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  1. Cattle Decapitation ~ Death Atlas
  2. Obsequiae ~ Aria of Vernal Tombs After finding The Palms of Sorrowed Kings so interesting & refreshing I decided to track down the bands earlier albums to see if they held the same kind of creativity & "restrained{" energy. It appears they do...so I find I can do nothing but smile.
  3. How is that working out for you? On Topic: Fighting On by Sepultura
  4. No worries Broski... 👍 That would be Never Breathe What You Can't See and its also worth checking out.
  5. Well...I would have to go with Against by Sepultura... So Max had left & the band had decided to recruit a new vocalist & carry as on Sepultura...which was the right move for them to make. They ended up recruiting former Alpha Jerk/Outface vocalist Derrick Green & the fact he was an African American wasn't even an issue for me...I was just keen to hear the new album/material. Sepultura was the first metal band I started listening to so I was going to stick with them no matter what (as well as listening to Soulfly of course) and when the album finally dropped it was well...really strange. Now the album starts off strongly with the first 6 tracks all being solid to great...but then things seem to go off the rails somewhat. The album features 5 instrumental tracks (one being a cover song) while two other tracks feature guest vocalists (Reza & Hatred Aside) & while Green does sing on Hatred Aside...he does not on Reza. Meaning out of the 15 songs on Against...Green only sings on 9 of them. WTF?! Even the "B-Sides" recorded around this time featured guest vocalists...which just seem so counterproductive when trying to establish Green as the new "mouthpiece" of the band. This was a terrible start for Green's career in Sepultura & one could argue that while Nation & Roorback weren't terrible...he really didn't start flexing his true vocal talents till Dante XXI & A-Lex. Of course I'm glad he did...because to my ears Sepultura is still one of the best metal bands in the world.
  6. Grievous

    Slipknot ??

    I've been listening to Slipknot since I first heard a rough mix of Eyeless on a free CD attached to an issue of Kerrang! magazine & I'm not afraid to admit I've been a fan ever since. I like the music, the visual presentation & the overall creativity the band has displayed over the course of their career. I understand why many metal fans may have an issue with them...but that's their choice...the same way its my choice to listen to them.
  7. Honestly...try (A) Senile Animal & Hold It In to start with. Which ever one you prefer out of those two will give you a good judge of where to go next. I've found the Melvins have 2 sides...one grounded in a more "standard" heavy riff based approach...while the other is their experimental side. Not all their music will be for everyone...but I think they do have something to offer most fans of heavy & alternative music...you just need to know where to find it. Of course I'm no expert...but I have listened to my fair share of their music...
  8. Universe In A Ball! by The Devin Townsend Project
  9. Lens Of Unrectified Night by Earth
  10. Oh...I see. An injection of "fresh creative blood" has given the Filth a new lease on life. Interesting...
  11. By the way...its a great karaoke song as well. 😜 Well...sometimes it all depends on the right song reaching the right ears...but you are right in that there is just SO much music out there these days & most people (including myself) are going to be selective with their time & choices.
  12. I'll stick with suede thank you very much. 😜
  13. Welcome... *Looks Around for a Moment* I mean I'm only brand new here myself...but so far this place seems great. I hope you enjoy your time here. 👍
  14. So...for many years I have been unable to "break through the wall" with Black Metal. I respect the history & musical atmosphere created by the genre...but I actually find it hard to listen to. The only black metal albums I remember actually enjoying is Storm Of The Light's Bane by Dissection & Midian/Nymphetamine by Cradle of Filth (if those count). I have listened to De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas by Mayhem & a couple of Dimmu Borgir albums...but nothing much really stayed with me. Basically I'm here now to ask for some recommendations of what is the best "Melodic" Black Metal I can be listening to. I do want to give the genre a fair chance & it may make an interesting musical project for me in 2020. So...I'm here...ready & waiting with a pen & paper to take down a list of recommendations. 👍
  15. Well I just finished listening to Pentastar: In the Style of Demons by Earth...& it was pretty good. Although I am concerned...I think I need to start listening to less Sunn O))) & Earth. I don't want to turn into a "Snobby Drone Metal Elitist"
  16. As they should be. That's fair...I have to admit after The Plague Within Medusa originally fell flat for me...but in time I eventually came to appreciate Medusa for its own sound & songs. I would agree 110% on that. Its a shame because The Plague Within could have been a major turning point for them...but I think the marketing push just wasn't there for it. It needed more press & exposure...more people needed to hear it.
  17. Will do Dr. Req... Really? More amazing than Midian?
  18. HA! That actually made me laugh. Thanks for Welcome...I hope I can fit in & contribute in a positive way. 👍
  19. Hey...whatever makes your evening more enjoyable Broski. 🍻
  20. I can see...I mean hear that. The funny thing is I don't really listen to progressive, folk or melodic death. That might be the main reason why the Obsequiae seems so fresh & interesting to me personally. NP: Hyperdrive! by The Devin Townsend Project