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  1. Re: Your favorite death metal bands? okay im not 100% sure what suicide silence is considered. but i know that carnifex considers themselves death metal, so thats what im going with.
  2. Re: Voltaire he is supposed to come to nashville. but im not gonna get to see him unfortunatly
  3. Re: Your favorite death metal bands? cannibal corpse, dethklok, suicide silence, carnifex, and children of bodom. i also like a few deathcore bands.
  4. Re: Voltaire i cant find any of his albums anywhere. :/ my favorite album though is the devils bris
  5. Re: KoRn and Skrillex i love classical music. for many reasons. for one it doesnt side with anyone. like music such as country, metal, pop, etc do, so theres no argueing about it
  6. Re: KoRn and Skrillex lol. im like the only person on here who listens to pretty much any band that is considered to be rock or metal. so i dont agree with alot of people
  7. Re: KoRn and Skrillex i like dragonforce as well... but they really only have 1 song i like where as KoRn has like maybe 5?
  8. Has anyone ever heard of the Dark Cabaret musician Voltaire?
  9. Re: Reggae/Ska sublime is good. so are the dirty heads but they are kinda mainstream. and bob marley is always awesome
  10. Re: KoRn and Skrillex your opinion dude.
  11. Re: Pets 199812_206468296045518_100000470469097_782814_5573113_a.jpg[/attachment:3ckg7frx]
  12. Re: Pets i have two pet tarantulas. their names are Alice (named after alice cooper ) and the other one is nameless. i had somewhere around 20 or 30..... but a bunch of them died so now im down to two .
  13. Re: KoRn and Skrillex okay guys, KoRn is not as bad as you are trying to make them out to be... they are better than ALOT of newer bands and musicians.
  14. What do you guys think about KoRn getting with the dubstep artist Skrillex for their new album?
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