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  1. Re: band t'shirts! Here we go: Iron Maiden: The Number Of The Beast, Killers Slayer: South of Heaven, Seasons In The Abyss, Show No Mercy, 2010 Tour Shirt Behemoth: DemiGod, Evangelion Tour 2010 Danzig: cow skull logo Lamb of God: http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/Apparel/TShirts/Music/Lamb-Of-God-Winged-Skeleton-TShirt-970697.jsp Death: logo Dethklok: Nathan Explosion http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/Apparel/TShirts/Music/Metalocalypse-Dethklok-Nathan-Explosion-TShirt-902921.jsp Non Metal-- Misfits: Bullet, Crimson Ghost logo Balzac: logo, Beyond The Darkness Guitar Wolf: Tour 2011 45 Grave: Black Cross There are others that I forget.
  2. Re: Guilty Metal Pleasures
  3. Re: List your very Own Big 4 Thrash Acts Slayer Exodus Annihilator Testament *Honorable mention: "Kill Em All" era Metallica
  4. What's your favorite metal pleasure? Mine is Dethklok. I'm an avid watcher of Metalocalypse, because it's completely silly and over the top. I can't help but listen to the music and giggle, though it is pleasing to my ear. Below, a few of my favorites: uCUnhoe0rpU mSLqhZk-hA4 5CqxWpofTJc UosmKd1krWU
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    Re: Death What's your favorite Death album? Mine's a two way tie between Leprosy and Scream Bloody Gore.
  6. Re: Anti Black Metal Black metal isn't inherently evil. Nothing is, until we assign that meaning to it specifically. Black metal's roots are indeed Anti-Christian. But that's only a piece of it for some ( not all ) bands. For many black metal bands, it's about a reclamation of what Semitic/Western European culture (read: Semitic religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam. But specifically Christianity in this case.) has tried to systematically do away with. This is the nature of war: the conquerors try to destroy what they deem as inferior. There are entire peoples/cultures in the world who have been wiped out or are on the brink of such a fate because of these specific consequences of War. In Scandinavia, there is/was a major backlash against Christianity because it tried as best it could to destroy the old Norse traditions and faith practices. In a lot of Scandinavian metal, whether it be black or Viking or whatever, there is a constant theme of homage to the "Ancient Ones". Of going back to the "Old Ways". In many places, Christianity is seen as a foreign invader. And what do people do when they're invaded? They fight back in whatever way they can. For some Scandinavian youth, that means black metal. They want to reclaim the pagan culture they were denied because of history. There isn't anything wrong with wanting to get back to one's roots, unless that means (in my view, and my view only) violence against others. The good we can take from the church burnings is that no one was hurt or killed, though it does indeed send a clear message to Scandinavian Christians. What hath Varg Vikernes wrought? Whether or not he really was involved in all of the church burnings, he's helped to cement black metal's image to outsiders who may not be so open minded or informed about issues of faith, war and the long term impact it has on a nation. Music is a reflection of culture, whether it be a microcosm or a macrocosm. I think in this case, black metal reflects a microcosm. I don't really need to point out that Christianity (as well as nearly every other religion that exists or has existed) has had its fair share of villains since its inception. Ultimately, thinking black metal is "evil" is folly. You can absolutely be against it because that's within your rights, but that sword cuts both ways: the opposite opinion is equally as valid when made maturely and logically, even if you disagree with it. Remember kids: Just because someone says something you dislike, doesn't mean you get to censor it.
  7. Re: heavy metal related movies? Also check out "Heavy Metal In Baghdad". It's about thrash band Acrassicauda: their time living in Hussein-era Iraq, their eventual escape into Syria (if memory serves. if this is incorrect, I apologize) and eventual emigration to the US. It's very interesting, as you don't really think of metal existing in the Middle East. *They also have an album out called Only The Dead See The End of War, which is pretty good from the tracks I've heard.*
  8. I stumbled upon Viking Metal whilst listening to my Pandora station not too long ago. Obviously, as the name implies, it's Scandinavian metal. Generally, it has a Norse/Scandinavian mythology/Viking Age theme. Shining examples of this genre are Bathory, Amon Amarth and Unleashed (all from Sweden). They tend to mix black metal with acoustic instruments, creating an interesting sound. Definitely worth the time if you're not into it already.
  9. Re: arab metal Check out Acrassicauda. They're originally from Iraq, then were displaced after the fall of the Hussein regime. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acrassicauda F-EyZbMw1UY *If I screwed up the links, I apologize!*
  10. I stumbled upon this Forum while wasting time on the Facebooks. It's nice to find kindred spirits in this age of manufactured, Auto Tuned pop. I listen to a lot of different types of metal, but mainly: death, thrash, black, speed, power. Favorite bands: Behemoth Amon Amarth Unleashed Slayer Killswitch Engage Death Morbid Angel Immolation Hate Iron Maiden Lamb of God Immortal/Demonaz And so forth. I also like old school punk and garage, but since this is a metal forum that doesn't really apply, now does it? Anyway, I'm glad I found this place!
  11. Re: Best live show? I've seen: Danzig/Chimaira/Behemoth/Mortiis Slayer/Killswitch Engage/Mastodon Slayer/Testament/Megadeth Slayer/Anthrax/Megadeth Van Halen* (twice) Guitar Wolf* (twice) Rancid* Bad Religion/Pennywise* My favorite of the lot was the Danzig show. Danzig was the first metal band I liked, and that's the first time I saw Behemoth. I immediately loved Behemoth the first time I heard them live. I was supposed to go to see them on the Evangelion tour last year, but Nergal was diagnosed with lymphoma. (He's since recovered, and they're planning a US tour next year!! ) Every time I've seen Slayer is tied for second, haha. *These shows weren't metal shows, but I listed them anyway.
  12. Re: CLOTHES Hmm. Whichever band shirt is next in my rotation, jeans or black pants, Van Halen Nikes, leather studded Misfits cuff, black pigtails, black eyeliner, scowl on my face.
  13. Re: Good metal bands Try these: Behemoth Vader Morbid Angel Immolation Hate Unleashed Nile Lamb of God old Deicide Autopsy Burzum Cannibal Corpse Immortal Demonaz Satyricon Just a start. :]
  14. Re: Favorite bands? My Top 5: Behemoth Slayer Death Iron Maiden Lamb of God
  15. Re: heavy metal related movies? Until The Light Takes Us is a pretty decent documentary about black metal. It features interviews with Varg Vikernes, Fenriz from Darkthrone and Gaahl, to name a few. The church burning incident(s) come up, as well as Varg's murder of Euronymous. Give it a view. It's by no means complete as far as black metal goes, but it's interesting.