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    Call me Matt. I'm a pretty laid-back dude from Italy and enjoy talking about music with people. Feel free to hit me up if you want suggestions in regards of any metal genre. Immolation is my favorite band.
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    Metal (Death/Black/Thrash/Doom/Traditional/Avant-garde), Jazz/swing and Classical music. I love ph

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    Metal, Jazz/swing and Classical music, ambient music. I love philosophy, good books and animals

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  1. I've been listening to Peste Noire a lot lately, some Marduk too. They played in my city a couple of days ago along with Jinjer and a couple of other bands. Needless to say, there was no competition. They played some their newest songs and a couple of ones from Frontschwein too. N.P: Peste Noire - Macabre Trascendance
  2. Peste Noire - L'Ordure à l'état Pur
  3. MattCantina


    Nice thread. I rarely play videogames nowadays, but it has more to do with my lack of interest rather than a lack of free time. I’ve always loved Resident Evil 4, spent most of my childhood with it. Fallout is another great saga, but I didn’t like the last two titles at all.
  4. Sinmara - Within the Weaves of Infinity. I’m speechless, should have discovered this thing a long time ago. Very heartfelt DsO-style approach. Speaking of DsO, it seems like they finally broke their 14+ years of silence and released a detailed interview. You can find it on Bardo Methodology: http://www.bardomethodology.com/articles/2019/06/23/deathspell-omega-interview/
  5. Today I dropped out of university. It seemed like the best thing to do. 90% of what I learned in life was thanks to self-teaching, anyway. I couldn’t really stand the “holier-than-thou” vibe most teachers and colleagues had, in addition to the overpriced textbooks and my generally low interest to the academic study approach. I’ll now take stock of my situation.
  6. It’s my favorite after “Ego Dominus Tuus”. I also feel like it was an improvement over “Death and The Black Work” and “Apocalypse Sun”. It might even be their best, honestly.
  7. Nightbringer - Hierophany of The Open Grave Sinmara - Within the Weaves of Infinity; speaking of Sinmara I heavily suggest checking out their Bandcamp page since some of their albums (except the last one) are completely free to download.
  8. I’m positive about this one. The harrowing tone perfectly sums up the entirety of Paracletus, making for one of the most nihilistic moments in black metal as a whole.
  9. I like their simplistic yet effective approach. Not overly atmospheric and I really enjoy the riffs. NP: Aosoth - An arrow in heart
  10. Much like FA, I’m not particularly moved by their music. I like the idea of slavonic chants but the music itself just seems too redundant to me. It’s the problem I have with most atmospheric black metal really. Feels more like a soundtrack rather than a progression of songs. If I had to choose tho, Krzysztof’s OG “version” is much better.
  11. I feel the same about the “density” part, but overall they didn’t disappoint with this album, I really liked it. Some of my standout tracks are probably 1523, The Fires of Frustration, Renegade Ashes and Standing on the Work of Slaves. One thing I noticed through years is DsO’s poor dynamic range. “Furnaces”, on the other hand, seems to be much better in regards of this aspect.
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