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  1. Well you should understand Jon-O that with my 'casual and laid back' comment I was comparing the album just specifically with other death metal. I personally like a denser wall of noise in my death metal. These Golgothan dudes left a lot of space and air between their notes as compared to some other death metal bands, and that's how I chose to describe it. Laid back death metal, relatively speaking. It wasn't about beats per minute. That'd be an inadequate way to judge extreme metal I think just purely by BPM. I myself actually prefer a more midpaced approach rather than the rapid fire blur of machinated blast beats approach some bands take with their death metal. Fast for fast's sake doesn't interest me any more than bands showing off their superior musical prowess just because they can. Sometimes less really is more. But too slow when it drags and gets all doomy & dirgey well then that doesn't work for me either. So in my mind there's a real 'sweet spot' for death metal of let's say medium-fast but not too fast, with some good tempo changes giving me some faster sections and slower sections to keep things interesting. But not so many slower parts that I'll lose the plot and forget why I'm even there as well as all the reasons I thought I had to get out of bed and face another day. But lots of other things come into play as well when I'm auditioning a death metal album and deciding if I want to continue listening to it, and then once I've passed that hurdle if I might want to own it. It needs to be overall rough-dirty-filthy sounding, but beyond that I definitely need sufficiently rough & dirty individual instrument sounds, guitar tone in particular is very important to me. Moreso than the overall production or sound of an album, I need to be able to find something to like about a guitar tone. You could have the worst production ever but if you have a sick guitar tone I'll still give you a chance. Too clean, too twangy or too thin just doesn't fit with death metal in my mind and I'm out. The vocals also need to have a certain timbre to them that I find appealing on some level. Nothing makes me click away from a death metal album faster than bad or annoying vocals. Dissonance/discordance is another one of the biggest deal breakers in death metal for me, I'm not a fan of these techniques at all. Also odd time signatures, or like these wacky bands that try to pass free jazz off as death metal. I like a little bit of a groove in my death metal that I can bop my head along in time with. Dissonance impededs or sometimes completely removes my ability to keep time along to a piece of music prohibiting me from bopping my head along with it and that's simply unacceptable. So now you tell me Jon-O, what do you look for in death metal? Since last night. There's good howling and bad howling. But mostly there's bad howling. I know the good kind when I hear it. Barking has a little more leeway to be good, but sometimes it can miss the mark for me too, like with that GR album.
  2. But what's up with the howling and barking Doc? I'm just not sold on the canine aspects of the vocals. And then in track 3 the dude just randomly starts speaking French. I had to pause it for a sec to make sure the French speaking wasn't from some other tab I didn't know was playing. I keep going back to this album because so many people keep mentioning it in a positive manner. Now I'm not saying the album's bad, but the music isn't dense or suffocating enough for what I want from my death metal, it seems too casual and laid back to me, even as compared to their first album. At first I thought maybe it was just an Aussie thing, with all your sunshine, beaches, surf shops and everyone half pissed all the time it's gotta be hard to keep things brutal if you're hanging out in your boardies at Bondi Beach in the arvo chattin' up the Shielas. But there have been some pretty brutal Aussie bands so that can't be it. Can't quite put my finger on it, but if this album doesn't click with me soon I'm gonna have to stop going back to it and just let it go as one of the ones that got away. Intus Mortem - Exiled from Light, Italy
  3. I thought he was kissing Hetfield's ass. Shit I could have been Al Bundy. Or at least I have my hand in my pants most of the time.
  4. Been saying this for years but no one takes me seriously. Don't think it would even be that hard to implement, it'd just make a bunch of corrupt Congressmen redundant.
  5. Payback's a bitch motherfucker. The awful production killed that one. That and the fact they made Tom sound just like Sam Kinison. Couldn't stop laughing.
  6. I really don't understand why they can't just have people vote on their phones via an internet poll like they do for American Idol. We could have election results in mere minutes.
  7. Mega Slaughter - Calls from the Beyond, 1991 Swedeath Writhing Shadows - Writhing Shadows, 2022 Alabama death metal
  8. Helleruin - War upon Man, Netherlands Helleruin / De Gevreesde Ziekte - Invincible / Ω Split, Netherlands
  9. I used to use Darth Vader as a way to get the kid to behave. Especially if he acted up when we were out in the supermarket or somewhere I'd get my phone out and tell him "That's it, I'm calling Darth Vader. Let's see if he's got room and I can drop you off over there at his house on my way home and you can live with him from now on." That would make him start crying and begging "No, please, I want to stay with you!!" which some might think is mean, but I figured it was better than beating his ass. But he's a little older now and he's wised up to these kinds of tricks, he knows (or at least he's pretty sure) that Darth Vader is just a fictional character like Santa Claus. All I can do to him now when he misbehaves is take his two favorite things, Youtube and sugar away. As far as swear words go...I got a call this afternoon from one of his teachers. Seems they had some kind of a writing assignment yesterday in phys ed class and my kid wrote "fuck you" on the paper in 'invisible' ink. Which would likely have gone unnoticed except he made a point to shine the blacklight on it for just a second as he handed it in, prompting the teacher to ask what it said. One thing led to another and then I found myself on the phone with this guy. Now if you've read many of my posts you'll know I don't have any problems at all with swearing or foul language, I enjoy salty language. But still the kid needs to understand that it's perfectly natural to use that kind of language with his little school friends on the playground or whatever, but he can't say it to the grown-ups at school or certainly he should not be writing these words on the papers he's handing in to the teachers. Sounds like testing boundaries to me, which is normal at his age I guess. But still I felt like I had to sound sufficiently concerned on the phone with this guy when honestly I was just glad he had spelled the words correctly. He's lost his Youtube privileges through the weekend which has made him quite upset. I think that'll probably be enough to get the point across. There's a time and a place for the F-bomb.
  10. I've always liked the idea of this thread, don't know why I don't post on it more often. Serpentshrine - Allegiance to the Myth, USBM from Norfolk VA. One of the frontrunners for aoty so far in my world. Skumstrike - Deadly Intrusions, Montreal Quebec, this one's right up there next to it, in fact it might very well have taken the lead. Grimtone - Polaris, these Swedes round out the recent black metal infatuations. Pharmacist - Flourishing Extremities On Unspoiled Mental Grounds, has probably fallen out of my top 3 most played of late, but I still just keep going back to this one over and over. Vaamatar - Medievalgeist, USBM LA/NY, just found this riffy little gem this morning, but I'm already convinced this will be something I will need to revisit daily for the next few weeks anyway.
  11. So I checked out this Fozzy dude just for shits 'n giggles. Really didn't know what to expect because I hadn't ever heard of him. Commercial butt rock, essentially pop music dressed up with guitars. Alright then, so to answer your question from the other day, their target audience is normies (by normies I just mean non-metalheads) who are up for some modern day heavy rock with guitars but wouldn't be interested in death or black metal or anything too extreme like many of us listen to because that'd just be noise to them. I'm sure they'd think the same thing if they heard much of what I enjoy listening to, "Who listens to this shit?" Just like the audience nu-metal and metalcore have always attracted, there are heaps of people who think this ultra-commercialized stuff is the epitome of heavy rock or heavy metal. You must've noticed the parade of people who join this forum seeking to form some type of commercial metalcore bands. There's clearly a large market for this stuff that older guys like us are not really aware of and don't come into contact with very often. You think this Fozzy dude is bad, you should hear that Lorna Shore band that Jimmy T posted he had been enjoying the other day. Absolutely horrifying. But clearly as an old grizzled boomer metalhead I'm well outside of their target audience.
  12. Vaamatar - Medievalgeist, riffy USBM Wallfahrer - Den Menschen So Fern, German atmo-black
  13. Their first album Immaculate Deception (1986) is probably even better. Never heard of Scatterbrain, I'll have to check them out.
  14. Overkill - Under the Influence, 1988, often forgot how good this one really is Nuclear Assault - Survive, 1988 Ludichrist - Powertrip, 1988
  15. After seeing you post this band several times now I have finally broken down and had myself a go. And I didn't mind it at all, until the vocals came in. I heard a couple of high notes there that had me a little worried for a minute. But I stuck with it and got past that and I don't hate this at all. Not gonna win any awards for creativity but I don't care about such things. Thought it was pretty funny to see someone criticizing this for sounding too much like late 80's Overkill when the songwriter is the one and the same Bobby G. Who else would they expect him to sound like? This isn't nearly as good as Overkill imo because clearly the other members all brought somethging to the table when crafting those albums, especially Mr Verni & Mr Ellsworth whose distinctive snarl I am missing. This actually sounds to me more like a mash-up of old Destrction, Sodom and Overkill. It probably wouldn't make my end of year list (even if it were a 2022 release) but it's a lot of fun, I might even be tempted to buy this.
  16. See now I have a friend who knew exactly whom he caught it from. It was around Christmastime and his elderly house mates had some elderly relatives visiting for about a week so when he got sick they were all bugging him to take a test and find out if his illness was Covid. He tested negative at 3 days out, but then he read that 3 days can be too soon to get a positive result, testing 5 to 7 days after exposure is optimal. So he tested again at 5 days and that time it was positive. He quarantined in his room by himself as much as possible and in the end no one else in the house came down with it. Point is there is so much conflicting information floating around out there that it's hard to know what to believe even if you have the best of intentions to do the right thing and follow all the rules. I find it hard to believe that in the absence of any hard information it should be assumed that the incubation period was just 2 days, that doesn't jibe at all with what I've read. Indeed if you Google this (which I've just done) it says 2 to 14 days.
  17. Fozzy? I'm gonna say his target demographic is roughly 3 to 7 year olds. Love Stormcrow 🤘 Just wanted to say that.
  18. I'm digging the exclamations for the time being Doc, so instead I've just moved on from the Fen. Horns - Im Schein Trüben Kerzenlichts, Chile, aaarrgghh! Aarkanne - Mysterii, Chile, Eureka! Snoutcrom - Opus Alchimicum, Chile, giddyup!
  19. My son is 8 and he's a horror fiend, has been for several years. Horror, killers, and anything to do with Halloween, skulls, skeletons, ghosts, goblins, witches, demons, ghouls... He has refused to watch any "kids" movies for the last few years because they're too boring. Apparently there's just not enough killing, blood, guts, gore, chainsaws, evil clowns or screaming to suit him. Jump scares, he lives for jump scares. He doesn't have nightmares or anything if he watches scary stuff right before bedtime and he never has, it doesn't phase him, in fact he can't get enough of it. He wears his various Halloween masks year round while he watches TV because it helps him get into character. If anyone dares comes to visit or if anyone's still here working when he gets home from school he will undoubtedly pop out from around a corner with a scary mask and a toy knife dripping with fake blood and see if he can scare them. All year long he asks me every couple of weeks how long till October because he knows the Halloween store is only open in October and that's his chance to stock up on masks and weapons for the coming year. I don't really understand how this has happened because I don't watch horror at all, not ever. I have no use for the genre because I don't find it scary. And I don't give a shit about Halloween or any other of our silly made up holidays. He must have picked this shit up from some kids in school or something.
  20. Scitalis - Doomed Before Time, Sweden, ba-da-bing Enoid - Négation du Corps, Swiss atmo-black, clang
  21. In Twilight's Embrace - Lifeblood, Poland
  22. Malphas - Divinity's Fall, Swiss black Vital Spirit - Still as the Night, Cold as the Wind, Canadian black
  23. What's a "Westie" Doc? Is that like being from the 'wrong side of the tracks' as we say here in the states? Were you of low birth, destined to be a singlet wearing bogan or tradie with a big ole Mad Macca beer belly but you clawed your way out and never looked back?
  24. Tzompantli - Tlamanalli (EP) 2019, see now his first 20 minute EP was really good, plenty of different tempos. What a letdown to go from something as good as this to the plodding new album. 15 albums and I only liked the first 2. Maybe Mille should do a rockabilly album or polka or something traditionally Bavarian to mix things up a bit. Although when I pitched the idea to him this was his response. Hoping he warms up to the idea once he's had the chance to think it over a bit.
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