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  1. ....a lot of chatter on modern classical here of late..... ....here is a fairly new composer I've recently been listening to lately.... AARON JAY MYERS - Clever Machines ...extremely talented composer.....just got this one, also have another by him, "But I'm Doing It Anyway" ....excellent record....
  2. JUNGLE ROT - Order Shall Prevail SUICIDAL ANGELS - Bloodbath SUICIDAL ANGELS - Division Of Blood
  3. ...I also am a fan of "The Damnation Game" and this one.... SYMPHONY X - The Odyssey
  4. .....One of the very few PM bands that I enjoy.... ......I think my favourite record by them is probably "The Divine Wings Of Tragedy"..... CARCASS - Surgical Steel
  5. ELECTRO HIPPIES - The Peaceville Recordings OBITUARY - Inked In Blood SODOM - Agent Orange SODOM - Code Red
  6. SAINT VITUS - Born Too Late MACABRE - GLOOM DEVIL LEE ROT - Devil Equinox Ov Doom WITCHCORPSE - Screams From The Grave
  7. THIN LIZZY - Jailbreak FAITH NO MORE - Album Of The Year FAITH NO MORE - Angel Dust AMORPHIS - Tales From The Thousand Lakes
  8. VOIVOD - Voivod VOIVOD - Infini VOIVOD - Target Earth
  9. ....if you liked the NARCOMANCER record....you might like some of these.... DEVILSPIT - Ethylic Dark Crusade VIRTUE OF THE VICIOUS - Oneirophobia DOWNWARD SPIRAL - Iron Age SOCIAL APATHY - Procreation DEVIL CITY CULT - World's True Enemies CALLIGRAM - Demimonde .....if you are a fan of more recent DARKTHRONE (...of which I am most definitely...) DEVILSPIT is much in the same style....
  10. ....I have a friend, in Portugal, who knows the band and he recommended that I check them out.....
  11. THE BLEEDING - Rise Into Nothing THE HOLY FLESH - Emissary And Vessel GENERAL SURGERY - Lay Down And Be Counted EXTINCTION OF MANKIND - Storm Of Resentment DENY - Dystopia NARCOMANCER - Narcomancer LIFE - Ossification Of Coral .....I need to do some tai chi to calm down now.....
  12. DEAD TO A DYING WORLD - Dead To A Dying World ARBORICIDIO - What We Leave Behind COUNTERBLAST - Nothingness
  13. ...since WhiteNoise dropped the ball on this last month.... ...rather have an all cassette music collection with a super sweet audiophile quality stereo.... ...or an all digital music collection with a bullshit Pono music player.... ...my apologies and condolences if anyone has a Pono player...
  14. FASAD - The End TOADEATER - Demo JOTNARR - Jotnarr A.F.K. - Ruled By The Insane SJALVMORDSSKOG - Mulberry Suffer .....hardcore always bolsters the day.....
  15. FUTURE OF DESPAIR - Hell City DESASTER - Churches Without Saints
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