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  1. i love infernum, but this old logo of their's is so stupid looking! lol. it's like a ripoff of the mayhem logo, but less readable
  2. my earlier comment was simply an observation on the u.k's thrash scene. if i came off as acting like a know it all and pissed anyone off, i am sorry. that was not my intention. i certainly don't believe i know more than others. after looking at the list, i can confirm i don't. there were some bands on there i hadn't heard of before. perhaps i shouldn't have said anything? i will admit i am a socially awkward person who doesn't always know when to be quiet
  3. someone else posting about this atg album earlier inspired me to listen to it again. underrated release of their's
  4. i mentioned onslaught. not surprised about onslaught being on the list when i got around to looking at it. onslaught are for sure one of the biggest names in england's thrash metal scene. was stoked as well as surprised to see acid reign and slammer make the list. both underrated thrash acts in my opinion. haven't listened to british sabbat. have only listened to the sabbat from japan
  5. slammer, xentrix, acid reign and re-animator are the only super thrashy british bands i can think of. all the others i know of that come to mind such as english dogs, broken bones, concrete sox, amebix and onslaught are a more punky type crossover thrash
  6. i admit the album title is stupid, but masochist actually aren't bad for being a black metal band from michigan
  7. thanks. yeah. i don't agree with the symphonic classification, either. i consider the band epic black metal since elffor sounds much closer to summoning than dimmu borgir
  8. elffor's malkhedant https://elffor.bandcamp.com/album/malkhedant
  9. you have made a good point. proto-death is a valid argument and a fair classification since like black metal, death metal also originated from thrash. seven churches is proto-death. now their follow up "beyond the gates" is very much a straight up thrash metal album. no argument there. probably why so many fans considered "beyond the gates" a down grade. but i didn't mind it, though. i think "beyond the gates" is a decent album. b.t.g. was a tad generic, but still good. hell, possessed weren't even the first to use the term "death metal" lol. noise records put out a comp in '84 called death metal, but i believe the title was probably due to the lyrical themes of most the songs on it and the cover art too i guess. you gotta admit that is some wicked sick album art, death metal or not
  10. i feel credit for inventing death metal should belong to possessed. because, "seven churches" which came out two years before "scream bloody gore" was very death metal sounding in my opinion and i think the only reason it was classified as thrash was because the death metal subgenre hadn't been defined yet in 1985. if this is already a topic, i'll delete this
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