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  1. You could say the same thing about a dirty cucumber I suppose. I think people were routinely starving to death for most of our existence. Imagine all the stuff they had to try that didn't end up making the menu long term. It would suck being the one who figured out which mushrooms were poisonous, or that you can't eat the cactus for the water. Cactus = the Devil's cucumber.
  2. I literally just had half a cucumber for lunch. Very refreshing, low calorie treat. At most all you need is a little salt.
  3. I think the whole seed ingestion/transportation/deposit mechanism is the answer. Fruits and such did evolve to be eaten.
  4. Best stuff of his from what I remember. Some of it is off the mark for me, but when it all comes together its really good. Dude is out there. Smoking peyote with satan in a burning graveyard. Consecration of the Spiritüs Flesh | ESOCTRILIHUM | I, Voidhanger Records (bandcamp.com)
  5. New black/death offering courtesy of Coscradh. This one has some heavy meat hooks and tendrils and goat hooves to trample and scrape the inside of your skull. Heavy and demented enough for Thatguy to maybe like it. Killer stuff, just when this genre was starting to bore and disappoint (looking at you Triumvir Foul). Nahanagan Stadial | Coscradh (bandcamp.com) Here's a straight forward satanic DM riff fest from France. Misgivings [Album] | Misgivings | Dolorem Records (bandcamp.com)
  6. Was about to post this in the new release thread. Consider it posted! I liked these guys from their debut EP but I like this one better. A surprisingly mature and complete first full length. Great death thrash that leans more toward the thrash. Here's the art folks. Its on BC.
  7. There is a metal mix of can't touch this on youtube but its too painful so I will spare everyone
  8. The Christmas parties would be 2 legit 2 quit
  9. Thanatos - Emerging from the Netherworlds
  10. Yikes. Fair enough. I figured thats what it would be.
  11. I have definitely noted that mostly when I see that Finnish tag on my BC recommendations it is either not a new release, or not black metal. I am sure there are some buried in my wish list and ones I have certainly missed but its not been like some previous years. Maybe they are all taking a year off. It is crazy to think how such a small country can produce such amounts of a niche genre. Statistically speaking it must be that 1 of every three Finns is in a cvlt black metal band!
  12. Yeah, I remember now I actually have them here with me but finally had to admit they are shit. I remember being excited from 'discovering' IEMs and that was the first pair I ordered. Anything I previously had connected to an mp3 player (or walkman, going way back) did not sound as good as those yinyoo coffee bean IEMs, at first. Maybe it was the novelty to me of having the iem design or a new way to listen compared to hps. But I have high hopes for these T3s. I am purely going by hyped up reviews at this point.
  13. Haha sorry man I don't remember, but probably safe to say I make a poor audiophile.
  14. Have a pair of Tinhifi T3 plus iems coming tomorrow. Reviews and hype have been over the top for a budget set of iems, so I talked myself down from OH10s which are 3 times the price. I am more interested in iems at the moment than hps. I will look forward to comparing some of my gear when I get a chance.
  15. And just hearing this for the first time Holy shit its a banger. Definitely the right amount of 'raw' actually i think the sound is darn near perfect for how I like trve black metal.
  16. Some of the best bestial war metal I have heard in some time!
  17. Unlike all blackened goat beastial war metal, all dissonant metal sounds the same.
  18. Concilivm - A Monument in Darkness. Maybe the best dM of the year for me. Chile. Conquest Icon - Empire of the Worm. Insanely good and brutal riff fest. I love this style of Polish DM. Impalement - The Impalement. Amazing black death from a solo Swiss metal-maven. Inferno - Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness. Gnostic nightcap.
  19. Ugh. There are so many things to be thankful for when living in a civilized (albeit very flawed) country. Most of the time we try to do the right thing, or at least not the most awful things.
  20. Haahaa true. No I am too old to be running around like that these days. And I am not worried about myself or most of us who can generally keep it together. But as soon as some of those constraints are removed, I do not trust our species to self-regulate, generally speaking. You see this in war zones, without exception. When there is no accountability it turns into a rape-fest.
  21. I feel the need to point out my previous cucumber avatar reference was made because of the phallic implications of a cucumber. You know its a good joke when you have to go back and explain it
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