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  1. Hmm wheres this thread been hiding....... Nocturno Culto --need a pic ;p
  2. Dodsferd - Praying in Vain Under the Shrine of Your God - YouTube Dodsferd
  3. Emperor- Nightside eclipse cos its just amazing..
  4. lol yeh they're spot on! n pickled onion space invaders/raiders? good stuffs
  5. pickled onion monster munch mmmmm lol n cider!
  6. Cool! what bands u into?
  7. Great ! I love Sodom and Sabbath..
  8. Darkthrone-Ravishing grimness
  9. Hello Vanessa hope you are well
  10. Natassja


    oh how i love Immortal.....they were amazing at Bloodstock i nearly died when they played "Sons" truly awesome
  11. I always thought Anacrusis were underrated, suffering hour was a good album.
  12. Darkthrone, Blodsrit, Immortal, Emperor, Rammstein
  13. Hi i'm into all sorts of metal (especially black), hardcore and punk. Looking to discuss and find new ones. cheers.
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