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  1. Re: Michael Angelo Batio - Rain Forest Remember him in Nitro?
  2. Re: glam and gothic metal lot of great glam bands
  3. Re: Gary Numan haven't heard the remix but will check it out, thanks
  4. Re: Viking Metal Valhalla awaits!!!
  5. Re: 334 members and where is everyone??? wow!
  6. Re: -oo-ni- welcome, take your shoes off and stay awhile.
  7. The Hellion


    Re: Tattoos getting tattooed is therapeutic for me
  8. Re: Say Cheese nothing wrong with you
  9. Re: Say Cheese just me myself and my band of miscreants
  10. Re: 334 members and where is everyone??? remember when Jethro Tull beat Metallica for hard rock/metal grammy?
  11. Re: 334 members and where is everyone??? found 'em all!! They're on the Jethro Tull forum
  12. Re: heavy metal related movies? The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years - Really check it out
  13. Re: The Hellion has arrived. Viking heritage comes through
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