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  1. Rush - Grace Under Pressure Live
  2. Autopsy - Morbidity Triumphant - dig it.
  3. Since I've slipped into the southern rock rabbit hole... The Outlaws - Live at the Capitol Theater 1978 The Marshall Tucker Band - Live at the Sam Houston Coliseum 1975 The Allman Brothers - Live at the Fillmore East 1970
  4. I know dude gets plenty of well deserved shit, but man I fucking love Cosmic Church.
  5. Molly Hatchet - s/t Molly Hatchet - Flirtin' With Disaster
  6. Full album stream for the second "new" Circle of Ouroborus release, Thurisa. This album is actually made of songs around 10 years old, so it's much more in the vein of Eleven Fingers/The Final Egg than the last few albums. Good stuff.
  7. The new one's not bad either, but Life Sentence is better.
  8. I definitely dig some Hatchett, just haven't pulled any off the shelf in quite some time. Maybe dig some out later today.
  9. Damn. I missed both of these. I've been slipping like crazy this year.
  10. I've seen Razor a couple times in the past few years. They're fun live, but not sure I'm interested in new music from them, but I might check it out. That new Autopsy though...it's banging as my daughter would say. They're also fun live, just don't go in the pit without protection... Random server day. Always entertaining to see what it spits out for a playlist. Salem's Bend - Supercluster (2019) The Cure - Japanese Whispers (1983) Rush - Clockwork Angels (2012) In Flames - Colony (2004) King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Nonagon Infinity (2016) Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas (1994)
  11. In theory anyway. What happens in the states anyway is that people just go deeper in debt. The term "live within your means" isn't in the vocabulary of the majority of Americans. Interest rate hikes also don't deter corporations from buying up single-family homes at prices above what the average person would pay for them. Which still makes home ownership impossible for most. Interest rate hikes also don't deter companies from raising their prices indiscriminately in the never ending search for increasing profits. Capitalism - the gift that keeps on giving, or the perfect trap depending on how you look at it.
  12. Sun Ra - In the Orbit of Ra Birth - Born
  13. Definitely a fine line. Playing with fire is always fun for a little while.
  14. Definitely should try it. The abt 6 may be up your alley too. They have a tripel, but can't say I've had it.
  15. I do like it. Not as good as the debut (at least not yet but may improve with time) and I do miss Phil's vocals. I would agree that it's the best traditional metal has to offer this year although I'm anxiously anticipating the new Riot City.
  16. Y'know, Satan worshipping, tattoos, whips & chains, black leather... the usual.
  17. I do love a good Belgian. St. Benardus abt 12 is the perfect one for me. But that candy sugar aftertaste gets to me when it's hot outside.
  18. Sun Ra - Space is the Place
  19. Oyster City Brewing Company Hooter Brown. Honey Brown Ale 8.5% Definitely not new to me. I've had gallons upon gallons of this stuff. If I could only have one beer the rest of my life.... this is the one.
  20. Makaya McCraven - In These Times (2022) - thanks for turning me on to this dude @Thatguy
  21. I haven't. Thanks for the heads up. Off to bandcamp I go. The Necromancers - Where the Void Rose (2022) - 7 Euro on bandcamp by the way. Whole discography for 19.
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