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  1. What horror movies would you say stand out of the crowd? When I think of a horror movie, I usually think of something like Insidious or Alien. I actually like Alien, but not because of the story or characters. I just think the atmosphere and filmography are quite good, and that's how I feel about most horror movies (but not all of them). It could be that I'm out of the loop or just watch the wrong horror movies. To be clear, I don't have any problem *at all* with the concept of horror as a genre of film. I do find that the particular horror movies that I've been exposed to, for the most part, fall short on story and characters. Now I don't think a film has to have a good story and good characters to be enjoyable, but it seems to me like there are certain horror film formulas that have been used over and over. I can pick out almost any paranormal horror film and have a similar experience, for example. I think large budget horror films could really do a lot better in general, at least based on what I've seen. What do you think?
  2. I think many from at least a certain generation have grown up listening to more and more extreme music over time. This has sometimes coincided with a general interest in the extreme, and often dark, for those for whom metal wasn't "enough". Sometimes it can be a benefit to indulge in something dark, or heavy, or radical, or whatever it is. I know this one person who is older and a bit uptight about etiquette, and a bit of a pushover. Sometimes I just imagine if he listened to death metal until he liked it that it'd balance out his personality lol. There's also the issue of acceptance. Sometimes negativity in life is unavoidable, and we have to accept it. If you try to force yourself to be above your baseline happiness all the time, then you might hit a crashing point when you lack the energy to keep that up. And while you're in some storm of negativity, it can help you cope to indulge in something more extreme. Obviously the coping benefits need to be weighed with the potential consequences. Every person has the capacity to enjoy a wide variety of activities and experiences. And it's sometimes worth pursuing some of the more negative or extreme experiences (sometimes!). It can also be worth it to pursue a knowledge of negative and extreme experiences. I've recently became very fascinated in the minds of people who took something to the extreme. Anyway these thoughts could go on almost forever, but I'll stop it here.
  3. Pretty much all music sounds like garbage to me today, so if I guess I'm listening to Xasthur because it's slow, boring, repetitive, and bleak.
  4. I just listen to whatever I feel like listening to, which has included all of the below: Alternative Music Blues Classical Music Country Music Dance Music Easy Listening Electronic Music European Music (Folk / Pop) Hip Hop / Rap Indie Pop Inspirational (incl. Gospel) Asian Pop (J-Pop, K-pop) Jazz Latin Music New Age Opera Pop (Popular music) R&B / Soul Reggae Rock Singer / Songwriter (inc. Folk) World Music / Beats
  5. Suffocation - Misconceived Everything you thought or were led to believe was a misconceptionThis unsafe approach at life has killed all hope within.Worthless attempts of achieving happinessDisgusted, mistrusted, betrayed and persuadedReveling such feelings, mistakes of disgraceThe shock and disbelief of reality SETS INThe weight of the world CRUSHESThese pains within are intolerableChanges are of utmost importance.Intolerable ways of living brought on by oneself.Waiting to be let down,Depression, remove for all negative surroundingsFalse perceptions broken dreamsLiving this unhappy life is not worth livingWhose life to take?Mine or theirsDismiss the anguish brought one self.Relearn how to live and only trust yourself.Disgusted, mistrusted, betrayed and persuadedReveling such feelings, mistakes of disgraceObsession,Betrayal,Murder,SuicideNegative energy trapped and enragedUnable to fix what has/is,Essence of death kills all in its path.
  6. Thoughts on horror movies... Most horror movies have a terrible story and boring characters. That's why I rarely watch horror movies. I find that a horror movie is sometimes nice to watch when I feel some anxiety, but I rarely watch one anyway. I think the best horror movies are the ones that are carefully taken from a well-written novel, or something like that. As it stands though, horror movies are more focused on scares than anything else, which is unfortunate because I don't find any of them scary really.
  7. I think the point of having genres is to enhance communication, and for that matter it's ultimately the community that should be defining what falls under what genre, and what each genre is. From a more philosophical standpoint, you could attempt to define genres by delineating various musical traits and creating a space from these musical traits. Then you could populate this space with bands (data points) and employ statistical learning algorithms to try to find clusters. Each cluster would be given a genre label, and bands that fall around the periphery of a cluster or don't fall into a cluster would be described as either being a blend of genres or unclassified. I think this approach would be interesting, but one problem with it is that it's hard to make it account for the way music is interpreted in the human brain, or by different human brains. It's also hard to determine which musical traits to care about, and how much each one should be cared about (weighting/scaling). I think it's quite reasonable to have the community figure genres out through listening and discussion/debate because that lies closest to the heart of the purpose of having genres, which is to facilitate communication and exploration.
  8. I've been listening to recent releases to try to find new stuff to enjoy. The Ruins of Beverast - Exuvia
  9. SpaceBrain


    I finished playing Monster Hunter World, and now I'm playing Earthbound. I have a long history with video games going back to the turn of age 5 with Super Mario World. I've never tried Xbox, but I've been loyal to Playstation games (I have a PS4 currently), emulation, and sometimes computer games. For emulation I either use the keyboard or an F310 Logitech controller, which seems to be one of the better cheap controllers.
  10. I have to say that I never understood the appeal of Six Feet Under.
  11. I'm listening to Portal - Swarth. I never felt like I fully connected to this music before, but right now is the first time I'm really enjoying it.
  12. SpaceBrain


    I do have some memories with first listening to Mayhem when I was 16 (26 now). It was the same period of several months when depression swept in under nights of insomnia. I was more tired, more lazy, and ultimately it got to the point where I would wake up early in the morning to do my physics homework before going to school at 8 am. During these early morning rushes through my physics homework I would listen to Mayhem, especially Freezing Moon.
  13. One time I was withdrawing from Cymbalta after not taking it for a few days, and for me the first thing I notice when I quit is just this intense emotionality. So I was just in my room and I figured I'd smoke some cannabis and that that'd make me feel better. Nope, it just amplified the intense emotionality. I ended up crying like a child while listening to death metal, and I could swear I could hear the world's grief in the music. This went on for hours until I was exhausted and went to sleep. Another time I had too much cannabis and I was really tired and laying down. My thoughts were spiraling like crazy and my eyes were closed. I started to suspect that I was asleep and that when we fall asleep we are still conscious, but don't remember any of it. So I thought I was in this like hidden zone of life which was the sleep life. Anyway, seeing that I remember this, it doesn't seem particularly plausible. I was just feeling different and finding strange possible explanations. Another time I had too much cannabis and I had some kind of mania-like symptoms. I ended up making about three facial expressions per second for an hour, just random ones with no real pattern. I also had two thought streams at the same time and I felt like my body was possessed by something that wasn't me. The very first time I got high was from a friend who just handed me some chocolate without telling me what it was. Next thing I know I'm teleporting around the house trying to figure out what the fuck is going on lol. It took me a little bit of time to piece together the fact that I must be high, and that was what being really high was like. By the way, pranking people with drugs...not cool! As for my habits, I tend to use nightly in small amounts to lift my mood and make me feel relaxed. Occasionally I take a big amount, but it's almost like a different drug in large amounts, and set and setting become important. Lately I like Blue Dream.
  14. Hi FatherAlabaster. I don't have that much of an attachment to music that I like, so I tend to jump around a lot and just listen to whatever I'm in the mood for. Classically I'm quite a fan of death metal bands like Suffocation, Cryptopsy, Incantation, and that kind of thing, but most recently I've quite enjoyed Abominable Putridity's recent album. It activates the metaphorical slam tumor in my brain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGGK93eqAMo As for DSBM, which is kind of a loosely defined genre, I definitely enjoy Leviathan and Shining, as well as many other more underground-type groups. It's definitely not a genre for everyone though. Early Bethlehem is good. I haven't listened to them in a while.
  15. I've been listening to a lot of black metal and death metal lately, so I thought I'd join a metal forum to perhaps share some music and learn about new stuff. Depressive black metal is probably my favorite subgenre. I have various other interests as well.
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