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  1. You like Burzum and Bathory? Cool!
  2. I don't think Anthrax have any anti-religion songs.
  3. Just ordered the new Overkill, Testament and Kreator CDs. Yep, I'm a little slow to keep up.
  4. Got the Overkill box set "Historikill" a couple weeks ago. It has about 10 albums in it. Lots of good stuff. Keeps me awake at work.
  5. Ordered a bunch of stuff from Black Metal.com. Mostly speed metal. It should get here soon.
  6. Just got the new Anthrax album and the new Megadeth. Also picked up the remastered 3-cd of "Coda" by Led Zeppelin. I think it came out when I was 7. I remember seeing it on vinyl at the time.
  7. Possibly the greatest cover art of all time. Behold the crotches of doom!
  8. I should soon be getting the new Night Viper album. I think it's just called "Night Viper." (Surprise.) Peppy doom, if there is such a thing - kinda like Christian Mistress or Pagan Altar. They're from Sweden. Heard one of their singles on Spotify and really enjoyed it. Here's their site. http://www.svartrecords.com/bands/night-viper
  9. I opened the Monday email from the Slayer merch store, and saw this.
  10. Just picked up a bunch of speed metal from Stormspell Records at their Bandcamp site. $22.50 for the pack. Works out to about $2.50 an album. http://stormspell.bandcamp.com/album/descent-into-the-abyss#buyFullDiscography
  11. Autopsy - "Introducing Autopsy" Mars - "Project: Driver" Night Demon - "Curse of the Damned"
  12. I think it's okay. I'd give it a B if it were a test. This is a bit of a sidebar issue but I'm surprised I can't seem to find anything in the liner notes about Jeff. I know he's been gone a couple years, but it would have been nice to see at least a mention of his name. Too bad they couldn't get Larry Carroll to do the artwork again. All things considered, I'd still go see them live. I got the CD that comes with the DVD. Heard the music but haven't seen the DVD yet. I believe it deals with the making of the album, or something. Anyway, I hope they come by here soon. I live in the U.S. I don't have a passport, so I can't hop over to one of their overseas shows.
  13. Was hoping to get the new Autopsy today. Didn't see it on Spotify or eMusic. There is a fancy box set coming out, which you can order direct from the Peaceville label in England. Runs about $45 after the pound conversion. That is not counting shipping. I may buy the set, I'm thinking about it. https://www.burningshed.com/store/peaceville/product/225/6919/
  14. Racer X, "Street Lethal," and Mars, "Project: Driver." Good old chunky speed metal. From Shrapnel Records. A bunch of the label's stuff has just appeared on eMusic. I will probably pick up more in the coming weeks.
  15. Obituary tour dates in Europe In case you haven't heard yet, Obituary are doing some shows in Europe. Catch them if you can. It's times like these I really wish I had a passport.
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