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    I work as a painter in the oil and gas industry and blast on with music all day long. And when I am home I am either gaming or playing on my guitar, training at the gym, hanging out with friends or fixing on my car
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    Music, gaming, lifting weights at the gym, fixing my car

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    Gaming, playing on my guitar and bass, listening to music, beer, concerts and festivals, my car, women

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  1. SheepInSpace

    Does anyone here like reggae music?

    No problem
  2. SheepInSpace

    What Are You Listening To?

    Thou - Beyond the Realms of Dream, That Fleeting Shade Under the Corpus of Vanity Pretty nice sludge doom
  3. SheepInSpace


    Kyuss is basically my number 1 favourite of all stoner metal and they always give me a summer feeling when I listen to them.
  4. SheepInSpace

    Electric Wizard

    Yeah I do also like Electric Wizard and just absolutely love Acid Witch and their awesome sound. I'm going to see Electric Wizard in a month or so at Inferno festival in Oslo.
  5. SheepInSpace

    your top 4 doom bands

    Mine is Acid Witch, Acid King, Bongripper and Wo Fat
  6. SheepInSpace

    Does anyone here like reggae music?

    Yeah I listen to it now and then. The Black Seeds - Dust and Dirt, they are not a traditional reggae band, but rather a mix of reggae, dub and funk so you get this pretty chill sound, the same with Fat Freddy's Drop. The album 'Based on a True Story' is pretty good to start with
  7. SheepInSpace

    Get me into this!!!

    And also Sleep, since they are heavily inspired by Black Sabbath. Try out the album Sleep's Holy Mountain and (Dopesmoker, if you got both the patience and time.(It's about 1 hour long)) If you feel like those stoner doom bands might be a bit too heavy at the start, then try out Kyuss and they might warm you up a little with that desert feeling. The album Blues For The Red Sun is pretty great to start with.
  8. SheepInSpace

    Cheers from Norway

    Thanks man
  9. SheepInSpace

    What Are You Listening To?

    Red Harvest - Synthesize my DNA
  10. SheepInSpace

    Cheers from Norway

    Yep, love funeral doom. Esoteric did also play at Blastfest in 2015 and they were awesome at that gig. I'm going to see Ahab and Electric Wizard and a lot more of bands at Inferno this year and I am looking really much forward to it.
  11. SheepInSpace

    Cheers from Norway

    Niice, I saw them back in 2015 when they played at Blastfest. It was really awesome
  12. SheepInSpace

    Cheers from Norway

    Oh man, there's so many. Bolt Thrower is a huge favourite of mine, as well with Asphyx, Napalm Death, Autopsy, Carcass and so on. I like when death metal is mixed together with doom though, like Asphyx that I mentioned, and Hooded Menace.
  13. SheepInSpace

    Cheers from Norway

    Hello there, Just found this forum and wanted to say hi to you all. My favourite subgenres are stoner, doom and death, but I usually listen to almost anything. I play a bit on both electric guitar and electric bass. I hope that I can make some friends here