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  1. Cessation of alcohol license NUMB
  2. Bath Where I am going right now with a new cherry bath bomb which smells lush
  3. Aero mint Bar just demolished.. absolutely love chocolate. Love the Milka bars too and Kinder chocolate is the bestest have to keep it in check though so don't get too fat fat haha.
  4. Yeh Shipman was horrendous.. I think one of the reasons he got caught was he re-typed some wills and one of the keys of the typewriter was off as in it typed the key higher up than the rest of the letters..unless I'm thinking of a different case I'll have a read about it. There has been a four parter on for last few weeks about Rachel Nickell murder. Terrible case. They used a cop as a honey trap to try and convict Colin Stagg. He did a year but it wasn't him. Last one was Friday night gone but I missed it. They eventually got the guy. That's one of the worst cases I've ever heard about. Poor girl. Worse that her kid was there and witnessed it all too. Bless him.
  5. Hive underneath nearest tree TIDE
  6. Do Unicycles need greasing ? WISH
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