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  1. Just checking in on my lunch break. Bloody hell is it cold.
  2. Well I really, desperately, want to explain away what happened to me early this morning as another sleep paralysis episode. Unfortunately since I could move freely and resorted to the childhood tactic of hiding under the blankets that ain't gonna fly. Woke up to see a pair of big, red, eyes in the doorway to my room, and the door wide open. Now considering that I sleep with the door closed and locked that of itself is weird. Man I'm telling you creepy shit just happens at my parents house. The sooner I'm back on my feet financially the better.
  3. On my mind? My eyes have been really playing up lately. Think I'm straining them far too much between work and trying to spend time here and elsewhere on the web. So that being the case you might see me here a lot less often.
  4. Metal is a stunningly diverse genre and can be tough to navigate for those just discovering it. We have threads stuck to the top of most sub-genre dedicated forums here. You might enjoy exploring some of those, particularly in the progressive metal, power metal, and thrash metal forums.
  5. Yes the drumming is below average to say the least. I've never really been too bothered by it though because the rest of the music is so good.
  6. Sun Worship - Elder Gods This has really taken over my life the last couple of weeks. It's dark, brooding, atmospheric black metal and I love it. Agalloch - The Mantle Beautifully written folk/black metal. I love this album more with each listen. Katatonia - Dance of December Souls The beautiful melancholic melodies, the tortured vocals, this is a phenomenal album. IMO the best album they have ever released.
  7. Well I'll be honest with you. I'm going to completely ignore those and just throw more melodic bands at you from a variety of metal sub-genres. No offence but the bands you've mentioned are frankly boring. Here's another 10 albums though: 10: Blind Guardian - Nightfall In Middle Earth Hansi Kursch is a phenomenal vocalist and Blind Guardian are among the more successful power metal bands. Tolkien inspired lyrics abound here and the band play a melodic and energetic style that is incredibly fun. 9. Testament - The New Order Testament is a thrash metal band that was very melodic early on. Alex Skolnik's leads are phenomenal here as well. The vocals may not be to your liking though. 8. Fates Warning - Awaken the Guardian Another progressive/power metal album. This is extremely melodic, well written, well played, and while the vocals aren't the most consistent in the world it's still a lot of fun to hear. 7. Helloween - Keeper of the Seven Keys pt.1 These guys are energetic, up-tempo power metal with very catchy choruses. Honestly either of the Seven Keys albums are worth looking at for the same reason. 6. Nevermore - Dreaming Neon Black This is a darker power metal album. Often heavy and with a slightly dischordant feel. This is something pretty unique. 5. Saxon - Strong Arm of the Law Saxon started at the same time as Iron Maiden playing in the traditional metal wave known as NWOBHM or New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Expect energy, melody, lots to like about this. 4. Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime This is one of the best concept albums metal has to offer. Progressive metal is rarely better then this. 3. Bathory - Nordland I Once again it's time to take a punt. Bathory started out as a first wave black metal band before pretty much inventing the viking metal sub-genre. At this point they were returning to that style. Quorthon's vocals were average early on but here they are fantastic. Every about this is triumphant, memorable, honestly there aren't words for this. 2. My Dying Bride - The Angel and the Dark River Another punt, these guys write crushingly heavy doom/death metal. Their sound is melodic even though it's heavy. There are few harsh vocals here although the cleans aren't exactly world class. 1. Sanctuary - Refuge Denied Energetic, catchy, well played and with soaring vocals. Yep it's the eighties again and another traditional/power metal band. Warrel Dane would later become the frontman for Nevermore and his vocals are very different with that band.
  8. Welcome to the community. Hope you dig it here.
  9. Oh dear, we can't help you with those genres. melodic metalcore is not metal, I presume you mean nu-metal as I've not heard of 'alternative' metal. Since you mentioned melody I wager you would enjoy power metal however. With that in mind here are 10 albums I think might appeal to you 10. Persuader - Evolution Purgatory This is a heavier album. Still featuring the hallmarks of power metal but with a good deal more punch to it. The vocals are a little harder then is common sounding like an angrier Hansi Kursch 9. Overkill - Horrorscope Overkill were one of the groovier thrash metal bands, a good deal more mid-tempo then was common. Bobby Blitz'vocals are hit or miss for many but the music on display is of a high standard. 8. Steel Attack - Diabolic Symphony This is another example of power metal's heavier side. Dripping with dark atmosphere and with a healthy dose of aggression without losing it's power metalness. 7. Orphaned Land - Mabool This is me taking a punt. Orphaned Land are a progressively minded folk/death metal band. Lots of clean vocals, lots of melody, a good deal of middle-eastern influence in the instrumentation. On top of that they promote a very positive message about uniting the three main religions of the region to create a better world. 6. Holy Terror - Mind Wars Holy Terror are a speed metal band. The vocals aren't always great but the songs are blisteringly fast and tend to be melodic. Lots to enjoy here. 5. Demons & Wizards - Demons & Wizards Featuring Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth on guitar and Hansi Kursch of Blind Guardian on vocals this is what you'd call a power metal supergroup. The sound on display is like a hybrid of the two bands and it is glorious. Meloidc, dark at times, with magnificent vocals and memorable songs. 4. Mercyful Fate - Melissa This is an example of the first wave of Black Metal. Often melodic, the band touch on many sinister themes, and King Diamond's haunting vocals add an extra layer of intrigue. 3. Iron Maiden - Powerslave Iron Maiden really don't need an introduction. They are one of the biggest traditional metal bands on the planet. They regularly play sold out arena shows. This is a fantastic album. High tempo, high energy, melodic with catchy choruses and Bruce Dickinson's air raid siren like vocals on full display. 2. Judas Priest - Stained Class Another staple of the traditional metal scene. Priest are a truly impressive band and have been for a long period of time. Stained Class is a masterpiece - it's varied, energetic, memorable, and Rob Halford showcases the mind blowing range in his vocals. 1. Crimson Glory - Transcendance This is among the most melodic, impressive, and memorable progressive/power metal albums out there. The vocals are great as is the songwriting. Everything about this is top class.
  10. Solitude Aeturnus, Angel Witch, Saxon, Dio, Persuader, Mercyful Fate/King Diamond, Queensryche, Fates Warning, Gamma Ray, Jag Panzer, Rainbow, Crimson Glory, Sanctuary, Nevermore, From there you could branch into some bands which primarily use clean vocals with the odd section of harsh vocals like Orphaned Land, Bathory's Nordlands albums, and Devin Townsend. Could also look into bands like Artillery, Carnivore, Holy Terror, and Ritual Carnage whose vocals aren't exactly harsh but aren't really clean either. Overkill is another band in that vein.
  11. All the broken links in here are fixed, album titles where I felt like it, honestly fixing all these threads is exhausting. Oh and while I'm here I'll throw up the single from my guitar teacher's upcoming album (title pending)
  12. No judgement here mate. Everyone has their own tastes and that's fine. See you around.
  13. IIRC Necrophobic's first album is some pretty awesome death metal then they jumped on the black metal bandwagon.
  14. Seems you've had a unique journey. I can't say I've ever gotten into the whole nu-metal scene and only ever bought albums by bands like korn because I didn't know better when exploring metal.