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    Gaming. sociology/economy/philosophy. Stories.
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    whatever my boss tells me to do

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  1. Rise of the tyrant ... in my pants.
  2. If it's one of those rabbits that gets cuddled to death i 'll be the rabbit, if it's a rabbit-to-be-cooked-later i 'll be Venison. A well-read monk in high esteem who is not allowed alcohol, sex or metal, or a wanted man(innocent of any real crime if you please) who needs to move every three to six months to not be arrested by the authorities ?
  3. Videogames Normally when gaming i like to have music on the background. when i listen to new music(and deleting the songs i dislike) i usually open a simple flash-game to keep my brains busy on the background.
  4. Shredder, he 's younger, stronger and iirc he has knives or something. Any band member of Chthonic or any band member of Obscura ?
  5. How does this necrophilic porn punishment work ? Do you have to be a corps to be punished or do you have to do a corps to be punished ??
  6. Fire and lava erupts from the hill, melting the ring and killing Gollum. As a dwarf i can withstand the heat and climb on top of the hill to claim it. My vulcano.
  7. Lately i mainly play Quakelive, multiplayer FPS-fun. I used to play League of Legends(Mundo/Varus) until my comp wouldn't let me anymore, and i used to play Magic:the Gathering, for which i still have my decks but stopped making new ones.
  8. The government starts taxing the hill for (10% profit-margin * 50% taxes=) 5% of it's value, demand a wall around it so people won't accidentally walk into it, and decide it should be free-of-charge open-to-public every sunday and every second saturday. Still your hill though ...
  9. violence is fun ? Anyway the question and thus my answer wasnt 100% serious, if i was to answer seriously i d turn up my music and kill people in an online game(like i did this morning)
  10. I think "negative" is (used by me) as a subjective word and context-related; i'm sure everyone knows(/can guess) what i mean with a negative kill/death-ratio
  11. I enjoy short sci-fi(and sometimes fantasy) stories most, there 's a lot of creativity in just a few pages. The only digital books i read are related to science/informational, usually i only read a chapter or so depending on quality(i do that with physical informational books as well)
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