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  1. Dokken - Dream Warrior Psychotic Waltz - Another Prophet Song
  2. Thanks man! The painting was created digitally and I used Krita. This one was created with watercolors, pencil and my non dominant hand. left hand path ^^
  3. @Trashman: too funny Ok - Everything Denis Forkas has his hand on is simply breathtaking Behemoth - Xiadz And David Herrerias`s Artworks are also pretty intense Akhlys - The Dreaming
  4. Ephel Duath - The Passage Ihsahn - Unhealer
  5. Again: thanks for the warm welcome guys! @ FatherAlabaster: Ha, I really think they a went downhill after Ghost Reveries. No not really, Opeth aren`t really able of making bad music but I prefer their back catalogue. Shining from Sweden but I have "heard" many good things about the Norwegian Blackjazzers. Emperor`s "Equilibrium" is truly a masterpiece I have to admit that I don`t enjoy their earlier records and demos. Oh the third part of the "Triangle" is quite different. It has a meditative vibe and I like to paint along their soundscapes.
  6. @FatherAlabastar: Amazing Art post more^^ @Iceni: GIMP is a very diffulcult indeed and anti-intuitiv: you might try Krita, it is the best open source painting programm outthere Here is a speedpainting I did:
  7. Sketchosoph


    Hey, I`ll show some of paintings here. I am an Illustrator and Concept Artist who loves Fantasy, Horror and Sci Fi.
  8. Hi and horns up guys! Thanks for the warm welcome! I enjoy enjoy extreme and/or progressive bands like Shining, Opeth, Psychotic Waltz, Schammasch, Leprous, Emperor and many many more
  9. Hi I am Klaus from Germany. I am happy that I found this place. I am passionate about music and I like to connect to likeminded individuals Hope to make some buddies here.
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