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  1. Congratulations! Are there any pictures anywhere on the forum?
  2. Borrowed my bondage bad and still hasn't returned it... Which reminds me, I haven't seen his misses since either...
  3. Sorry I haven't been active the last few weeks... Had a shit storm thrown at me which unfortunately has not come to an end yet... I've been hiding away at home refusing to see or talk to anyone any more than absolutely neccesary... Combination of after xmas depression, bad health and people doing my head in... Plus had a load of orders to finish, finally got my guitars back too so I haven't been bored. I'll won't stay away this long again cause I kinda missed it here... What did I miss????
  4. As an ultimate xmas hater I found it more than reasonable to go on the piss xmas eve... Woke up xmas morning with my ulcer alive and kicking again... Sigh... Being in the dog house is worst when it's your own body putting you there...
  5. My daughter is bringing me to see Star Wars tonight and I can't wait! I'm being treated to the cinema by my own kid! Yay
  6. I'm not in the UK lol! ^ Has a poster of Harry Styles above his bed and manhandles himself while whispering sweet nothings to Harry
  7. Xmas is a charade and I despise it and everyone knows I do. I participate only as much as absolutely necessary for the kids and everyone can else can fuck off. I give what I can throughout the entire year for those few I care about, I don't want anything nor do I give anything.
  8. Is seriously addicted to Alabama Hotpocket...
  9. Quiet because I'm hungover (yes, I know, don't give out to me, it was worth it!)
  10. Has accounts on several porn sites only to leave comments pretending to be one of the parents and expressing disappointment...
  11. Trying to get my head around things.. Not liking these emotions I am feeling... Emotions don't suit me and I hate feeling all mushy...
  12. Always demands to watch Annie while playing monopoly
  13. feeds his dog peanut butter in a way that is generally frowned upon
  14. Having one of those days where I need to constantly remind myself that murder is illegal... Just can't get over how petty and low and vindictive some people are...
  15. That isn't a lie, I'm known for bar fights. ^ wears a pink tutu to bed every night while snuggling up with his my little pony soft toy
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