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  1. This is true. And I have to point out yet again that the pickled-red-stains-your-hands-and-your-shirt-and pants-too-if-you aren't-careful shit that they put in burgers is vile, and devalues the whole concept of what beetroot is and can be.
  2. FINAL LIGHT - Final Light. Like the boring bits of Cult of Luna, I'm afraid. LIGHT DWELLER - Lucid Offering. Very good as accompaniment to a cold morning walk.
  3. It was. And I think it has to be breast to be a chicken schnitzel - and breaded - but I can't remember when I last ate one so what would I know.
  4. It's going to be a Madocke Nobel. Belgian style, 8.5%. Looks pale tastes dark. Makes everything better.
  5. When GG gets it wrong he really breaks the bank. When GG gets it wrong he really breaks the bank. It's a cold wet miserable day in the Bush Capital today and my lunch time cheese and Vegemite toasty was superb and will see me through the afternoon. Later I'll have a beer, make a pizza for dinner and watch the footie. Ain't life grand? In between my wife and daughter have gone to see the Baz Luhrmann Elvis biopic - I have never had any interest in Elvis and I fail to understand why Baz Luhrmann is given money to produce unwatchable movies - so I'm home alone and will listen to whatever 'orrible music takes my fancy.
  6. Like a lot of things - better back in the day. But seriously, early StS was very good. Start with 'Morning Never Came'.
  7. VORGA - Striving Toward Oblivion. Pretty lightweight but enjoyable enough. CRYPTS OF DESPAIR - All Light Swallowed. Better. NP - VALENTINA GONCHAROVA - Ocean - Symphony for Electric Violin and other instruments. You won't like it.
  8. When I make a cheese and Vegemite toasty the Vegemite goes liquid. It could be done with a doughnut! You'd love it.
  9. Maybe you were joking, but that sounds like a great idea,with the Vegemite all gooey... And marmite is toxic industrial waste, sorry BDF.
  10. We have a stuffed tiger too. My wife won it at a sideshow at the Canberra Show years and years ago. We will be getting our own little live tiger later in the year - my son's elderly black cat that we will inherit when he goes to live in London. She spent a month with us late last year and I am looking forward to having a cat again. Lego probably cheaper than lettuce at the moment...
  11. But we struggle on... SHEARWATER - The Great Awakening. Reminded me of late Talk Talk with hints of the late and much lamented - by me at least - Scott Walker. HUNDRED YEAR OLD MAN - Sleep in Light.Too long and I lost concentration well before the end. I need to listen again to decide about this. SCHRAT - Alptraumgänger. Who recommended this? Thanks whoever you were and sorry I can't recall. SACRED SEEDS - Migration. Some quiet electronic music before bed this cold (-1C already) night. Yep, mankind sucks but music is an open sky.
  12. Except Taswegians and your Northern Gods.
  13. Kind of like vodka, but there are many many sub types and I have only had a few. Ice cold is best I think. I have drunk the Chinese version which is served warmed...less said the better.
  14. That's what I'm talking about. And so is that. You have nailed it. You are missing out on a lot of fun. I hate most of the NRL teams other than the bane of my life, the Parramatta Eels and quite enjoy mentally re-arranging where each team ranks in my most hated list. And there's the schadenfreude when a hated team is humiliated. A sweet emotion that can be indulged in without guilt perhaps only in the contexts of sport and politics.
  15. Risotto is my thing in my family. I always used white wine but when caught short one day I used Scotch Whisky instead. Now I always do. Hate me for wasting whisky, but I drink very little of it and I have a life-time supply given to me by patients. And it really adds to the taste of the risotto.
  16. New KRALLICE - Psychagogue. Thatguy approved, of course, but I'm here to tell the GG that it is only for the worthy. Then, by way of contrast - MIDORI TAKADA - You Who Are Leaving To Nirvana. Percussion and chanting. Gorgeous.
  17. Yeah, why not. I don't think I've ever heard a Peter Frampton song either. Don't hate him. Just don't care. It's Nick Fucking Cave for me. I have heard a couple of songs and disliked them mightily, plus he is the darling of the 'critics', like Helen Fucking Garner. We have a small cultural pool here and some people are elevated to sainthood and can do no wrong. But yes they fucking can.
  18. This is just wrong. Lime is best.
  19. WEEDIAN - Trip To Japan. A 4 hours and 33 minute compilation of Doom from Japan. Very entertaining.
  20. Lime cordial counts. Best thing very cold on a hot day when there is still work to be done.
  21. I wouldn't say this is the most extreme thing I've heard, but it is a good album by a rarely mentioned band.
  22. True enough We could have moved there when I qualified but my wife who grew up in Hobart knew better and she was right. Better for us the relative anonymity and more refined life in the bush capital.
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