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    Linux, computers, PC games, boys, girls, TS, Viking metal (mostly), Death metal, some numetal, classic American muscles (mostly classics; and 1969 Dodge Charger R/T in particular), Drift, Drag racing, Sci-Fi/Horror movies and tv shows, all "Fast and Furious" titles, etc.

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  1. Broken YT links is a browser or Windows problem. I can see all videos just fine in Linux with Waterfox.
  2. I meant the forum team in general, not you in particular. What addon are you using?
  3. It's funny that you should mention Burzum and yet you don't want the song to sound like "a rat that's being raped" when this Burzum's song and many other their songs sound exactly like that! Right now I can't think of other specific titles cuz I'm almost asleep but this song in particular is exactly a rat that's being raped. On the other hand the growling/whispered screaming is what makes metal good to listen to. Anyway, what I can suggest to you is a band from my country named Shambless whose genre is "Atmospheric Black Metal":
  4. Valso

    Turkish Metal

    The only Turkish band I know of is Pentagram, also known as Mezarkabul. And I like only their early work when they were playing trash metal. To be precise, I like only the album with the same name as their best song. I never thought I would like trash metal but apparently there's a first time for everything.
  5. Valso


    I wrote quite a few stories and 2 novels but all of them are in my native language. Soon I'll be writing again and for the first time - in English. Then I'll write the same story in my language. It's gonna be an alternate ending of "The 100" - the way it should have ended. I'll just have to rewatch the tv show again (at season 3 right now) in order to hunt down some key moments I'll need for the story.
  6. Valso

    Marvel Fans?

    I don't like comic books. There are some Marvel movies and TV shows that I like but not all of them. Those that I like are the movies about all of the characters of "The Avengers" initiative. I'm still waiting for the story of agent Romanoff to be released. I also like "Agents of SHIELD" until season 5. After season 5 it looks more like "sucking from the fingers" to me.
  7. I don't like rock and country music with female vocals. But it's not due to sexism - far from it. I just don't like how both genres sound with a female vocal. Whereas in any metal genre I don't mind the women. In fact, there are some very good growling women in metal, like Ravdina, for instance, who happens to be my favorite (not just bc of her growling but bc she's smoking hot too) and that blonde girl from Arch Enemy whose name I always forget.
  8. Only when in the right mood - American country music. Alan Jackson is my favorite country singer. There are others too, ofcourse (like Rednex), but Alan Jackson is my number 1.
  9. Can't you make the current theme dark? Most forums have integrated functions in the admin panel to edit colors of the theme. At least PHPBB3 has such a function, IDK about IPB. I would appreciate a genuine dark theme instead of the white one. For the moment I'm using a temporary solution to darken the forum but it's making my CPU go crazy for a moment when I click on any link, so a natural dark theme would be preferable. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like, though it's not without downsides. The addon's name is "Dark Reader", in case anyone wants to know.
  10. IMO they all do it for the image. No sane person would have an imaginary friend, whether it's the devil or the cloud deity.
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