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  1. One Russian numetal coming up right away! The chick is hot, the song is great - what more could you ask for?
  2. Finally! I was beginning to think I was their only fan. 🤣 There's just no other band like them, especially this song is one of a kind!
  3. Thyrfing - De ödeslösa. From the whole album only the song with the same name is good, the rest are crap.
  4. 1. Thyrfing. 2. Svartsot. (these two will always be numbers 1 and 2, no matter what) 3. Mezarkabul. 4. Ravdina. 5. Satyricon.
  5. I don't go to concerts for many reasons (one of which is the pretended fight which in Bulgarian is called "poggho" but IDK the English word for it). But if Thyrfing ever come to Bulgaria, I will go to their concert. Since I don't go to concerts, the Corona situation doesn't affect me as bad as it may affect others.
  6. Hell(o), everyone! I'm from Bulgaria. For those who don't know it - it's a small Eastern Europe country between Romania and Greece. My favorite bands are Thyrfing and Svartsot. Ofc there are others I like but these two are my most favorite. Other bands I like: Drowning Pool, Coal Chamber, Ravdina, a few songs by Rogati Trupojedi, Plaag, Finntroll, Nightwish with Tarya, Tuatha De Danann, Satyricon, Korpiklaani, a few songs by Brujeria, one song by Sepultura (Ratamahatta), Rammstein, Mezarkabul and many others. I also like Rock but I don't listen to it very often.