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  1. Redheads don't age well here in Oz...
  2. Long winded debate - a fun read as is usual when we go round this dead cat - but just listen to this and that should win the argument. Thanks Zack. I thought it was my role to be the dick here.😄But seriously, KK you were correct right up until you were mean to BM.
  3. This is Thatguy approved. Very much the ECM house style - which I like - including the album art. I too hear echoes of Meredith Monk. Atmospheric, lovely. Not scary at all.
  4. BINAH - Phobiate. SKÁPHE - Skáphe
  5. ANNA VON HAUSSWOLFF - Live at Montreux Jazz Festival. Not metal at all (not jazz neither) but has the intensity of metal.
  6. Well, the thing about the incorrect American spellings is that it doesn't really matter. English orthography only approximates pronunciation anyway and there are so many dialectical divergences in pronunciation too. In the future English could be like Chinese, and the written 'word' becomes a symbol of meaning to be pronounced however that word is pronounced in the readers particular region. (Apostrophe left out on purpose. Who needs them?) That's what's on my mind at the moment. That and the cricket.
  7. When I am off on a tangent but I tell the person I am talking to that where I am going does relate to the point I will be making, people I don't know well often politely seem interested - my family just roll their eyes. I am no longer allowed to praise apricots...that is a very long story best heard, or ignored, in person. Anyway, the point is I got what you were getting at GG. I think.
  8. It does rather, but in a good way. I'll give the whole thing a listen next month.
  9. NOCTIVAGANT - MMXXI - A compilation of 2 hours and 51 minutes of dark ambient music/noise. You won't like it.
  10. Fuck me, I missed this. Yep, you are probably worthy just for bringing this to my attention - and the rest of your lists are awesome. Crack on.
  11. Earlier, AEQUOREA - Aequorea - Dim. My first 2022 release. Doomy. Now, ROY MONTGOMERY - R M H Q - Headquarters. Gloomy guitar, singing and soundscapes from Aotearoa. Not metal at all but some or you will like this.
  12. I have given up trying to edit out the dumb mistake I made when I signed up.
  13. You'll be cranking up YouTube low-fi black metal until they take the headphones off your cold but happycorpse.
  14. Alright, you sarky bastards, I will do a list - or actually a few lists. I decline to rank these albums. These are the ones that stood out to me when I looked through my 2021 acquisitions today. On a different day I may have made a different list. 1.RE-ISSUE OF THE YEAR VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR - The Charisma Years 1970 - 1978. This is the final word. Re-mastered, stereo and mono versions, live recordings. You either already own this or you will never be interested. 2.NON-METAL THE MASTOLETTOS - A Romantic’s Guide to King Crimson. Lovely versions of KC songs with a female singer. If you have the original versions you can do a playlist alternating the original with the Mastolettos version, and that was a good way to waste an hour or two. FLOATING POINTS, PHAROAH SANDERS AND THE LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - Promises. This album has been hyped all over the music and non-music sites this year, but you know what? It is terrific. CHORD - IV. Yep, there is another one. You won’t like it. AUSTRALIAN ART ORCHESTRA etc - Hand to Earth. Australian Indigenous singing, Korean art music, electronics etc. - a mixture of sounds I had not expected. Just a gorgeous album. AROOJ AFTAB - Vulture Prince. What a voice this woman has! Beautiful mix of Pakistani music and New York hipster pop. FRED FRITH TRIO with Lotte Anker and Susana Santos Silva - Road. Is it jazz? Is it whatever? It is a journey into the night. 3.METAL ALTARAGE - Succumb. This has just about everything Thatguy likes in a metal album. Big, noisy, rather chaotic sounding and musically interesting. SPECTRAL WOUND - A Diabolic Thirst. More straightforward. BIG/BRAVE - Vital. This is better than the split/joint album from later in the year I think. More to the point. JUTE GYTE - Mitrealität. The guy is a genius. PORTAL - Avow/Hagbulbia. Well, of course I haven’t listened to Hagbulbia more than once. THE SLOW DEATH -Siege. Doom done right. WHITEHORSE - Death Weight. Doom done different, still right, but. ICHOR - Black Raven. I just enjoy this, and great cover art. SUCCUMB - XXI. Yep. KAYO DOT - Moss Grew…An album of rare beauty and sophistication. I will be coming back to this indefinitely. ARCHSPIRE - Bleed the Future. It’s fun guys. Even Thatguy likes a bit of fun. HORNWOOD FELL - Keres. Also fun, but of a different kind. TARDIGRADA - Vom Bruch bis zur Freiheit. Buzzes nicely. HOPE DRONE - Husk. These guys just go from strength to strength. Each album is uniquely them, but also different. This is another album I will still be listening to in 10 years. And that will do. Get it into you.
  15. But go for it anyway! I won't be doing a list this year for two reason - firstly, I am still in post-retirement recovery mode and can't get myself together to organise a list, and secondly - because I am a dick - I will enjoy shaking my head at other people's lists more than doing one of my own. Pathetic, innit?
  16. GARGANJUA - Fallen. No one ever seems to mention this band. Sort of progressive doom, I guess. They please me, and they are from Leicester, my English second home. Earlier, STARER - 18 Below the Horizon. I read a review that said they were a USBM counterpart to Drudkh. They're not.
  17. We had a cat like that. He was a bad boy and I think killed at least one neighbourhood cat that encroached on his territory. In his dotage he lay in the garden in the sun and the magpies came back to our yard and would walk past him and look at him in contempt. I did love him.
  18. That post was days ago... Anyway, out and about this morning - CHARNEL ALTAR - Abatement of the Sun then PHRENELITH - Chimaera. Very different to each other, but both very enjoyable.
  19. It has indeed, so thanks to the owners and administrators. I just still wish there were a dark option...
  20. I fail to see why that flamingo shirt should exist, and even my son could not get away with that.
  21. But that can work too. My daughter got my son a corduroy Vegemite logo cap. No one in their right mind would like this - and I fail to understand why it even exists - but it can be worn ironically if you are big enough and bold enough, and my son is both.
  22. And I did listen to the new Ethereal Shroud again. I still think it is rather monochromatic. Despite the pianism, I liked the new Aquilus more.
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