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  1. Don't see Bobby Blitz as a weed guy. He was more of a hard drinking coke head. Word is he's gotten himself all cleaned up since well before the nose cancer thing even.
  2. Santa is definitely a metalhead, there's absolutely no doubt in my mind. And his reindeer too, especially Blitzen is a real headbanger. Tervetuloa
  3. I agree with the palette to play with thing 100%. Technology has come so far that anyone is free to choose any type of sound they like whether it be a sound from the past or the present or their imagination or whenever and it can sometimes be hard to tell what's actually 20 or 30 years old and what has just been made to sound like it. Doesn't seem that long ago when most stuff from before about 1995 or so gave itself away but that's not the case anymore. There was a time when advances in recording and amplification technologies were the limiting factors in what a band could expect their records to sound like, but we have long since obliterated those barriers. Obviously there will be technological advances yet to come but the farther we progress the less of a difference they will make. That said I guess maybe I am more optimistic than you because I don't believe that giving artists more freedom to fine tune their sounds to recreate precicely what they hear in their heads down to the very last detail could possibly be a bad thing. This is what we've been striving for ever since they invented a way to record music and play it back. I don't believe new and modern will cease to have meaning and I don't believe language, culture, music or art will ever become completely homogenized or literally timeless and impossible to date. And with regards to music specifically I believe at least as long as there are humans involved people will always look for new ways to set themselves apart, if not by the mix or the instrument sounds then I'm confident they'll find other ways. It's simply human nature especially in creatives to want to feel unique and special and to stand out even as musicians and artists will also always look to pay homage to their influences by emulating/immitating them. Which might seem at first glance to be a contradiction, but I really don't think it is. I suppose there could come a day when they've created computers that can write and generate music as well or better than humans, as well as truly self driving vehicles and no contact procreation (curbside pickup custom configured babies) but I'd just as soon not be alive when that day comes. The part of your thesis I have trouble understanding our Father who art Alabaster is the part about learning and growing by way of listening to music. Not that I can't understand what you mean, of course I get it, I've heard this 1,000 times. I just don't understand how or why this feeling has become so widespread and common as to be nearly universal. Or maybe I should just flip that around and say that I can't understand why I don't share such a commonly held sentiment among my peers. Seems to me like that's a lot of pressure to put on bands to ask them to make music that will not only make me bang my head but also teach me something and make me grow as a person. I'm not saying learning and growing are in any way bad things, they're obviosuly good, desirable and necessary things for all of us. But I guess I just don't require them from my music. I look to get my learning and growing from other places and experiences in life. For me music is more of an escape, a catharsis and a wind-down. It's relaxation and entertainment and an adrenaline rush and an endorphin release. Pleasure for pleasure's sake. More visceral than cerebral. I don't really do drugs (save for the occasional late night thc gummy) so I suppose I use music as my drug. As a person who could describe himself as an overthinker, I think music is one of the few areas in life where I'm content to suspend that constant, chronic pensiveness and just let myself feel it. I don't need my music to mean anything, or to stand for anything, or to teach me anything. I think it's nice to be able to put my brain in neutral as it were and just enjoy music without pretense, prerequisites or expecatations. Always confuses me when I hear/read people dismiss perfectly good music as too predictable, too boring, too derivative, or too static, or not adventurous enough or not forward thinking enough or whatever words they might use to express thoughts like this. And like these peope who use phrases like "it doesn't reinvent the wheel" as some kind of an apologetic disclaimer, as if to imply that music should by default be expected to inform or invent or reinvent anything and must be devalued and diminished if it doesn't. I mean it certainly can at times, and there's nothing wrong with that, that's totally fine. But my point is it shouldn't always be expected or required to at all times. I really think that sometimes music should be allowed to just sound good and make you feel good and nothing more.
  4. I've thought of that too, how the fidelity just doesn't degrade like it used to so 50 or maybe even 100 years from now anyone who chooses to will still be able to find and listen to music from the 2000's/10's/20's... But I must say in response to your final point that I don't think of it as looking backwards as much as I believe that some of us just figure if it ain't broke then there's no need to fix it. Seems to me almost everyone kind of selects an era and style(s) of music that speaks to them the loudest and that's gonna be different for everyone. Not that anyone need ever be locked into only liking that one thing, but you know what I mean. I do realize I've always been well outnumbered in every group of metalheads I've ever been associated with where most of the group will genrally seek out new, innovative and forward thinking bands while I just want throwback caveman DM and 2nd wave Darkthrone and Finnblack clones. I like what I like and I give no bonus points for innovation or originality, that stuff doesn't even enter into the equation for me. Got into a little friendly argument with some friends via text just last night about "classic rock" and more specifically we were talking about albums like Pink Floyd's The Wall and bands like The Who that my buddies mostly all hold in high esteem but I have absolutely no use for. They seem to think because I'm 10-15 years older than the rest of them I'm supposed to be all gung-ho nostallgic for any and all classic rock from 40 - 50 years ago because that was my era. Now there are a small handful of things I still really dig from the pre-metal days way back in the 70's like Sabbath and Zeppelin and Skynyrd and ZZ Top and of course I still love the Beatles and The Ramones but there's not too much more from those days really. It's as if they don't believe me when I say I only listened to some of that stuff when I was a kid back in the 70's because they hadn't invented actual metal yet so that's all there was available. Not saying it's "bad" or that they shouldn't listen to it just that I'm not into it. I jumped from hard rock in the mid 70's to punk rock in the late 70's, to heavy metal in the early 80's then thrash metal, hardcore & crossover in the mid to late 80's then eventually I found death metal and then black metal and "crust" in the oughts when I was in my 40's. I now finally feel like I've found the music that speaks to me the most profoundly and that I'm most comfortable with and I've pretty much settled in at this point and have stopped looking elsewhere. Not looking for anything progressive or innovative or original or different, at this point I just want more of what I like. I will check some different stuff out every now and then out of curiosity I guess, but these days little to nothing ever comes of it. And because as you say these throwback bands seem to be everywhere you turn, I'm thinking this means I can't be the only one who feels this way. Which is not to say I believe I'm/we're right and that everyone else is wrong, not at all. Just that having all this insane amount of musical choice of stuff that doesn't age the way music used to means there's something out there for everyone and we all need to follow our guts and embrace the shit that makes us feel the way we like music to make us feel no matter what it is and what era it might be from. I certainly don't feel like I'm drowning under the weight of it all. Because I reckon I only have to shoulder the weight of whatever resides in my little corner of the metal world.
  5. Didn't Norwegian black metallers burn Santa's workshop to the ground back in the 90's? Thought I saw something about that in Lords of Chaos.
  6. So you're saying Cairns and Darwin are even worse?!? I had heard that Perth was a bit hotter, but I had just assumed (erroneously it seems) that the northeast coast of Queensland might be a wee bit cooler. What about down Melbourne & Adelaide way on the southern coast, do they get a break from the heat? I guess New Zealand for whatever reason doesn't get nearly as hot in the summer, don't think it goes much above 80°F in Auckland most years. But I have no desire to move there no matter how many times my M-i-L suggests it (even though she herself lives in Sydney now). It's been 4 years since I've been down there now so I will have to go back down to visit all the Anzacs at some point if restrictions are ever lifted so the boy's grandparents and coussies can get another glimpse of him before he's fully grown. He's almost 8 now and they're all so chuffed that his once golden blonde hair has changed into auburn now just like his mum. I'd like to go in late fall or winter this time so maybe I can finally get someone to take me to see a rugby game, but they all keep insisting that I wouldn't want to come in winter. They can't seem to understand that their idea of winter sounds like a lovely spring day to me. Thing is now that he's in school the only time he gets an extended break from school longer than a week is between years in July & August so I don't have any choice but to go in winter. I've been down in Dec/Jan, April/May, Oct/Nov and the NZ weather didn't really seem to me like it changed all that much from one visit to the next anyway. Much cheaper for us to fly into Sydney and then get a short-hopper over to Auckland and back at some point and then return home from Sydney again. It's a pain in the ass traveling internationally with a little kid and I'll have to renew the passports which expire this year but anything beats the time my mother-in law invited herself to come and stay with us for 3 weeks in June 2018, I was ready to strangle her after about 3 days. I only tolerate her because she's the boy's grandmother and he's the only child of her only child, so she sees him as all she has left now since she lost her daughter. Otherwise I wouldn't even bother to answer her calls and messages in hopes she would maybe take a hint. I genuinely like all the rest of his Kiwi rellies on her ex-husband's side but unfortunately she's the one who regularly reaches out to keep in touch. Just my luck.
  7. I had a girlfriend back in 1982/83 who drank her coffee black so I learned to drink mine black too. Took a little getting used to as I had always taken mine with milk & sugar, but after a couple of weeks I got used to it. That was a long time ago and I have long since reverted to my old ways. I don't drink it nearly as sweet as I once did, I don't add sugar just a little splash of Kalhua to take the edge off the bitterness and I could skip the sweetener altogether if I had to. But I need my half & half. I really don't think there's any way to make a flat white without some kind of milk and I wouldn't want to anyway.
  8. I loathe weak coffee as well. I buy whole beans and grind them to order for my espresso (most Americans just buy pre-ground coffe for their drip coffee makers) but I'm way too cheap to pay $16 for 12oz of Deathwish coffee. I buy the store brand beans, Italian roast, 2 pound (32oz, 1 kg is 35oz) bag for $10 and by the time I get my steamed milk and shot of kalhua in there I can't taste any difference between that and the gourmet roaster stuff that costs 3 times as much. And I don't have to make a separate trip to the Daily Bean. I find that the way I fill the porta-filter and pull the shot affects the taste much more than which beans I'm using.
  9. I don't like extreme heat or extreme cold but for me the cold is definitely the lesser of two evils. I'm good with temps from about 25°F/-4°C up to about 27°C/80°F, I find anything more than that to be unpleasant unless you're just sitting in the A/C sipping a cold beverage. I find it much easier to keep warm when it's cold out than to keep cool in the heat. Fortunately I live somewhere where the daily high temps rarely get much above 95°F/35°C or below 10°F/-12°C, only maybe two or three days a year so I guess I'm in the right spot. I could never live somewhere that routinely gets above 90°F/32°C and stays there for half the year. When I was in Australia for 5 weeks Jan '17 I think there were more days that got above 100°F/37°C than not, and to me that's just insane. I'm sure the whole country can't be like that but Sydney summers are not for me. And this whole summer Christmas thing is complete nonsense, you Australiasians can keep that bullshit. Can't have fucking Christmas without Frosty the snowman. Strange though how humans perceive temperature differently. This time of year mid-late November if it's 25° when you wake up in the morning that seems impossibly cold, we're like wtf is this shit?? But by February that 25° won't phase us. Conversely when it gets down to 50° at 7am in mid September we think that's cold and bundle up in 3 layers if we're working outside, but a 50° day in early March will seem like a heat wave, we'll be walking around outside in just t-shirts. We still need to rent a lift to finish these sofits and the last little section of siding at the top of the back gable wall side of my house and even here in late November we've been checking the weather repeatedly these last couple of weeks trying to find a nice 50° day it might be available so we can do it when it's not too cold and windy. I reckon of any place I've been Denver has just about perfect winters. They get their share of below freezing days with a little snow here and there but they also have a lot of days in the 50's and 60's so you don't feel like you're in the deep freezer for 4 months. They don't even bother to plow the snow out there because it usually gets warm enough to melt away on its own by lunchtime, or at least within 24 hours. Here on the east coast once it officially gets to be winter and really gets cold for good in 3 more weeks we won't see 60° again probably until April and that's when the piles of snow that have built up by then will finally melt.
  10. Í Myrkri - Bag Skyggernes Slør, Danish black, third full length in 3 years. One of my favorite atmo-black acts. Temple of Evil - Apolytrosis, Cyprotian black metal
  11. Iron Triumph - Iron Triumph Demo Ossuaire - Triumvirat
  12. I think you likely expect more out of your black/death than I do Marky Mark. I just want a couple of cool riffs to bang my head to and for it to sound sufficiently filthy & evil. That's it, I'm a very simple man. If it checks those boxes I'm happy. I wouldn't put Satanism on the same level as Teitanblood or Profane Order and the very best that genre has to offer, but those 2 solid little sausage grinder EP's were at least as good as Weregoat. And in my favorite sub-genre that's rife with lackluster sub-par acts that's good enough for me. Sorry you didn't dig 'em. Nice to see you back hanging around a bit more Marky Mark. I had been missing you. I hope you had a lovely turkey day with your family and are enjoying these few days off from work. Nice to see Navy pop by as well. I hadn't seen him in many weeks so I shot him a text and he replied that he wasn't abandoning us or anything, he had just been super busy lately. And that happens to all of us from time to time.
  13. The only songs I ever liked on that album were Cold Sweat (maybe my all-time favorite Lizzy track) and Holy War. And I guess the title track as well which always made us laugh with the line "god damn it's so exciting" At the time I'm sure I thought the album was worth the price I paid for those three tunes alone, but overall I have to agree it was not a stellar swan song despite those classic Lizzy tracks. More filler than killer. Strange that even as a metalhead who normally wants the heaviest shit he can find when I'm in the mood for some Lizzy, the Sykes albums are not the ones I usually reach for. Lizzy's not an 80's metal band, they were a 70's rock band. I liked them more with Robo & Gorham when they stuck to what they did best.
  14. As far as divorce is concerned I wouldn't advise going into it lightly. 50% of western marriages end in divorce. More often than not, about 75% of divorces are initiated by women because the laws and courts are drastically weighted in their favor. Women generally get custody of the kids, the house, at least half of the savings/assets and the men will have to pay them at the very least until the kids finish college and in some cases in addition to child support they are awarded spousal support for life. Even if the wife is the one who cheated or otherwise broke the marriage contract and is totally at fault it doesn't matter in the slightest, they still win. In America it's commonplace that there are women who look for men with resources to marry so they can put in their time and then "fall out of love" divorce their husbands and get paid. Because it beats working for the next 20 - 30 years. They can say they love you one day and then turn around and burn all your shit in a big bonfire in the front yard the next. I've read countless stories of supposedly happily married couples (at least the men thought so) that when the husband fell seriously ill or lost his job and the resources dried up, within weeks their wives were gone with the wind. Plenty of guys living in squalor or living in their vehicles because their wives cleaned up in a lopsided divorce settlement and are taking half their paychecks leaving them unable to make ends meet. Also plenty of guys sitting in jail because they fell behnd on their child support payments. Now I ask you, how are they supposed to make enough money to ever catch up if they're sitting in jail? If you're a man with kids and a decent job and any marital assets at all it really behooves you to try and make things work. Because the alternative is ugly.
  15. The Harpies were mythical monsters in Greek mythology that had the form of a bird with a human female face; often agents of punishment they abducted people and tortured them on their way to Hades' domain, employed by the God as instruments for the punishment of the guilty. They stole food from their victims and would carry evildoers to Erinnyes of the Furies (female goddesses of vengeance and retribution). Their name means snatchers and is thus very appropriate for the acts they carried out. Known as the hounds of Zeus they were dispatched by the God to snatch away people and things from the earth; sudden and mysterious disappearances were often attributed to them. The Harpies, like many characters in Greek mythology, evolved over time and different tales, beginning as wind spirits then personified as winged woman and eventually into the monstrous creatures we most recognise today. Other Interesting Facts: • Harpies remained vivid mythical beasts throughout the Middle Ages, in Dante’s Inferno Harpies infest a tortured wood in the seventh ring of Hell where the suicides have their punishment • Roman and Byzantine writers detailed their ugliness and monstrous qualities. • In the Aeneid, Aeneas encountered the Harpies on the Strophades as they made off with the feast the Trojans were setting, Celaeno cursed them, and the Trojans fled in fear of the mythical beasts • In ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ by Shakespeare, the term Harpy is used metaphorically to refer to a nasty or annoying woman, and though not often used in modern vernacular it is understood that this is what the term currently describes. https://greekgodsandgoddesses.net/myths/harpies/ You know Jon-O I think succubus would be a more accurate term: A succubus is a demon or supernatural entity in folklore, in female form, that appears in dreams to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. According to religious traditions, repeated sexual activity with a succubus can cause poor physical or mental health, even death. I would only add: or even bankruptcy
  16. The funny part is they're already a day ahead of us down there. It was 7pm the 24th for us when he posted that but already 11 am tomorrow morning for him down there.
  17. Listened to that whole Swallow the Sun album. What happened to those guys? I was so completely head over heels in love with them back when Hope came out, that and the debut are absolute masterpieces in my book. This new one is good, I would never say anything they do is not good, but it's just so god damned gentle and pretty and tame most of the time punctuated with a few much too brief bursts of the heaavier stuff with the harsh vox. So frustrating for me because the heavy parts are amazing and I want more of them. Saw them live at the Gramercy Theatre in 2009 with Moonsorrow and it was a great show but I stopped buying their records after Emerald Forest 10 years ago. Guess I must sound like one of those Opeth fans aka whiners that just can't get over the fact that Mike doesn't growl and they don't play death metal anymore. Morguiliath - Occult Sins, New Unholy Dimension, French black metal. Kinda looks like Marilyn Manson might have been on a first name basis with this dude's mom. Black/death, war metal are not your favorite flavors I get that. Just like you know CoL sounds like ass to me. And if someone asked me would I rather listen to an Emma Ruth Rundle album or cut my little finger off I'd have to think about it for a sec. But yeah man this is what striking gold sounds like for me. I'm a sucker for anything with an Archgoat or Blasphemy vibe. I could have told you that you would hate it and saved you the trouble.
  18. @ Deadovic I'd like to hope you were just having a bad day and the suicide thing was a bit of hyperbole for dramatic effect. Believe me I know how some women can drive you nuts with their inexorable need to spend money that you don't have simply because they want things and they just don't feel it's fair that they should ever be denied anything that they want. I remember my late wife asking me one time how much money was left at the end of the month so she'd know how much she had available to play with. I showed her that there wasn't anything left over to play with and in fact we were dipping into my savings each month because there was a $300 shortfall. I told her I was waiting for her to finish breast feeding the baby so she could go back to work in the states like she did when she lived in NZ, just as we had discussed before she moved here and got pregnant. None of that mattered to her, it all went in one ear and out the other. She didn't make any effort to change her ridiculous & frivolous spending habits and neither did she make any effort to look for work. Shoppintg on her tablet and watching Netflix was like her full time job, the baby was just her excuse to stay home and do it. I also remember the night I changed the Paypal password without telling her and how mad she got the next day when she went to buy something online and couldn't. But it had to be done. And 3 days later when she started talking to me again she admitted that I had done the right thing. Unfortunately that strategy backfired on me because then she had to make her own Paypal account and she started selling some of the stuff that she had bought to raise money to buy more stuff. It wasn't the stuff itself that she really wanted it was simply the act of locating and acquiring and accumulating that stuff that she was addicted to. The bitch just wanted to buy shit. She ordered a couple hundred plastic mailing envelopes so whenever she sold some of her crap she'd get it all packed up and addressed and ready for shipping and then she'd leave little bundles of joy on the kitchen table for me to take to work with me in the morning so I could mail it off for her when I passed by a post office somewhere in my travels during my day. Guess who paid the shipping costs? Whenever she sold something the payment would go directly into her Paypal account and then she'd use that money to buy more stuff. I was the idiot who got stuck paying to ship it all over the country. But I guess paying her shipping was still a lot cheaper than the phase when she bought like $10,000 worth of cloth diapers (@$50 a pop shipped) and baby clothes. Even as the boy approached 3 and we knew he was going to be potty trained soon she just kept buying, selling & trading the stupid diapers with the beautifl prints that only we ever got to see when we changed him because he had pants covering them up the rest of the time. I still have a bunch of them in a box somewhere because they seem too valuable to just throw away, even though I know I'm never in a million years going to go on that Twinkie Tush website and list them for sale. Same with all her piles of $300-$400 Frye boots she just had to have and then wore once or twice at most. Can't bring myself to just throw away $400 boots even though I'll never figure out how to sell them. I wish I knew a chick who wore size 8.5/9 boots. (NZ 39) It's a sickness and an addiction that destroys lives like alcoholism or drugs or gambling that should be dealt with the same way. They need to have interventions and rehab for shopaholics. Gonna catch flak for this no doubt....but fuck it I'm gonna say it anyway. Deadovic if I were you I would be looking into the pros and cons of divorce, not suicide. True if you divorce her you'll still have to pay her and she'll still be spending your money but at least you should know up front how much it will be every month so you can budget and plan. No woman, or let's say no partner is ever worth killing yourself over.
  19. So what do you think, I live in some secret deep dank dark black metal bunker miles underground and I've been down here cut off from all forms of civilization and completely ignorant of popular music for the last 50 years? That question was rhetorical obviously, not to mention tongue in cheek, but I suppose the real question would be what do you think I was listening to 30 years ago? Countdown, the follow up to the overrated but very successful and much heralded Rust in Peace, came out in July of 1992. My daughter had just turned 2, I was a month shy of my 31st birthday, and my 1st wife and I had split up 18 months prior. At that time in my life '91/'92 I was pretty busy, being a working single dad you could even say my life then was hectic. I didn't have much time for late night metal club shows which in NY back then typically the first band would go on around 10 or 11pm and the headlining band played until 3am. Didn't have as much free time for record store runs either at that point as the one specialty "metal" record store we knew of on the Island (Slipped Disc in Valley Stream) was 45 minutes away (often took longer in traffic) just far enough to make it a real pain in the ass to go because we needed to set aside half a day for the trip so it had to be done on a day off when I had someone to watch the baby. And then also right around that same early 90's time period it suddenly became difficult to find a lot of new releases on vinyl. Seemed to me like the record industry was trying to force everyone to switch over to their relatively new CD format (or just keep buying shitty old semi-disposable cassettes) and as an avid collector of vinyl records for many years I was not having any of it. So the end result was I cut way down on how much music I had previously been used to buying. So what all this back story adds up to is that due to outside factors I did not really notice when death metal and 2nd wave black metal sprang into being or when the metal world basically divided into two separate factions, the mainstream and the underground. Up until that point heavy metal had always been heavy metal, and the only division in the ranks most of us headbangers were aware of was between thrash and what we thought were the heavier more aggressive forms of heavy metal and hardcore on the one side vs the "poseurs" with their lightweight glam/hair/sleaze/cock rock and power ballads on the other. But all throughout the 80's "heavy metal" which included basically everything from Slayer, Sepultura, Celtic Frost, Candlemass, Metallica, Megadeth, Motorhead, Mercyful Fate to Priest, Maiden, GnR, Scorpions, Riot, and poppier stuff like Cinderella, Twisted Sister, Dokken, and Def Leppard...had all been marketed to the mainstream. Heavy metal in the 80's was for the most part readily available, well known and above ground if you will. I was already heavily into classic heavy metal and then thrash and crossover by the mid 80's. But then in the early 90's I also started getting into newer bands like Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Type O Negative, Godsmack and Monster Magnet. And that's because the truth is I had no fucking idea back in 1992 that anything like Norwegian black metal or Floridan/Swedish death metal even existed. Metal had gone underground and no one bothered to tell me. Guess I must have missed the memo. So of course I know about Megadeth songs ya dickhead. They weren't ever one of my unfuckwithable top tier favorite bands like Overkill or Celtic Frost or Motorhead, but still I did have all their albums in regular rotation up until Youthanasia in '94 which I guess is where I lost interest. I did think Dave was a major fucking dick because the one time I went to see them play live in a small local club called Sundance in '88 they had to cut the show short because he was drunk as shit and/or probably fucked up on drugs. He was quite beligerent, half out of his mind babbling nonsense wanting to fight everyone and he was barely able to stand up on stage and hold his guitar without falling over much less be able to play and sing. It's no wonder Metallica shit canned him. But despite that bad experience I still played their albums well into the 90's. So in conclusion, yes Deadly Do-Right, believe it or not I was a mainstream metaller through and through all throughout the 70's 80's and 90's. And even up until the early 2000's when I was just a little older than you are now. That's when the internet came along and I finally figured out how to find all the good shit I had been missing. In light of my proclivities towards extreme metal I have sort of let go of certain bands from my past over these last 20 years that just don't do it for me anymore the way they used to. And Megadeth is deffo one of those bands. But I don't hate them or anything, not gonna say they're shit, I just seldom find myself wanting to listen to those old records anymore and I've never had any desire to check out the newer ones. My spin of Countdown last night was probably the first time I'd played it in over a decade. Thing is when I do get struck with the occasional urge to hear some MegaDave it's usually gonna be Peace Sells 9 times out of 10, that's my favorite of theirs and by far their best effort imho. That Captive Honour's a pretty good tune though.
  20. Krvna - Sempinfernus, Australian one-man black metal Inherits the Void - Monolith of Light, French atmo-black
  21. I do keep a running list on my computer that I add to during the year as I find more standout albums. But I usually wait til mid January to start curating my final list. Because it seems like I almost always discover a bunch of really good shit right after Christmas & New Years that I want to make sure I have on my list. Usually I don't even have mine ready to post until some time in February. Agreed metal media lists are pretty pointless, but this one just caught my eye because it had some good shit on it for a change. They must have some new editors who listen to actual metal or something. We used to have a thread just for metal media lists on the other forum but it was more to make fun of them than anything.
  22. This one's much better, or at least it's a much easier listen for me because it's not what I would call excessively chaotic and it doesn't use dissonance as a weapon to make me feel like I'm on some kind of bad drugs and up is down and my world is spinning out of control. Best tracks here were the penultimate track, Gegen Das Licht and the closer Haven. I do like an album that finishes strong. Now of course I'm sure you already know before I even say it that I'm slightly irritataed that they call this "black metal" because it's nothing of the sort. I'm sorry Doc, but this and black metal have nothing in common. Why do bands do that? Just call it avant-garde post metal and leave the black out of it. To me this actually sounds much more like what Mark (not you Doc, the other Mark) and Johan and those dudes call post metal/post hardcore. But setting that one small but very important nit pick aside, musically I'll say this is pretty good Doc. I actually like the pretty parts the best but even during the more metallic parts it's alright because I can at least follow along with it, doesn't make me feel like I'm crazy or stupid or anything because I can't decipher it like those DSO bands generally do. But it's not something I'd buy you see because it doesn't sound "evil" or "filthy". Extreme metal needs to be one or the other or both ideally for me to consider it. And it's also not "riffy" which is another big negative in my book. This is largely clean not filthy, and it's almost uplifting in spots, not angry and hateful. The dude does sound a lil' bit annoyed at times but he's not conveying true bone chilling, church burning hatefulness and evil the way I feel black metal vocalists should. He sounds more like he's pissed off they got his burger order wrong or a bird shit on his windshield on the way to work or something. So you see in that way it's not cathartic for me the way black metal is, which is something I really need Doc. Because black metal exorcises my inner demons allowing me to walk around with a smile on my face and to be the care-free happy-go-lucky guy that we all know and love. I did give it a shot oh patriarch of the white rock. Didn't make it all the way to the bitter end but I listened to about 3/4 of it before I gave up. I see it's our buddies the ED twins again. This must be a side project or something of theirs I guess. It was definitely somewhat easier to make sense of this album than the Hornywood album, in track 5 for a minute or two I was almost starting to sense a pattern that I could latch onto. But I can't say I found anything "fun" about this album. Now this dude did sound legitimately angry, but I'm talking like unhinged mental institution angry, not regular sane person angry. And once again the levels of choas and dissonance on display here are simply beyond what my pea brain can comprehend or tolerate. Smarter men (and women of course) than I may be able to get something out of this kind of music and more power to them, it takes all kinds. But I just find it unsettling (not in a good way) like deep inside my guts, like it makes me feel like I have to take a shit or deliver a baby or something. "Avant-garde" stuff like this is really closer to what I'd call noise than music. I don't say that to be confrontational or insulting or argumentative or anything, that's just my take, albeit a dismissive one. Personally I need my music to be in tune using standard time signatures (I've found 4/4 works quite well) and use regular notes and chords n shit that go together. Mismatched notes confuse me. Dissonant or atonal chaos (Doc has explained it to me but I can never remember the difference tbh) just doesn't appeal to me, it has the polar opposite effect. NP: Ortus - Aus de Tiefe Haha I call Tool nu-metal and several of my friends who are pretty heavily into them get all bent out of shape over that. They don't want their beloved Maynard and Tool assosciated with an inferior sub-genre that they despise. But I just call 'em like I see 'em. Sounds like whiny nu-metal to me, just more "posty." They're the band that writes songs that build and build creating tension but never reaching a climax. I should coin a new sub-genre just for them, "blue balls rock"
  23. No worries mate, we can make this the truck porn thread Doc old buddy. Yes I can see you down there rolling your eyes. C'mon, at least admit that there are days when you're stuck in the office poppin' pimples and your old lady is texting you stupid questions that you gaze out the window and long for the open road?
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