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  1. Wolfbastard - Graveyard Sessions
  2. Wiki is good for reading about missing people cases. I have been watching a few documentaries about some cases on youtube recents too.
  3. Good glad all's well and yeh we're ok mate thanks
  4. Happy Birthday mate! All the best to you
  5. Ooo! Hot tub! Nice..though I would say it'll maybe get out later on? Usually does eh..hope you guys get to enjoy anyway hope everything's good with you.
  6. Yes! Though I'm glad it's a lot cooler to be honest.
  7. The weather here in northern UK has been gorgeous recently, I was at the beach collecting shells only for an hour or so but still managed to get a bit of sunburn, teach me to forget the sunblock. Not built for the heat here !
  8. Urgehal Through Thick Fog Till Death
  9. Charles Manson The Funeral docu.
  10. Yeh it was, I'll post it below when I get home and find it. That series sounds interesting too.
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