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  1. Seen them 3 times in the last 2 years and they are so good live. Spot on perfect and faithful to both HH and the CF sound. Won't be surprised if the album sounds great.
  2. Just a small sample of what will be playing here today on my most favorite day of the year. King Diamond - Halloween Misfits - Halloween 1 & 2 Helloween - Halloween Candlemass - Bewitched American Werewolves - American Werewolves The Spookshow - Here Come The Zombies Blitzkid - Pretty In A Casket Samhain - November Coming Fire
  3. Starting the day out right Immortal - Pure Holocaust Then some spooky season tunes Hermetic Occult Grimoire - H.O.G. Count Spookula - Monster A Go-Go Marble Orchard - Building Monuments to Misery
  4. I had 5 Finnish Long Drinks (8%) playing golf today. Made the round enjoyable it didn't make my score better. I don't like gin, but I can drink these things all day. Love me some Belgians. Although I prefer golden strings, dubbels, and quads...I ain't kicking a tripel outta bed.
  5. Edelweiss - NFFNSNC - weird shit, but definitely in the vibe of Spooky Season
  6. Wolves in the Throne Room - Crypt of Ancestral Knowledge Satanic Ritual Glorification - Psychedelic Hell
  7. Had a long talk with Mr. Rickenbacher mutilator last night. I explained to him that he hath committed the unforgivable sin. He professed much remorse and promised to love and care for said wounded instrument until it sounds its final tone. Afterwards, he proceeded to acquit himself quite well through quite proficient playing of the precious 4001. These guys opened. Boston-based blues revival act (Chicago blues school). Not my usual thing, but enjoyed it quite a bit. GA-20 - Dry Run GA-20 - Fairweather Friend Give me back my Wig (Hound Dog Taylor cover)
  8. Looks like we have new music incoming from Slagmaur and also THORNS https://metalinjection.net/news/thorns-reveals-details-about-their-first-album-since-2001-announces-a-rare-upcoming-live-performance?fbclid=IwAR1YfUzF17CPLsZCNRQLGPMB3ogCjzwRMNVL5T6I8MEN1fwterl3YupXwMg
  9. You have crushed me Jono. I shall wander the rest of the day destitute of all hope and motivation. And I'm going to have to have a talk with said mutilator tonight in person about appropriate Rickenbacher treatment. I will not tolerate such nonsense. Go fuck up a Fender Jazz or something less sacred.
  10. Did someone say new Akercocke? I wasn't tracking that but definitely has my full attention now. I wasn't the biggest fan of Renaissance when it came out, but it has definitely been a grower and now sits between 2-3 in their discog for me. Nothing will ever touch Words in my book, but I'll be stoked for anything new from the 'cocke. Today: All Them Withches discog on rotation. Going to see them tonight and not totally familiar. Live on KEXP
  11. They're all on the same side, just some are better at fooling us than others. Anyone smart enough and competent enough to do a good job is smart enough to know it's a losing proposition to try these days. I would agree that this is outright criminal, but really just a talking point that doesn't present the total picture of fuckery at work. Wages in general have been stagnant and combined with obscene inflation in the housing market, auto industries, healthcare, and plenty of others have made the average American experience much less than that of previous generations. I make about 2-3x what either of my parents ever did combined, live modestly, and have about 20 more years to prepare for retirement on top of my existing annuity and guaranteed healthcare coverage yet I still have no expectations that I'll be able to retire before my health eventually declines taking me out of the workforce. Corporate profits, the lack of regulation and taxes, and the total devotion to the church of Wall Street will be the undoing of the American economy in the long run and will lead to eventual change although it will likely be nonviolent and a couple generations later than what is needed.
  12. Well at least for the speakers you can save the connectors and wire them back in later with a bit of effort. Still less than ideal. Had no idea the 15 would be tough for such a common upgrade item. I would have thought that the last year of the gen 2 platform would have been well covered. I have the Kicker upgrade speakers in my 16. Came with the truck I bought a year old, so I'm not sure what is in there behind the panels, but considering the condition of the truck I have to imagine it was well done. NP: giving my daughter's new boyfriend a lesson in good 70s fusion he needs in his life. Mahavishnu Orchestra - Birds of Fire Miles Davis - A Tribute to Jack Johnson Brand X - Unorthodox Behavior Al Di Meola - Elegant Gypsy Weather Report - Heavy Weather
  13. You'll have to report back on how it works out. I've never had good luck with Sony units, but the ease of PIP is tempting. I've installed my fair share of car audio systems over the years, so I'm not afraid of the wiring. Less hassle is less hassle though.
  14. You should look at these plug and play units if you haven't bought one yet. I'm not crazy about Sony, prefer Kenwood or Pioneer, but it's better than having to wire a harness and program the adapter. https://trailgridpro.com/pages/toyota-tacoma-accessories#toyota-tacoma-sony-bundles
  15. Same. I could have totally lived with chill Opeth for a few dozen albums.
  16. Opeth - Damnation 20th anniversary vinyl reissue. Fills one of only 2 holes in my collection, Deliverance being the other and it should be along soon.
  17. What speakers did you put in? I'm thinking about an upgrade in my 16. New HU and some other goodies. Freshen it up cheaper than a new truck that will set me back 60k minimum.
  18. Checked out a couple of new releases on Tidal this morning. Myrkur - Spine Cirith Ungol - The Dark Parade Both are competent but bring nothing new to either's sound. Random playlist fodder at best.
  19. Built a reliable audiophile quality music server and purchased Roon. Significantly cut down what I was spending on vinyl. Cost around $1000-1200 total which seems a lot, but that's really only about 30 records. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the thousand or so I have, but price per record is just too high at the moment not to mention shipping from outside the US where most of what I like comes from. Now I have an easy to maintain and organized library available whenever I like, no cleaning routine and no getting up every 18 minutes to flip unless I'm in the mood.
  20. Krieg - Ruiner https://kriegofficial.bandcamp.com/album/ruiner new Krieg and new Demoncy this year? Please sir, can I have some more?
  21. Blue Oyster Cult - Tyranny and Mutation Blue Oyster Cult - Secret Treaties Thin Lizzy - Bad Reputation AC/DC - High Voltage
  22. Iirc, he had said he just didn't want to sing anymore. Glad he changed his mind. The Chasm isn't my top DM band of all time, maybe 3 or 4. That honor goes to Immolation. But, if I have a choice to see anyone in the top 5 on any given night, it's The Chasm 10 out of 10 times. If you've never seen them live, your life is not complete. Saw them back to back in 18-19 (Mass Destruction and MDF) and they just slayed anyone else on either bill. Their set at Rams Head on Saturday night (MDF 19) was the stuff of legends.
  23. Corchado is the reason. The only Incantation I ever go back to.
  24. Just spun In Times. Can never get enough Enslaved. NP: Caustic Wound - Death Posture
  25. Iron Maiden - Live After Death - greatest live album of all time in my book. Cranked whilst putting a subfloor in my daughter's kitchen.
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