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  1. We can’t rely on any single tax on any goods, services, or income to cover the cost of much-needed government services. Decriminalising Mary-Jane is just one Avenue the government should pursue. Overhauling our income and corporate tax systems is another,the wealthy and large companies should have to pay their fair share. I better stop myself before I start talking about universal basic income, the transition to sustainable energy, etc.
  2. We are still learning about its medicinal uses, but at this point we have a lot of research which suggests marijuana, particularly when ingested, is less damaging to your body than alcohol. I’m absolutely against decriminalising harder drugs but it has never made sense to me for weed to be included in that category. Besides if you’re decriminalise it you can text it the same way we do with cigarettes and alcohol, free up the courts because they aren’t having to deal with misdemeanour offences for possession. So actually there are many benefits to making it legal. Tax I mean, damn siri.
  3. Well it makes sense, give most people sugar and their body will crave more, little surprise them that fast food outlets load up all the food with sugar no doubt in hopes of Luehring people back for more. Well it makes sense, give most people sugar and their body will crave more, little surprise them that fast food outlets load up all the food with sugar no doubt in hopes of Luehring people back for more. When it comes to burgers I would much prefer to make my own, there are three that I make on a semi regular basis. My favourite probably being my lamb burger, mix garlic, rosemary, oregano, parsley and onion through the mints, make my own tzatziki, crumble some Greek feta, and normally some rocket and red onion.
  4. Now this exact scenario I’m very familiar with, so imagine my horror when I find the coffee table which has spent 10 years neatly tucked away in the corner of our lounge room suddenly smack bang in the middle of said route. At least you can see things have moved if you’re up during the day…
  5. Bonjour, that’s all the French I know. Hope to see you around
  6. Parmigiana has to be the best way to have a schnitzel in my opinion. As for the rules I think it’s just any crumbed fillet of meat that isn’t fish. Don’t quote me on that no, I’ve never been the biggest fan of schnitzel to begin with
  7. Well funeral doom isn’t for everyone, even I have to be in the right mood to get anything out of it, you’re right about Evoken Though, kind of jealous you’ve seen them live actually. though, kind of jealous you’ve seen them live actually. NP: Solitude Aeturnus - Beyond the Crimson Horizon Speaking of doom, trad. Doom at its finest, yet to hear and album from these guys I don’t enjoy
  8. I am well aware it’s not unique to the left, I would argue the right have been doing it longer and with more success, see the list of books banned in Texas for evidence. My point was more that cancel culture is not as well organised, or as readily endorsed by major political figures as the rights increased efforts to completely undermine democracy as a whole. Cancel culture when abused is a serious issue, it can have a devastating impact on people, that is why I said I feel it should only be used in the extreme cases where calling someone out for their words and actions can actually raise awareness of an important issue.
  9. I’m reluctant to get involved in political discussions at the moment, mostly because I am so appalled at the State of democracy in so many countries, so all I will say is is cancel culture is the most extreme activity engaged in by the left that is infinitely preferable to me. I do however think it should be used more as a tool to draw awareness towards issues rather than to shoot down those whose opinions you disagree with.
  10. I’ve always preferred my death/Dawn with a little less melody Draconian or swallow the sun bring, strange because I prefer my funeral doing on the more melodic side.
  11. Another insight for and positive post from the Tasmanian I see… Another insight for and positive post from the Tasmanian icy… As for what’s on my mind anger, mostly directed at the stupid dog for chowing down on some nice chocolates I bought for Mum to enjoy when she gets back from having surgery. I guess I’m glad it didn’t make him sick but I’m also furious and confused as to how he managed to find and eat them in the first place considering I left them somewhere he couldn’t possibly reach.
  12. A nice Chianti, no if only I had some liver and fava beans to go with it…
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