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  1. Funny I just started watching this documentary on YouTube- your name mate🤓
  2. People look at me weird cuz I’m into metal…. well that’s what they tell me😶
  3. And we all loved Pete.. Love the green man - check out Denis Pauna on YouTube 😇 specifically his album called “In the sound of hollow bodies” https://open.spotify.com/album/0DpSdObQdYkWFBbuDN9cXs?si=Z7r28rhLQySiYaAgLGezdQ
  4. Make sure you listen to Bungles Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo. To me one of the best old school thrash albums 🤓😇😁
  5. Been playing metal guitar for 35 years and teach. Would love to find someone else whose bored and lay down some original tracks. Maybe a cover or 2 to practice on. Haven’t been playing much lately due to circumstances but would love to start again. All tracked and edited myself. Drums and other instruments too using midi and vsts. I’ve learned a few new tricks since then lol. thanks,
  6. I usually draw and post them on my deviant art page.. https://www.deviantart.com/br0peth
  7. br0peth


    Love Pantera, my only claim to fame i# that I’m on the vulgar video at around the 30 minute mark when the 10ft mains fell onto the pit at the agora in Cleveland. I’m standing right there. Well it was right side up on my iPad. add I got one of these. 🤓
  8. Just because of your name. Reminded me of this tune and had to bring it out of the vault. 🤓
  9. Always love a little black metal. Dimmus Puratanical is a banger for me. im new too 🤓
  10. Bacchus is my favorite by them
  11. Any fans out there? I one of those weirdos that has been dealing with Pete’s death being a super fan and all. Then I discovered this. he released a full album of these tunes called in the sound of hollow bodies. Denis is eerily reminiscent of Pete. It’s acoustic versions of their tunes and Denis does a crazy amazing job. It’s on Spotify too. These really made me to help me in my grief as weird as it sounds.
  12. I got a hankering for cashews now
  13. Shit I wonder when’s the time to tell you I been modded with a vasectomy. LoL
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