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    Richard Dawkins the God delusion currently.
  2. Be interesting to know any really fucking dark doom I dont already know. Recommendations please?
  3. Why do children die? Because priest's that die always need something to abuse
  4. Forn - The Departure Of Consciousness
  5. Thursday night blowout, sessioned the Woodford reserve bourbon. Caught up on some new releases and had a growl to some old favourite tracks. Great solo night while the wife works a nightshift. Only a half day of work tomorrow!
  6. Another bottle of Woodford Reserve purchased and half the bottle very well enjoyed. Cant get enough of this stuff currently. My go to is a decent Scotch but this Bourbon has me going back to it time and time again. Cant fault it.
  7. Good Old Organ Farming CLIP
  8. Thank you all and Happy Birthday for the 5th FA, i like to say it always goes off with a bang 🎇😉 but will be a quiet one this year had nothing planned for my Bday anyway apart from 2 days off work and kids were going to be babysat on the 6th so me and the wife could get a good drink and listen to some music at a decent volume. Just felt shit that it had to be the 5th the lockdown started again officially. But I agree it is needed so needs must!
  9. My Birthday is the 5th. What a joke eh. Hard not to feel hard done by but the lockdown is needed
  10. Fraser


    My two sons names
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