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  1. Enough of the Kangaroos bahahahaha ? anyway, the person above me is most definitely a goat fucker ??
  2. Agreed. This sums it up pretty easily lol. Just make the most of what you have and do what you fuckin love.
  3. Awwww damn that's too bad you weren't able to make it I'm sorry /: I haven't been able to go to many shows due to money and health reasons and I know it sucks.. where were they playing at by you if you don't mind me asking? Thank you! I appreciate the suggestion. I've actually recently started getting into carcass. I had always known of them, but never really took the time to check them out.
  4. Yeah like I said on one post it's more so the history behind it all that intrigues me more than anything, with Burzum/varg vikernes as well. I prefer most of deads vocals when he was in morbid before he joined mayhem. Same here though, I've never gotten into all there shit, but I definitely agree with you on their debut album. You've got a really good taste in music and sounds like we enjoy a lot of the same stuff enslaved is amazing and with cattle decap I can literally listen to their 2 newest albums all the way through, there's not many albums I'm able to do the same with.
  5. Sorry there were like 38464536373 replies in one message lol idfk if that's how I'm supposed to reply to people or what but anyways thank you! I'm not going anywhere, no worries ? all of you seem really fucking awesome!
  6. Fuck yes!! I completely agree dude, Travis Ryan's vocals are fucking insane. The second they're touring here again I'll be the first bitch there lol no doubt Yeah same here actually. Once I got their latest album I grabbed monolith of inhumanity right after, but other than those two albums I haven't really gotten into any of their older music. They're fucking amazing. I can't wait to see them live
  7. Yes it is! I've been obsessed with cattle decapitation for awhile (their 2 latest albums), I like behemoth, some enslaved and borknagar, aborted, decapitated, devourment. Just what I've been into mostly recently. What about yourself? Thank you! I appreciate it That's the photo for whoever asked lol Thank so much! And yes, Anythjng with dead on vocals. I honestly like morbid more (the band dead was in before he joined mayhem) but it's mostly the history of it all that intrigues me.
  8. I messaged you my feedback(: Reminds me of morbid/ mayhem with dead on vocals <3 ugh
  9. Hey everyone! I just joined this forum a few days ago or so. My name is Colleen, but most people call me Colly:) I don't have any friends who live by me who listen to any of the music I do, or that have remotely the same general interests as I do. anyways, it'd be nice to make some friends, get some band suggestions and I'm glad I came across this site!
  10. Damn I really wasn't expecting to get any replies! Thanks so much! And yeah dude honestly I never really listened to them until their newest album and fell in love. Thanks so much for the band suggestions guys I really appreciate it <3
  11. I'm currently listening to manufactured extinct by cattle decapitation I just joined this forum so hi everyone!
  12. Is anyone else a huge cattle decap fan? The Anthropocene extinction by them that came out in 2015 is amazing and my favorite album by them. Travis' vocals are brutal and his range is insane. There's not too many albums I can listen to all the way through over and over, but I definitely can with this one! I literally had it constantly playing in my car for weeks. Anyone have any recommendations for bands like cattle decapitation? Or bands I may like? Thanks also feel free to follow my IG if you're a lover of metal:) pure_fucking_mayhem91