm listening to "At War With Reality" by At The Gates all the way through again haha.
  14. At The Gates - At War With Reality This has been ruling my week, so no 2 or 3 this time lol.
  15. At The Gates - At War With Reality (dlx) Scamp - The Deadcalm
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