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  1. Probably the best game for a metal forum is Cave Evil.
  2. Wormwood - Ghostlands- Wounds From a Bleeding Earth Kanonenfieber - Menschenmühle
  3. Went tent camping to unplug and relax for a few days and took the book "Black Metal Evolution of the Cult" to read, so now I'm checking out lots of stuff I hadn't heard before. Hmm, I guess that's not really different than normal, eh? Mütiilation - Vampires of Black Imperial Blood - pretty raw, maybe more than I like. Their first EP has great production by comparison and came out a year before. Wonder what the story was there... SAMAEL - Worship Him Mayhem - Deathcrush
  4. Aoratos - Gods Without Name
  5. Spectral Wound - Infernal Decadence
  6. Through The Spatial Dimensions - s/t - icy cold black metal
  7. Grandeur - Aurea Aetas. melodic black, nyp on bandcamp! The Monks - Black Monk Time. Goatmaster's writing about dissonance in the top 10 black metal thread got me thinking about the Monks. The Subsonics - Follow Me Down - lofi garage rock
  8. Schammasch - Hearts of No Light Hamferð - Támsins Likam
  9. Hail Spirit Noir - Pneuma Thy Catafalque - Vadak
  10. Schrat - Schattenwahn - really good black but the first real song especially is so great.
  11. Well, I made it through those records on Goatmaster's list that I could find on bandcamp over the past few days. It's like a satanic candy store. Mostly just listened to each one long enough to decide how much I liked it, or in other words, bailed when I decided it was a "not for me" record. Of the new ones to me, Schrat, Hovmod and Magoth were really great - instabuys on bc. I already knew about and like Havukruunu, Ordinance and Murg. Fun times!
  12. It turned into an S-morning. Sepulcros - Vazio Svn.Seeker - Means to an End Sathanas - Necrohymns svrm - Занепад
  13. Alright... I just added about 30 records to my bandcamp wishlist. Thanks... I think?
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