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  1. Tomb Mold - Planetary Clairvoyance Akercocke - Renaissance in Extremis Darkthrone - The Underground Resistance
  2. Bolt Thrower - Spearhead EP Frozen Soul - Encased in Ice Cthonic Deity - Reassembled in Pain
  3. And I have been converted. I believe I have the whole discography now. Which would you say is your favorite? I think I would go with Monumension or Mardraum.
  4. Haven't spun it yet. Picked it up mainly for the extra discs which have a previously unreleased live show from that tour. I have 5 copies of that album in various formats, so I didn't really need the new version, but I am excited to hear what they did with the remastering.
  5. Porcupine Tree - The Sound of No One Listening Sumerlands - S/T Sumerlands - Heavens Above single - not sure about this one. The guitars/riffs that made the first album so great seem to take the background. Not crazy about the new vocalist either. Of course I'll spin the new album when it comes out eventually, and I'm am looking forward to seeing them live next week, but this certainly is not what I was expecting.
  6. Porcupine Tree - Closure/Continuation Harridan Porcupine Tree - Signify
  7. Rush - Moving Pictures 40th Anniversary edition Envy of None - Envy of None Hallas - Isle of Wisdom
  8. Quite stoked to see them in May
  9. Simone Simmons is the only one worthy of my knickers.
  10. Bruce>Paul>>>>>>>>>>>Blaze. But to echo the General, everyone has the right to enjoy who and how they see fit. Just because everyone doesn't recognize that Bruce is a member of the unholy Trinity of greatest metal vocalists along with Halford and Dio, doesn't make them wrong, just misguided. For the record, Lemmy doesn't count because as we all know he is in fact the almighty. Neither does Ozzy as the Prince of Darkness. We're talking lesser gods here.
  11. When I worked with my hands for a living as a mechanic, it was all S-K. Quality shit at a reasonable price that lasts. Still have the majority of them. One off or limited use items are harbor freight (Chinese) stuff which is actually good most of the time. Power tools, I have an assortment. Hitachi table saw which I would upgrade if I had a legitimate need. Rigid circular saw. Bosch drill & impact driver. Yard tools are EGO. I mainly look for what do I have and what batteries do they take. For instance, I need a sawzall. It will be a rigid most likely because I have multiple batteries already. My routers are all corded, but if I were to go cordless it would be rigid or Bosch. You get the idea. I've had gems and lemons from every brand over the years. So these days I stay within certain brands for the reasons mentioned. If it were a radical departure or a corded tool, everything is fair game. I have a good assortment of pneumatic tools as well like brad nailers, cutoff wheels, grinders... Paired with a giant compressor which is major overkill for my needs. Currently I need a biscuit joiner, a track saw, and a sawzall. Not sure need is the correct term, but definitely what I've been researching to purchase of late.
  12. It's not so hard with a few basic tools. Lots of resources on Youtube. I used to race as a poor college student and maintained my own bikes (never built wheels though as that requires a bit more and special archaic magic that always eluded me). If you're somewhat mechanically inclined and have the patience, very doable. This. Works wonders but takes a lot of discipline. CDC - Sleep Hygiene Tips - Sleep and Sleep Disorders
  13. Big Country - Steeltown I'm no Big Country aficionado, but I love this song: Tall Ships Go Black Country Communion - s/t - Glen Hughes is the fucking man. The guy seemingly gets better with age. Bonamassa is no scrub either. California Breed - s/t - further evidence of the awesomeness that is Mr. Hughes Sweet Tea Dunsmir - s/t - featuring my favorite lyricist of modern time, the indominatble Neil Fallon. Also a stellar lineup that includes Dave Bone, Brad Davis, and Vinnie Appice. Blue Murder - s/t - John Sykes, Tony Franklin, and Carmen Appice And finally, an obviously stitched together video, but highly entertaining. I can never skip this song when it pops up in my feed in any form. Slayer - Angel of Death live at the Grammys 2022
  14. This rips so fucking hard that if you don't like this, I don't know what to say... Hell Desecrator - The Evil Spirits Return from the Death
  15. SPEED FUCKING METAL this morning. This shit is better than coffee to get your day going. Rapid (Finland) - Ancient Force/ Evil Crusade Rapid (Finland) - Blackstar Oppression Regime Shame this one isn't on YT yet, but it is on bandcamp: Blackstar oppression regime | Rapid (bandcamp.com)
  16. 2 great choices there. I've been looking for a physical copy of that Violent Force album (that's reasonably priced) for a while.
  17. After revisiting this selection today, I have to agree with your assessment Doc. It is truly unoffensive yet not spectacular in a mediocre sort of way. My issue with it is that it would have been a reasonably fine album from a band without the solid first two efforts (Devoid of Light & Cult of a Dying Sun) that established a penchant for catchy dual guitar lines, good songwriting, and a touch more aggression. This seems "adult rock" compared to those previous releases. Taken on it's own merits, it's not bad. I'm all for bands evolving new sounds and ideas, but I don't think this ever had a solid chance of successfully following the previous 2 with most of what made them endearing missing.
  18. No idea why I left Demolition Hammer off my list. Fucking desert island disc. I'd take it over 3/4's of my top 10.
  19. Reminds me of a running joke between me and my wife (mostly me). She'll ask me "How much do you love me?" and I'll respond "Enough". Drives her nuts, but at this point, after 25 years, I'm obligated to keep it going.
  20. AC/DC = Powerage C.O.F.F.I.N. = Children of Finland Fighting in Norway Sarke - Allsighr Spirit Possession - s/t Ranger - Knights of Darkness In Flames - Colony UADA - Djinn - revisiting since Doc says it sorta kinda not really terrible..
  21. Pick up The Tokyo Tapes while you are at it. Definitely a great early Scorpions album.
  22. Demolition Hammer - Epidemic of Violence Black Curse - Endless Wound Blood Incantation - Starspawn Archgoat - Heavenly Vulva
  23. Admittedly won't be to most tastes. I quite like it, but I liked Alex's solo project (Victor) a good bit too. Same vibe, same weirdness. A bit industrial, a bit indie rock, some mellow. I think my favorite so far is Kabul Blues. I can hear some parallels to Garbage, Bowie, Leon Russell, and a few others I like. NP: Hallas - Isle of Wisdom - another most won't like. Adventure rock they call it, but I hear Uriah Heep worship. Organ driven prog.
  24. Envy of None - Envy of None - Alex Lifeson's first post-Rush band. Decidedly not Rush, not metal, but definitely Navy-approved.
  25. Ah your right. Had my dates off a bit. I'm not exactly a Scorpions expert. Got that confused. Matthias does a great job. Not slacking him at all, just prefer the UJR stuff. And I would agree that Blackout is where I stop with them too. NP: Enslaved - Ruun
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