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  1. Actually very close in looks to what i was thinking. But it's not them. Think even younger than them and the guy whos singing is a bit wider aswell. But ye they were casually dressed like these guys are in a couple of their music videos. Thanks for trying to help me. If any other band strikes your mind please do tell!
  2. Hello, so the info i have is quite vague. And a bit of "maybes" in it. But i'll try and explain as much as i can. This is a sort of a "amateur" band i found on youtube years back. So basically it consists of about 4 ppl around 20 years old, perhaps a bit older. The singer is quite large person, not muscular or obese. And they are casually dressed in like t-shirts and shorts. And they stand outside singing in a summer weather and the singer sometimes growls if i remember in the song. My memory wants me to remember that their bandname or songname has "bear" in it. Kinda like "bearhug" or something, tho that information is just a maybe. I also think they did a cover of a song like "umbrella" or something inside their house in a room. Ye this is mostly if someone has seen them recently and can remember that these things were in their youtube video. I really really hope someone knows them. And i didn't know where else to ask but in a metal forum . And i also remember that non of them are like dressed in black, no facepaint or anything hardcore like that. edit: Also i remember during the chorus they do headbangs and stuff and at the same time the screen kinda goes up and down to follow it.