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  1. Penguins are rarely killers HOAX
  2. Wolfbastard - Graveyard Sessions
  3. @blaaacdoommmmfan it is called 'In the Footsteps of Killers' on one of the channel 4 channels. Sure I watched it on More 4.
  4. Piercing! Inner ear ringing.. COLD
  5. Gacy, evil bastard. There was a good thing on telly tother night with that David Wilson and Emilia Fox, they are going over cold cases and was interesting think it was on C4 but not sure I'll go check it out and let you know. Worth a scan if you missed it think they're re-runs like but I missed it first time round.
  6. I remember hearing something along those lines in reference to Jill's murder. Real shame. That's nuts about the gun / bullet being similar in German assassinations..damn.. Haha aye! I'll try and keep it in decent nick lol !
  7. Kinder choco bon bons. So gorgeous. Wish they made the bags bigger.
  8. Natassja

    Horror Films

    Finally picked up 'A Field in England' so i'll be into that tomorrow night. Can't wait for the new 'Halloween'....soo buzzed for it like.
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