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  1. You and I have a very different idea of what music is. Comparing this album to what I'm listening to right now (Belphegor - a friend told me about them, he said they were black metal), they're a lot closer to the idea of music. RN I'm listening to their 1994 song "The last supper" and I have a feeling I'm gonna like the rest of their music. Or the most of it anyway.
  2. Valso

    Marvel Fans?

    Drawings. Static images, most often black-white. For starters. It's like asking me why I like a 1969 Dodge Charger but not a Trabant.
  3. Spotify and the others like it are garbage. "Best" quality there is 64 kbps which is a joke and is meant for iCrap users. If I'm looking for new bands, I'll use Metal Archives and then check them out on YouTube. If I like what I hear on YT and the band is available in our local stores, I'll buy their CD/DVD which then I'll rip to an extremely high bitrate FLAC. If it's not, I'll get it from torrents in nothing less than 320 kbps. The most of my music is between 700 and 1800 kbps FLACs.
  4. Valso

    Horror Films

    I have. But the "Feast" trilogy is much better. ;)
  5. I just found this band on YouTube and at least this song below sounds good. I like black metal but with a clear idea of melody which can't be said for the most of the black metal bands which is why up until this moment I liked only Satyricon. But Darkthrone sounds good, so I'll keep listening. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRbL7bOk9Qw
  6. I wouldn't say "a favorite" song bc they didn't impress me much but if I have to choose the one I like the most, it's this one: A Dynasty From The Ice.flac.
  7. That's the whole idea of the name - to point out they're singing about (literally) bullsh*t and vulgar stuff. The chorus of the song I posted roughly translates like this (in female gender which I can't translate because English language doesn't have a gender when you're addressing someone and Bulgarian does have a gender): You're horrific and look like a robot You're horrific, creepy spectre You're horrific and have a long trunk* You're a nightmare! * as in the elephant's nose
  8. 1. Babooshka: 2. Ravdina: 3. Satyricon: 4. Pentagram (a.k.a Mezarkabul): That's it for now.
  9. I'm from Bulgaria but I don't listen to Bulgarian music much. There is one that I prefer above all others but they're more like rock music with some metal elements - Obraten Efekt. And also Akashti Djudjeta (which translates as something like "Pooping Gnomes"). As for specifically metal, there is one with some good music:
  10. Here's one other good band (more like a man-band) about whom I remember mostly around the idiotic christian celebration in December because of this song of his (see below). Though, this isn't his best song. The best one is named "Somber's Out".
  11. Whenever I'm in the mood for a more cheerful metal (which happens rarely), there's one band that serves perfectly: Tuatha De Danann.
  12. Thanks, I'll check all these out and let you know which ones I liked the most. I've heard Enslaved but a combination of Black and Viking has never been my thing which is why Thyrfing's "De Odeslosa" is my least favorite album. Folk+Viking - that's more like it. I love all Satyricon's album with "The Age of Nero" being my most favorite. The last two albums are not bad though not as good as "Nero" and I regret to say this but in the last two albums of theirs the most of the songs sound the same to me. No instruments raping which is good, they just sound the same. Meaning, they all sou
  13. The majority of the black metal is raping music instruments with absolutely no idea of music, just some trash put together. However, there's one awesome band with its even more freaking awesome album from 2008 - "The Age of Nero". So, tell me of bands whose music is like the music on "The Age of Nero", meaning that the music was made with the thought of a melody, not just to rape the instruments.
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