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  1. Shroud of Satan - At the Behest of Time
  2. I was playing with some wired ear buds from a couple of years ago and they sounded ok, which motivated me to check out IEMs and I decided to try some Chinese Shure knock-offs from Amazon and damn they are good. Yinyoo CCZ is the name, same company makes KZ ZSTs that seem to be popular or at least known. Run straight off the phone, and with my phone's EQ I can tweak all I want. Braided wire back over the ear and all that. Huge thing is how comfortable they are. These are going to get a lot of air time. It is unfathomable to me how good cheap audio gear has become.
  3. No fucking way I am older than Dead? Dude can complain like a cranky 65 year old war vet! 45 years young
  4. Oh man you got me I am a certifiable cat crazy person. I want to pet them all haha
  5. Ok this looks more ridiculous than it is, I bought the 98 title Cianeto discog for 10 bucks...then realized I already had most of it, naturally. Also got this sweet t: SAMPLER MMXX by Les Acteurs de L'Ombre Productions Liberation (free sampler) by VARIOUS ARTISTS 2021 Label Sampler by Transcending Obscurity Records Auscultating Astral Monuments by Sxuperion Orbiter by Black Sky Giant SAT300: Golgata - Tempel (2020) by Satanath Records Tormento Eterno by CARRASCO Criminal Ways by HEAVY METAL ADDICTED Concealment by ANTIMONUMENT Chapter I by VANDREREN Unclean Spirit by UNCLEAN SPIRIT Thirteen Years of Nothingness by KURGAN Subservient Consanguinity by GULAG Prego em Carne Podre by ATROPINA Used And Abused By Mankind by BATASTROPHE Garra da Escuridão by ÓDIO INDOMÁVEL Nekropolis by TOMB OF LOVE Leviatã (Single) by CARRASCO Before Coffins, Hells and Nightm... by MIDNIGHT NECROTOMB Nuclear Moments by CIRCUS SATANAE Paradoxo by INDUSTRIAL NOISE Comando do Eterno Ataque by ACRÓPOLE Hacked, Boiled, Dismembered, But... by DEFORMITY BR Dawn of the End by RUNEMAGICK Vanished Cadavers by MOLDER Necrosis by LEPROPHILIAC Infected from Birth by GERM BOMB Misanthropic Black Metal by UTU Sacrifice by BREAKBURST Dystopic Nation by AGAMENON PROJECT Sulphuric Omnipotence by FORNICUS Males Fecundos by MALES FECUNDOS All Hope is Gone Forever... + De... by BATASTROPHE 埋葬 (Máizàng) by RIPPED TO SHREDS Waterlands by DEAD SUN Dawnsleeper by MONSTROUS Split by AGAMENON PROJECT | 13TFC12 Armageddon by CARRASCO Paraíso Perdido by HARPAGO Drahg by DRAHG Sob o Domínio do Antigo Culto by MOVARBRU Grindhouse Night - Live by AGHORY | BAGA | FACADA Hellfire Armageddon by CIANETO First Black Communion by OBSCURE RELIC Chaos Matter by BURN THE MANKIND Left Hand Path by ENXÖFRE Alcatéia Macabra by EXTERMÍNIO مَوْلَى by MULLA Discography 2011 by BESTHÖVEN Diabolical Bloodshed by NOMINON March to Calvary by DIABOLIC FORCE Burn With Me by HELL POISON Rex Verminorum - Digifile by ESCARNIUM Korvak by KORVAK The Plague Rituals by THE SKELETAL The Last Great War of Humanity by DEATHSLAÜGHTER Destroy Everything, Worship Nothing by HELLMOUTH Mortal Scum by BURIAL TEMPLE Excruciating Existence - Digifile by ESCARNIUM S/T by SCUD Label Sampler 2020 by CIANETO DISCOS Requiem's Sathana by REQUIEM'S SATHANA Sociedad Manipulada by BLAST BITCH Anomalía Cerebral by NARCOLEPSIA The Following by GOATEN Abysmal Decay by VERTHEBRAL Halloweed by LUA DE PLUTÃO Em Lenta Decomposição - Digipack by ARMAGEDOM Sic Semper Tyrannis by M-19 Inverted Churches by NUNSLAUGHTER Além da Grande e Vasta Floresta by ABYSSAL FOREST Hell No Longer Waits by HELLISH GRAVE Alta Velocidade by ALCOOL Older Than Time by CANYON An Ancient Sect of Darkness by INFAMOUS GLORY Açoite by AÇOITE S/T by LYCANTHROPHY Terminate Existence by CORPORATE DEATH Voices from the Hell by INFECTED CELLS The Basement by HEINOUS Metal Antichrist by OSSUARIO Abske Fides by ABSKE FIDES Ressurrection of an Antediluvian... by DEATHSLÄUGHTER Evil Forces Command by EVILCULT Devastação Sob Terror by DEVASTAÇÃO SOB TERROR Blood-Nurtured Nature by MACABRA Earthly Vulgarity by DARKSIDE RITUAL Insulters of Jesus Christ by INTO THE CAVE Indulgence over Abstinence Behin... by ECHELON Cadaver Casket (On a Gurney to H... by PAGANIZER Of Terror and the Supernatural by TEMPLE OF VOID Reborn by CORPORATE DEATH The Shepherd of Tophet by QUEIRON Evil and The Obscurity by HERETIC EXECUTION Id Katharsis by CAUTERIZATION Interitus by ESCARNIUM Towards Desolation by BEWITCHMENT Nacidos del Odio by DEKAPITED Godless Shrine of Decay by ESCARNIUM Death By Starvation by DEATH BY STARVATION Selvagens da Noite by ALCOOL To Beyond by BURN THE MANKIND Burn Illusion by EXTERMINATE Worship No One by DYINGBREED Decomposing Hexahedronic Seploph... by CABINET Hidden Rituals by NIGROMANCIA Kuu Erkylän Yllä (single) by Havukruunu Funeral Dancer by Funeral Dancer Ikuinen Kamppailu by HUORIPUKKI Blasphemy Unchained by Hellsword Permanent Living Death by Drencrom
  6. Hey Navy condolences and sorry for your loss brother.
  7. 1968, when white people decided that just shaking spasmodically was dancing!
  8. I failed on this one. Maybe a FY21 list is coming though. But since I have no idea where to put this, ala Random Metal Thoughts, I will ask here. Important question: what style corpse paint should I go with for Halloween? I like to do the black metal get up as my costume. Its heaps of fun. Any suggestions?
  9. Insomnium - Argent Moon EP More toward the atmospheric, dark, melodic vibe they have moved toward which they are pretty great at. Good on em'
  10. The HD subscription is $7.99 /mo and features HD and 'ultra HD' streaming quality, which is lossless hifi blah blah and since its Amazon they do have a bazillion titles and artists you would not expect - including very obscure satanic goat black metal, etc. So it has really kept me from buying albums on BC that I am in the fence about. I haven't been on Spotify in ages. From what I understand the streaming quality isn't tops, but the Playlist features are good and algorithms for finding new music are popular I think. Amazon is an adjustment but they are catching up with their stations. And I'm pretty sure the selection and streaming quality is as good or better than others. And they have deep catalogues, surprisingly deep in metal. Btw I pulled Смирение (Humility) by Гробъ from your BC (not on Amazon, that one). Good stuff!
  11. Revenant by Pestilential Shadows HOLLOW MIRRORS - II by HOLLOW MIRRORS Summer Nights by Second∞Sight Overheated Man by Pilot Voyager Смирение (Humility) by Гробъ Paimon - Offerings to the Great ... by Worm Moon Records Holodomor by Morbid Cruelty Mortal Coil by Dödsrit Uprising I.I by Uprising Amazon Music HD is great, but I really wish it had a filter to show albums in the order you added them, like BC.
  12. Dead come on brother, the opening bars to Holy Wars...too obvious! Horns to all of these. I didn't check the first page of the thread before posting obviously!
  13. This one is really good. Glad to see this getting praise, Three Devils Dance is a monster too
  14. Trying to get my wife to appreciate jazz more. Oddly enough, she is partial more to satanic goat metal than classical or jazz. I know, I married well.
  15. Way to bury the lead! This is a top 10 or 5 this year for me. These guys are (black) metal masters. I love when truly talented extreme metal acts actually go all out to craft an entire album instead of relying on tropes or one trick. This one slays. Here is the BC: Desecration Rite | VULTURE LORD | Odium Records (bandcamp.com)
  16. Holodomor | Morbid Cruelty | Burning Coffin Recs (bandcamp.com) again, slightly blackened death thrash that reminds me of PtK era Kreator Secrypts Of The Egochasm | Vaelmyst (bandcamp.com) USA melodeath that trends more toward the death side and not too sweet or emo for this goat. Also, LEAD GUITARS! I love lead guitars and some gratuitous solo work in death and thrash. Not as interested the noodle wankery of prog and tech though, naturally.
  17. Dammit. I wish I would have known brother but I would probably be here anyway. I will be looking forward to some live shows. Now you have me tempted to go procure some overpriced whiskey or maybe soju from the convenience store and make a toast to the goats. I think I will do that. Also, picked up O-6 my man. It has been a journey. Might change my handle to CAPT Hungarino 😜. If they only fucking knew. NP: Erebus Enthroned - Temple Under Hell. Excellent
  18. Wait where is this?? I am in Busan. Its raining and I will have worked 18 days straight, most of them 14 hrs, plus commute time, by the time I get back home. Shit sucks. Hotel is super nice though. NP: Demiser - Through the Gate Eternal. Also a 2021 release fwiw. Destroyer 666 clone, but a fairly good one.
  19. I feel like I deal with an endless parade of complete dipshits most days and then pop into the forum and read some of the most self-aware and introspective reflections on life, and well written at that. It is humbling and gives me hope. But I am 45 and teetering between some modest success on the one hand and despondent nihilism on the other. Chalk it up to covid and hectic work and burnout I suppose, but there are days, many days, where I would happily abandon all of humanity if I could survive comfortably somewhere on my own.
  20. yet...I follow damn near every band that I think might be worth a shit and am inundated with emails. I prison of my own making. But Thatguy is right the dungeon thing is so stupid I might just start making it myself.
  21. It does finish with a couple of the strongest tracks, which bumps it higher for me.
  22. Hidden Rituals | NIGROMANCIA | Burning Coffin Recs (bandcamp.com) Rough couple of weeks...this one hits the spot though.
  23. I like it. I like thrash. I think Arise is better, just barely, than BtR.
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