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  1. Darkthrone - Ravishing Grimness
  2. My fave Midsomer is the one with Dennis Rainbird played by Richard Cant, peculiarly quirky entertaining character along with his mother think it was 'Killing at Badgers Drift' now i've had a quick scan..the characters made a re-appearance in 'Dead Letters' also..but he played his lookalike cousin or summit like that.
  3. Wensleydale eating evokes kindness FUCK
  4. Aye it was terrible what happened to Jill, on her own doorstep also if I recall correctly. In other news i've just bought a book for my Uncle for christmas, it's a prison wardens account of his time in Parkhurst, got 5 stars on Amazon 😛 Should be interesting, tempted to read it first taking care not to crease the binding ha!
  5. So sorry to hear this FA. She was a great age but it is still heartbreaking. Take comfort in the wonderful memories and the love you guys had will always remain. My thoughts are with you guys.
  6. Yeh it was terrible, there was a programme on the other night with her son who is now in his thirties, after his mother's murder he moved abroad with his father. The programme was about him coming back to UK and meeting some of the people who worked on the case. Was quite interesting. The Jill Dando case was awful. Yeh, I don't think they got anybody for her murder..?
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