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  1. Horns
    SMRT gave a Damn to AlSymerz in What Are You Listening To?   
    So the GG told me I had to listen to more black metal and I always listen to senior citizens. So unbeknownst to him (until the wind changed) I've been following him around today.
    Oh my god you want to see what he gets up too!!
    I actually meant I was following him musically, by listening to the same albums he's been listening too as noted by this thread, on the previous page. I didn't get through them all because I think he listens to albums at triple speed
    But it's been an interesting day, I listened to the following (and if they aren't all BM blame the GG!!)
    Sarcator (not one of GG's)
    Agrimonia x 2
    Tragedy x 2
    My review: Music's okay vocals suck! yadda, yadda, yadda
    Oops, that sounds like GG reviewing thrash. What I meant to say was
    Tragedy is not my thing, but it's listenable. The first Agrimonia I listened to (Rites) was okay but the songs were too long for my goldfish brain. The second Agrimonia was ok, but strangely despite the longer songs I likes Rites better. Sarcator was the best thing I heard. Exilent, Agnosy, SMRT weren't too bad but I couldn't get into Korongthurus.
    Now I have to go and wash my ears out with bleach!
  2. Horns
    SMRT gave a Damn to FatherAlabaster in Help with guitar!   
    You can totally tune it to E standard, you just might want to use lighter (thinner) strings for that than you would for D standard so they don't feel too tight. Give it a shot in the factory tuning first, see how it feels, then experiment. I'd probably start with a light set like Ernie Ball Super Slinkys, or even something a little lighter, and just see how it feels for a while. Ernie Balls are pretty good, inexpensive, widely available, and they come in sets of a bunch of different gauges, so it's easy to try something a little looser or tighter if you want to see how it feels after a while. If you just want to play in drop D sometimes (which is where you only tune the lowest string from E down to D), then you can probably use the same strings as you would for E standard. If you find yourself playing in drop D all of the time it might be worth trying a thicker low string. 
  3. Epic
    SMRT gave a Damn to blaaacdoommmmfan in Why so few all female metal bands?   
    Depraved is a light for me to on the forum too. Full of wisdom. Lots of interesting comments.  I'm sure she will appreciate your comments when she next logs in. Good luck getting your daughter to play music. 👍 
  4. Horns
    SMRT gave a Damn to GoatmasterGeneral in Metalcore/Alternative metal song suggestions for a beginner band to cover   
    Yo! Forget all that lame mainstream core crap. Go full on black and death metal. You can thank me later.
  5. Horns
    SMRT gave a Damn to H34VYM3T4LD4V3 in I’ve started a metal focused Youtube channel :)   
    Hello guys just thought i’d let you know I have a new youtube channel where I do rankings and weekly pickups, if any of your are interested feel free to check my channel out, I have already ranked Motörhead’s and Tank’s albums 🤘😁 
    Here’s the link below:
    Stay metal guys 🤘
  6. Horns
    SMRT gave a Damn to Valso in Should any form of Metal be restricted by rules?   
    Restricting any kind of music was the communism trademark and equals dictatorship. If you wanna be a dictator, be my guest, but don't expect any support from the sane people.
  7. Horns
    SMRT given a Damn from Balor in Should any form of Metal be restricted by rules?   
    The classic, drunk Necrobutcher interview is a prime example....
  8. Thanks
    SMRT gave a Damn to Sheol in Should any form of Metal be restricted by rules?   
    I agree. And while this discussion have been up before it's worth having again.
    I think Ulver is a good example of is it x/is it y. Nattens madrigal and Bergtatt are undoubtedly BM as we know it. Kveldsanger, sandwiched in between them most certainly is not. But some might argue that the "vibe" or some thing, was so dark it's essentially BM. Which is wrong. But on the other hand, Kveldsanger for sure influenced a lot of the nature-worshipping hippie BM bands we see now. Anyways, when they started doing avantgarde trip hop jazz music with distorted guitars and screams on Themes from William Blake it got more tricky. Is it (very forward thinking) BM, is it not? IMO they had stretched the limits of what could constitute the BM sound too far, even though some of the instrumentation and most certainly the topic and lyrics, would be considered black metal/LHP.
  9. Horns
    SMRT gave a Damn to GoatmasterGeneral in Should any form of Metal be restricted by rules?   
    The majority of my listening time is devoted to black metal. I am to some extent a purist (although not strictly) and I've always thought corpsepaint was fucking stupid. If I could play an instrument and started a black metal band I would never even consider going the corpsepaint route. I think Satan worshiping is stupid, and although I definitely prefer my black metal to sound dark, angry, hateful and 'evil' (have no time for soft pretty sounding metal be it black or otherwise) but I can't take any of that Satan shit seriously. I have a really hard time believing that so many of these bands who might claim to be 'orthodox' and praise Satan actually believe any of this shit either. Some may disagree but I honestly think that with the vast majority of these bands it's mostly for show. I look at the whole prevailing Satan thing in black metal as basically like an occult/horror movie that one can freely enjoy without feeling obligated to buy into the premise that any of it's real. Just like all those gore based death metal bands and their fans or even the more violent thrash metal bands don't actually kill people, chop them up or eviscerate them, it's pure escapism.
    That said, I do still feel there are limits to how far you can push or bend or transform or corrupt the black metal sound and have the result still qualify as black metal. But that's just my opinion for whatever it might be worth.
  10. Haha
    SMRT gave a Damn to Balor in Should any form of Metal be restricted by rules?   
    My experience on other forums has led me to believe that many black metal bands (especially older underground ones) should probably not join forums/give interviews.
  11. Horns
    SMRT given a Damn from Serpentboi1992 in Should any form of Metal be restricted by rules?   
    Just quoting some extreme purists that I've bumped elbows with in the past. I'm currently in a black metal band and we adhere to none of those. We are quite the opposite. 
  12. Thanks
    SMRT gave a Damn to AlSymerz in Should any form of Metal be restricted by rules?   
    Do what you like, like what you want, don't care what others think
  13. Thanks
    SMRT gave a Damn to GoatmasterGeneral in Should any form of Metal be restricted by rules?   
    I mean there have to be some kind of "rules" for a subgenre to mean anything as far as how the music sounds, but there's plenty of leeway especially within black metal as the sub-genre has grown so much in the last 30 years. Black metal is not just one thing. It might seem that way at first to noobs and outsiders but if you look a little deeper into black metal you'll see there is much variation in how the bands look and sound and their themes.
  14. Thanks
    SMRT gave a Damn to Serpentboi1992 in Should any form of Metal be restricted by rules?   
    i agree with a lot of what goatmaster has to say. there is a lot of versatility within black metal which is probably why it is my favorite of all the metal genres. from my listening perspective, the commonality between many of the different types of black metal bands i have listened to is obscure time signatures, fairly dirty guitar tones and atmospheric elements. i'd say a great example of this is sodom's "in the sign of evil" since black metal originated from thrash. witchhunter's drumming on that record had a uniqueness that set the band apart from a lot of the other thrash metal bands of the time in my opinion. but, i don't consider myself an expert by any means. so, i acknowledge i could possibly be wrong on this 
  15. Thanks
    SMRT gave a Damn to Dead1 in Should any form of Metal be restricted by rules?   
    Like any alternative subculture, metal only believes in those outside metal needing to remove boundaries and adopt a non conformist stance.  Yet once inside the subculture there's almost a fanatical requirement to conform to subculture standards.
    And within metal some subgenres display more fanaticism than others.  But I've encountered fans of virtually any metal subgenre that had their own fanatics who thought they knew what was true and what wasn't.  
    Metal's not the only one that does this - hardcore, punk, hippies, grunge all are like it.   I actually remember Dan Liker (Anthrax, Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth) saying he hated the hardcore punk crowds because they regarded you as a sell out if you tried to make money off music and regarded you as a sell out if you got a real job!
    I will admit I like metal's exclusivity and I certainly think metal means some specific things.  Not saying you can't like non-metal or whatever but metal certainly means a certain aesthetic and certain musical form.
    Eg people crap on about trapmetal ala Ghostmane.  It's not metal it's hip hop.  Nothing about the music has anything to do with metal.
    Fine if he wants to play hip hop.  But don't call it metal.
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