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  1. Thanks so much, guys. I appreciate it. I hope I'll know more about metal. Re RelentlessOblivion: Thank you. You better brace yourself then, I'm sure going to have a lot of question
  2. Somehow, I think that Tuomas' lyrics grow just as he grows. The thing with the vocalists is that Tuomas seems to try to write musics that can be accommodated by the siger's vocals. Feels like he is able to write music specifically for his current vocalist. It's exciting!
  3. Nightwish - Greatest Show on Earth. can't get enough!
  4. Hi, guys! It's my first time joining big metal forum. I'm sure it's gonna be fun. First of all, I don't know much about music nor I play any instrument, so please bear with me I've listen to metal for half of my life. Metal means a lot to me, that's why I want to learn more about it. Not merely as a fan but also as a part of big connoisseurs group (well probably, metalheads is more like a big family than a big group, right?). I'm an undergraduate English Language and Literature student. Yea yea, I know. Though I'm ashamed by it, I still makes some grammatical mistakes XD Currently, I'm analyz
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