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  1. I’ve been busy but I’m slowly working my way through your list. My weekend looks free so I should make a big dent in it. So far there has been a couple of potential purchases.
  2. It’s been around 10 months since I’ve posted on here last, I have popped in a few times (albeit very briefly) since then, but sometimes life gets in the way of doing what you really love. I’ve got almost a years worth of music to catch up on in the BM genre, give me some recommendations!
  3. Top 5!?! That’s a tough one. So many bands I’m currently enjoying don’t have a significant back catalogue and those that do have albums that just haven’t clicked for me, so I’m going for two lists! Long term favourites with a reasonable back catalogue; Inquisition - There isn't album of theirs that I don’t like. I can’t think of a band I like that has such an impeccable, and lengthy back catalogue. Opeth - While I haven’t heard anything after Watershed, the rest is solid. Spectral Wound - Bucking the trend slightly with this one but their limited output is soooo good I’m including them. Anaal Nathrakh - Not every album hits the spot but when they get the magic right (chaos, varied vocal performances and a memorable chorus with ear worm guitar riff) it just bloody works. Dimmu Borgir - While Eonian went overboard with the symphonic element the rest of their output has shown the evolution from Emperor style BM to full-on pompous and overblown symphonic extreme metal. Current flavours of the month list; Kaatayra - I have mentioned them before, I see @MarkhantonioYeattsis also a fan, they have a unique blend of styles which is a breath of fresh air…or it was until… Bríi - See above! Mgła - Luckily I was taught to pronounce this by Polish work colleagues! Melodic and catchy. Frummyrkrið - One album, lots of uncertainty about who and where they are from but this is an AOTY for me. Cohesively squeezes numerous ideas into an album and completely nails it. Paysage d’Hiver - While he does have a significant output, I have still not heard a large portion of it, hence his entry on this list. His albums are not something you put on for a bit of casual listening (Im Wald is around two hours in length), his albums are an event. I actually plan an afternoon or an evening to avoid any distractions when putting an album on. Not only does his self titled album have one of my favourite pieces of album artwork, the opening track, Welt aus Eis, is one of BM greatest compositions.
  4. I’ve got to sit down and “crunch the numbers” but there is a realistic chance that a move could leave me mortgage free and with a larger property. Not having the financial burden of monthly mortgage payments does open up more job possibilities that won’t be so demanding on my time and body. My work situation is complicated at the moment and I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel where a sensible work/life balance will be restored.
  5. There’s plenty on my mind at the moment, I thought I’d had an early mid-life crisis during my 30’s (piercings, tattoo, dreadlocks and a girlfriend ten years younger) but turns out I might be having one now! I am reassessing my whole life at the moment, the work/life balance has tilted in the wrong direction. I’m unhappy at work and too fucked after work to make the most of what little time I have for myself. I’m considering a total life change. Property wise, from a financial point of view, I cannot move any further up the property ladder where I am. I earn reasonable money but it doesn’t go far in my home town. I am seriously thinking of chucking it all in, cashing in on the equity in my property and moving somewhere cheaper and starting again.
  6. Dornenreich - Du Wilde Lieberman sei
  7. Ill Tidings - Signa Tenebris Stormkeep - Galdrum
  8. Foothill Roots - Through the Night Càirdeas Fala - Sons of the North
  9. Dusk In Silence - Beneath the Great Sky of Solitude Haljōrūna - Njörðr (Njords längtan efter havet) Kampfeswut - Kampfeswut Tânahanner - And the Sun Saw the Hammer
  10. Merzuul - Gallipoli Maquahuitl - Con Su Pistola en La Mano
  11. Downcross - Current Towards End Illum Adora - Ophidian Kult Ushangvagush - Mntu
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