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  1. Backwoods Bastard is really good but along the same line and better is probably my all time favorite beer: Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Scotch Ale. Which reminds me I think this is the time of year it comes out so I should be on the lookout...
  2. borgne - Y Darkthrone - A Blaze In The Northern Sky
  3. Yeah but crystal skull really narrows it down. Regular skull? Not a chance. But we're talking rare materials here!
  4. Schrat - Seelenfresser - ok, all the tracks finally appeared on bandcamp. It was only 3 tracks until yesterday? First listen, it's pretty evil and alright.
  5. Lamp Of Murmuur - Submission And Slavery Archgoat - Worship The Eternal Darkness Abstracter - Abominion
  6. מזמור (Mizmor) - Wit's End - the ambient/drone track is weird. I don't hate it though. Whoredom Rife - 𝔚inds of 𝔚rath
  7. Kjeld - Ôfstân Los Males Del Mundo - Descent Towards Death
  8. new one, Seelenfresser dropped Dec 17th bandcamp says Jan 28th, just 3 tracks are available now. I've liked what I've heard so far. NP: T-Model Ford - Pee Wee Get My Gun
  9. Oh man, I caught the covid a few days before Christmas and, no diarrhea but I was as gassy as I've ever been for a couple of days. Symptoms changed every couple of days. First two-ish days were fever, chills, aches and gas. Then the worst sore throat I've ever had in my life. Then random headaches and finally a bit of a cough. I still have a slight lingering cough but otherwise feel fine now. Those sore throat days were total hell though, couldn't even sleep as every time I'd swallow the pain would jolt me awake. So yeah, stock up on toilet paper!?!
  10. Felled - The Intimate Earth Kriegsmachine - Enemy of Man
  11. Well, this could be weird... here's from my DAP which doesn't have a ton of stuff, just a couple thousand songs. Cold Northern Vengeance - The Shores of New England Knife - Demon Wind Paranorm - Desolate Worlds (Distant Dimensions) Earth - High Command Earth - A Bureaucratic DesireFor Extra Capsular Extraction Thy Catafalque - A kupolaváros titka Gojira - Esoteric Surgery Dorthia Cottrell - Moth Skepticism - The Inevitable The Morningside - Depot Only
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