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  1. Oh yeah..agree on that front. I've still got a few VHS tapes myself, but the only movies I haven't upgraded to better formats are the original Star Wars trilogy, because I don't think you can find the original, pre-Lucas tampering with stuff, versions anymore and an old anime series I picked up ages ago that I should probably look for on DVD or something, but it cost me a bunch of money when I was a kid so I don't want to chuck it.
  2. Id never ditch my DVD's...a lot of stuff isnt available through streaming, and even some of the stuff that is, gets bits and pieces altered for generally stupid reasons (think E.T. and the guns are now walkie talkies). Way too easy to manipulate that stuff for the sake of "sanatizing" it
  3. New Blood Storm is finally getting released! Cursedness Of The Cinder Witch https://barbarianwrath.bandcamp.com/album/cursedness-of-the-cinder-witch
  4. Off the top of my head, Rimfrost and Nordjevel play pretty much straight Immortal worship...maybe Ragnarok, Enthroned, Sorcier des Glaces or Dark Funeral if you're looking for something a bit less blatantly influenced
  5. Fucking A!...new Gauntlet Ring dropped yesterday. Gauntlet Ring - Tyrannical Bloodlust
  6. Blasphematory (US) - The Lower Catacombs Yes...this smokes!
  7. Glorification - Excruciating Odes of Condemnation and Apostasy
  8. Rotten Tomb - "Visions Of Dismal Fate"
  9. I like them, and they do put on a great live show, but they're not my favorite as far as Finnish death metal goes...I'd take Demigod, Adramelech, or Convulse ahead of Demigod
  10. Altar / Cartilage - Ex Oblivione / The Fragile Concept of Affection
  11. We've seen them before...they played 2015, but they're a bit more discordant than some of the other Finnish bands which is why I think Whitenoise doesn't like them. Wish they'd have brought Demigod back for another go around
  12. Sorry for the late response...not a whole lot of all female metal bands out there, but I've found more than a few over the years with at least one female member, that I've enjoyed. On one side, traditional stuff like Savage Master, Sign of the Jackal and Mystik are all really good and on the more extreme side of things bands like Bestial Holocaust, Adorior, and Savage Necromancy have all been topnotch. I agree that there aren't a lot of ladies playing metal, but I disagree with about 90% of the posters on here on the idea that there aren't a lot of girls who listen to metal. It's by no means an even 50/50 split, but over the years I've seen it get to about a 1-in-3 ratio...it really depends on the type of metal. My own anecdotal experience has been that women seem to be drawn more strongly to either stoner doom or black metal...I think it's as much about the aesthetic of those styles as it is the music
  13. Saidan - Onryō II: Her Spirit Eternal
  14. Oh, I don't doubt they're some out there, particularly with Japan's obsession with all-girl pop bands. Seems like exactly the kind of situation that would cause some "anti-diva" pushback from the right kind of ladies. I was more curious about the "Japan leads the way" aspect of that comment. A bit of google searching took me to a few different lists, but of the ones I checked out, most sounded like pop-punk or radio rock bands...Nothing wrong with that, but I was wondering what kind of bands we were really talking about here. Haven't listened to Kovent since their demo. I remember liking it okay, just didn't grab me super hard
  15. Vimur - Transcendental Violence
  16. You're going to need to elaborate a bit. The only all-female metal band I know from Japan is Gallhammer and they haven't released anything in awhile EDIT: (Please don't say Babymetal)
  17. You all know nothing of Motorhead worship... ...THIS is Motorhead worship! ASOMVEL - World Shaker
  18. If I'm reading something more into this, than I apologize...but considering the phrasing and how it followed right behind my last comment, I'm just going to say that if you think that my pointing out how the very idea of music genres existing implies that there must be some degree of inherent limitation present, is in any way comparable to an authoritarian government dictating what can and can't be created on pain of punishment, then you seriously need to step back and get some goddamn fucking perspective.
  19. Litosth - Farther from the Sun ...not a bad little melodic black metal album
  20. There are no set rules for music...there are absolutely rules for sub-genres. That's where all these arguments come from in the first place. That doesn't mean artists can't bend those rules, but at the same time how far can you bend something before it becomes something else entirely? Opus Eponymous was getting a lot of buzz by the trve and grim because it was unique at the time...that's it. It had nothing to do with the essence of Satan or whatever stupid definition Euronymous and his army of dweebs used to define first wave black metal. Even The Devils Blood was always regarded as an occult rock band. Anyone saying otherwise, is either some Portland neckbeard who doesn't actually like black metal, or it's some kvlt Morlock too embarrassed to admit they just like the poppy hooks
  21. I think that would depend on how you determine sentience. Could AI get to a point where it actually becomes self-aware...never say never, but I'm skeptical. ...but could AI develop to a point where it could convincingly mimic those behaviors so well that it would become difficult to know for sure...now that's a possibility
  22. Order of Nosferat - Nachtmusik
  23. Yeah...I won't discount the possibility of doing some additional schooling, particularly if it would help with a career...there's plenty of certifications to look into. For the time being though, think I'm fine taking a break from tests and grades.
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