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  1. I've been watching a couple of documentaries about the Delphi murders of the two teenagers. Can't believe there have been no leads after the footage one of the girls cleverly filmed. Audio too. Seems there is no DNA either? Such a sad horrendous case. My heart goes out to their families.
  2. Many Unfortunate Chickens Killed COCK
  3. I didn't know that about Debbie Harry, I'll have to check it out, thanks for info. I'm not sure if i've seen that Bundy film, i'll have a look..yep he was a monster. His arrogance in court was unbelievable. He studied law and also had a Bachelors degree, he defended himself at his trial, but you probs know this. He even proposed to his girlfriend at his trial. fucking nuts.
  4. Indeed it is. Also yes, a classic! any coincidence is purely coincidental. Forteresse Metal Noir Quebecois
  5. Yes, I completely agree and I will be doing the same!
  6. Obedience Ah...Dave..I'm sure I left him laying around somewhere..hmm..
  7. It would appear our Government has had a change of heart in regard to the covid situation. Our restrictions are easing but the infections still are rising. I suppose that the vaccinations seem to be working as hospital admissions don't seem to be as high. Which is of course good. I suppose that we have to learn to live with the virus and use common sense to keep ourselves safe. I suppose the government has come to this conclusion. Can't live life in on off lockdowns. Mask wearing will be left to the individuals choice so it seems. I'll still wear one in shops etc. Concerns me that some people seem to not care. Maybe they're just selfish. Someone actually said to me a few weeks ago "why have you got a mask on? It's gone now" 😕 but I came to the conclusion that he was just plain stupid.
  8. Osculum Infame - Dor Nu Fauglith
  9. A big glass of milk to celebrate our win ! Go on lads! Nice one 👍
  10. Slave Running a bit low..have to go a hunting ..
  11. Andracca - A Sermon in the Universal Language of Suffering
  12. Goatmoon Finnish Steel Storm
  13. It unfortunately is interesting subject matter @blaaacdoommmmfan just shows the morbid curiosity of humanity! Well..to some of us anyway. Yeh seems like most serial killers have fucked up childhoods. Same with arseholes who abuse their dogs and wonder why they go and attack people. And yeh, it no way excuses their abhorrent crimes but just goes to show... I saw a docu years ago and they did tests on criminals pickled brains and i'm certain they came to some conclusion that the parts of the brain that computes lets say 'empathy' was particularly damaged even hardly existing. Fred West apparently had some sort of brain damage from a fall I remember reading. I'd be interested to find out about Bundy's background. I'm sure he said he had a good childhood in an interview, then again he was a narcissist so probs lied most of the time. Unbelievable to watch him in court. Sick delusional fucker.
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